Unattended Software
Unattended Software
Unattended Software Solution
Reduces Operating Costs
Unattended Weighing
An OverDrive unattended weighing solution
lets you weigh vehicles quickly and easily
without a scale operator on duty. It is ideal
for scales in remote locations, scales that
operate around the clock, and facilities with
multiple scales.
Complete Control
Each OverDrive unattended software package can process transactions on as many as
six bi-directional scales. It controls all equipment at the scales, including unattended
terminals, card readers, traffic lights, traffic
loops, and gates.
OverDrive® Unattended Software
Quick and Easy
Getting started is easy. Default settings
eliminate the time-consuming process of
configuring and testing devices. Predefined
input/output configurations automatically
set the functions of traffic lights and other
peripheral equipment.
Flexible Solution
OverDrive software can operate on a standalone PC or be fully integrated into a facility’s
computer network. Use it as an unattended
system, while allowing a scale operator the
freedom to communicate with drivers and
take control of transactions.
Keep traffic moving over your scales while collecting
all the weighing information your business needs.
OverDrive unattended software enables drivers to
complete their own weighing transactions in seconds
at an unattended driver terminal. It reduces operating
costs by eliminating the need for a scale house
with a scale operator on duty. For basic operations,
drivers can process transactions simply by identifying
themselves with a badge or card. If detailed information
is needed, drivers can enter it quickly by responding to
the prompts that you choose. The powerful OverDrive
database captures complete information for every
weighing transaction, providing instant access to the
information that is critical to your business needs.
Features and Benefits
OverDrive® Unattended
Controls All Equipment
• Supports up to six scales.
Unattended Terminals
• Supports two unattended terminals per scale.
Peripheral Equipment
• Controls traffic lights, loops, gates, photo eyes.
• Controls cash drawer and digital signature pad.
Badge Readers
• Supports a variety of badge readers (RFID, magnetic,
SmartPass tags, bar codes).
Thermal Printers
• Can print multiple tickets at multiple locations.
Easy Setup and Operation
User-friendly Interface
• Simple screens designed to make setup easy.
• Data stored in powerful Microsoft SQL Server database.
• PC-based system uses TCP/IP for fast communication.
Default Settings
• Basic settings can be used out of the box.
Predefined Input/Output Scenarios
• Sets up common traffic-flow scenarios automatically,
eliminating time-consuming manual configuration.
Input/Output Testing
• Easy testing of predefined and custom configurations.
• Visually verifies that inputs and outputs are working.
• Simulates complete transaction to verify that all outputs are
activated in the correct sequence.
Customizable for Any Weighing Operation
Driver Prompts
• You determine what prompts are displayed to drivers.
Resource Editor
• Easy-to-use resource editor lets you customize text.
Weighing Scenarios
• Settings for full-length scales, static axle weighing, split
weighing, axle weighing, and summed scales.
Transient Vehicles
• Customize transactions for weighing transient vehicles.
Exceptional Configurability
• Configure the software for special requirements.
• Preset and custom configurations for numerous terminals.
Real-time monitor enables scale operator to view and control transactions:
• View prompts.
• View data entered by drivers.
• View current status of transactions.
• View current status of lights, gates,
• Use terminal’s display to communicate with driver.
• Override terminal to control weighing
transactions and lights, gates, etc.
Simplifies Weighing
Multiple Languages
• English, French, Spanish, Dutch (other languages available
on request).
• Speeds up transactions by entering data automatically.
Transaction Learning
• Automatically recalls settings from previous transactions.
• Instant notification of system status changes and errors.
Transaction Browser
• View all open transactions quickly and easily.
• Password security for users.
Optional Add-on Modules
Credit Card Module
• Accepts credit card payments at driver terminals.
Video Server Module
• Monitors scales and captures images for transactions.
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IND9UO unattended driver terminals
keep traffic moving over scales by
allowing drivers to process their own
weighing transactions in seconds.
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