flexstorm® pure permanent inlet protection

flexstorm® pure permanent inlet protection
Flexstorm® pure
Specify with confidence
State DOTs and Municipalities across the country now have
a universal structural BMP to address the issue of storm
sewer inlet protection: FLEXSTORM PURE Inlet Filters.
The FLEXSTORM PURE system is the preferred choice for permanent
inlet protection and storm water runoff control. Constructed of versatile
stainless steel, FLEXSTORM PURE Inlet Filters will fit any drainage
structure and are available with site-specific filter bags providing various
levels of filtration. Whether you’re the specifier or the user, it’s clear to
see how FLEXSTORM PURE Inlet Filters outperform the competition.
Car Washes
Gas Stations
Parking Lots
Loading Ramps
Dock Drains
•• Stainless Steel filter framing is custom configured to fit perfectly into any
drainage structure, whether a standard design or obstructed inlet opening
•• Filtered Flow Rates and Ultimate Bypass Rates are
designed to meet your specific inlet requirements
•• Multiple Filter Bags are available targeting site specific removal
of trash, litter, leaves, or small particles, oil and grease
•• Filters work below grade with an ultimate bypass
allowing inlet area to drain with a full bag
•• Units install in seconds and are easily maintained with the FLEXSTORM
Universal Removal Tool (no heavy machinery required)
ADS Service: ADS representatives are committed to providing you
with the answers to all your questions, including selecting the
proper filter, specifications, installation and more. Also try the ADS
FLEXSTORM Online Product Condfigurator at www.inletfilters.com
The Most Advanced Name in Drainage Systems
•• Receive payback on your investment: durable
stainless steel framing provides extended
service life while replaceable filter bags
handle loads with a safety factor of 5
•• Meet stringent removal requirements:
–F X filter bags are rated for > 80% removal
efficiency of street sweep-size particles
–PC/PC+ filter bags have been tested to 99%
TSS removal of OK-110 US Silica Sand and 97%
TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbon) removal
•• Help prevent fines: FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters comply with
EPA NPDES initiatives as a temporary or permanent BMP
•• Available through 5,000 ADS distributors nationwide
•• If not in stock, orders up to 100 pcs
can ship within 48 hours
flexstorm pure inlet filters speCifiCAtion
Lift Handles ease installation
and maintenance
The installer shall inspect the plans and/or worksite to determine the quantity of each drainage structure casting type. The
foundry casting number, exact grate size and clear opening size, or other information will be necessary to finalize the FLEXSTORM
part number and dimensions. The units are shipped to the field configured precisely to fit the identified drainage structure.
mAteriAl And performAnCe
The FLEXSTORM Inlet Filter system is comprised of a corrosion resistant steel frame and a replaceable geotextile filter
bag attached to the frame with a stainless steel locking band. The filter bag hangs suspended at a distance below
the grate that shall allow full water flow into the drainage structure if the bag is completely filled with sediment. The
standard Woven Polypropylene FX filter bags are rated for 200 gpm/sqft with a removal efficiency of 82% when filtering
a USDA Sandy Loam sediment load. The Post Construction PC filter bags are rated for 137 gpm/sqft and have been
3rd party tested at 99% TSS removal to 110 micron and 97% TPH removal of used motor oil hydrocarbon mix.
Replaceable Sediment Bag
Remove the grate from the casting or concrete drainage structure. Clean the ledge (lip) of the casting frame or
drain- age structure to ensure it is free of stone and dirt. Drop in the FLEXSTORM Inlet Filter through the clear
opening and be sure the suspension hangers rest firmly on the inside ledge (lip) of the casting. Replace the grate
and confirm it is elevated no more than 1/8”, which is the thickness of the steel hangers. For wall mount units,
follow instructions for attaching the stainless steel mounting brackets using the provided concrete fasteners.
1/8” thick steel hangers&
channels; precision stampings
configured to fit each
individual casting
inspeCtion freQuenCy
Construction site inspection should occur following each 1⁄2” or more rain event. Post Construction inspections should occur
three times per year (every four months) in areas with mild year round rainfall and four times per year (every three months Feb–
Nov) in areas with summer rains before and after the winter snowfall season. Industrial application site inspections (loading
ramps, wash racks, maintenance facilities) should occur on a regularly scheduled basis no less than three times per year.
mAintenAnCe Guidelines
Empty the filter bag if more than half filled with sediment and debris, or as directed by the Engineer. Remove the grate,
engage the lifting bars or handles with the FLEXSTORM Removal Tool, and lift from the drainage structure. Dispose of
the sediment or debris as directed by the Engineer or Maintenance Contract in accordance with EPA guidelines.
As an alternative, an industrial vacuum may be used to collect the accumulated sediment. Remove any caked on silt from
the sediment bag and reverse flush the bag with medium spray for optimal filtration. Replace the bag if torn or punctured to
1⁄2” diameter or greater on the lower half of the bag. Post Construction PC/PC+ Bags should be maintained prior to 50% oil
saturation. The average 2’ x 2’ PC filter bag will retain approx. 96 oz (5.4 lbs) of oil at which time it should be serviced or replaced.
It can be centrifuged or passed through a wringer to recover the oils, and the fabric reused with 85% to 90% efficacy. It may also
be recycled for its fuel value through waste to energy incineration. When utilizing the MyCelx Skimmer Pouches in the + bags, note
that the skimmers start yellow in color and will gradually turn brown as they become saturated, indicating time for replacement.
Each MyCelx skimmer pouch will absorb approximately 89 oz (5 lbs) of oil before requiring replacement. It may also be recycled
for its fuel value through waste to energy incineration. Dispose of all oil contaminated products in accordance with EPA guidelines.
CAD drawings, work
instructions and test
reports on website:
filter BAG replACement
Remove the bag by loosening or cutting off the clamping band. Take the new filter bag, which is equipped
with a stainless steel worm drive clamping band, and use a screw driver to tighten the bag around the frame
channel. Ensure the bag is secure and that there is no slack around the perimeter of the band.
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