Franke Coffee Machines. Flair: The charming way of enjoying coffee.

Franke Coffee Machines. Flair: The charming way of enjoying coffee.
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Franke Coffee Machines.
The charming way of enjoying coffee.
Franke Coffee Systems
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The fine art of coffee in irresistible
Being seduced by the charms of the Flair is never
a disappointing experience; after all, it fulfils virtually
every wish. The Flair offers you ultimate user convenience and your guests an irresistible coffee experience.
So if you’re not prepared to do without the advantages
of a large coffee-making machine yet don’t require a
large coffee output, the Flair is the ideal coffee machine
for you. Indeed, in small catering businesses and offices,
they’re celebrating nothing less than:
The art of excellent coffeemaking.
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Strikingly intelligent, astonishingly
The Flair is clearly the result of perfected coffee-machine
expertise. One glance at the smart practical features says it
all. Two grinders for different roasts and plenty of scope for
genuine variations in taste, eight coffee and milk specialities
at the touch of a button, steam and hot water dispensed simultaneously, and an attractive design. It’s all simply convincing.
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A certain added refinement.
Operating panel
Simple and efficient. With its ergonomic
operating panel with eight product
buttons for coffee and milk specialities
and a clearly arranged LCD the machine
is ideally suited for every application –
in both self-service operation and waiter
operation. The product labelling can
be fully customised. There are also two
separate dispensers for hot water and
steam. So easy operation and extremely
simple handling are the key characteristics of the Flair.
Customised settings
If required, the customer has the possibility of setting his own key parameters
for the amount of coffee to be ground
and the amount of water required or
even the coffee temperature, quickly
and individually. The coffee output itself
is monitored by various counter functions. To change the products you wish
to offer, simply reprogramme the new
product and alter the product name on
the display – no need to call out customer service. Each individual setting is
always confirmed by the corresponding
reading on the display.
Dispenser area/operating area
Adaptable and sturdy. The steplessly
height-adjustable coffee/milk dispenser
(75–150 mm) means you can use all
the popular sizes of cups and containers. With this combined dispenser,
coffee and milk products are obtained
at the touch of a button, without having
to shift cups and glasses out of the way
first. The dispenser is extremely easy
to dismantle and can be cleaned in a
dishwasher without any problem.
The integrated automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for the
coffee and milk unit greatly facilitates
the maintenance and care of the coffee
machine, and ensures optimum hygiene
and a consistently high coffee quality.
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Milk system:
Comes with an enticing diversity
of recipes.
System-based milk preparation
On the Flair the milk/foamed milk devices are integrated into the dispenser system as standard, which means
you can dispense coffee and foamed
milk or coffee and warm milk simultaneously. The milk/foamed milk output
sequence is programmable – either
before, during or after the coffee. The
cool box stores the milk at a constant
5°C, keeping up to 2 litres of milk
fresh for an extended period. The
chromium steel milk container is easy
to refill and can be removed when the
machine is not in use and stored in the
cool box.
The automatic rinsing and cleaning
programme makes sure the milk
is processed under totally hygienic
conditions at all times. The two milk/
foamed milk devices are rinsed automatically after a pre-programmable
period of time. They are easily accessible and, if required, can be removed
for cleaning without the need to call
out customer service.
Milk preparation at a glance
• Hot milk or foamed
milk dispenser
• Consistent dosing
• Automatic cleaning and
rinsing programme
• Self-service-compatible
(including billing)
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The useful extras:
A la carte options, billing systems and
add-on units.
Flair options
• Silver finish
• Permanent connection to
water mains (available for both
water containers, 5 l and 3 l)
• Drainage for drip tray
• Coffee-bean container
extension to 2 × 500 g
• Coffee grounds chute
Billing systems
As an option the Flair can be equipped
to operate with commercially available
billing and dispensing systems such as
coin validators and/or card scanners.
The chosen system is then mounted
inside a compact casing integrated into
the machine. A 3-litre water container
is used for this type of operation.
• U-Key/Legic/EC Cash
• Token/coin validator
• Chip-card system
Add-on units
Cool box (2 l): Stores fresh milk at a
constant 5°C, in conditions of perfect
hygiene. Easy-to-clean refrigerated
compartment and milk container.
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Wherever quality and enjoyment
are top of the bill.
Customers who receive attentive service become
loyal customers. Staff who are satisfied are simply
more productive. And approving guests become
regular guests. So whether at service stations, bakeries,
take-aways, service-rendering companies or in the
small-scale catering and restaurant trade, the Flair is
always a boost to business –
offering coffee enjoyment of the very highest quality.
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Facts & Figures.
• High-performance piston coffee machine with pre-infusion
• 2 high-precision grinders with direct grinding
• Individual grinder selection, with ground coffee blended for each product
• Coffee-bean level monitoring
• Controlled quantity of hot water output
• Steam dispenser for separate milk heating
• Operating panel with 10 product buttons including hot water and steam button
• Fully electronic control board with illuminated LCD
• Individual programming of the water, ground coffee and milk quantity
for each product
• 3 separate brewing temperatures
• Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for coffee and milk unit
• Adjustable combined dispenser 75 to 150 mm with 2 integrated
cappuccinatores for milk froth and hot milk
• Dry coffee grounds ejected into tray, with overfill safeguard
• Direct dispensing of coffee and milk foam at the touch of a button
• Provision for connection to dispensing and billing systems
• Casing colour: standard black with CNS front cover,
option silver with CNS front cover
W = 423 mm, D = 542 mm, H = 523 mm above bean container
20 kg
Electrical connection
1 × 230 V AC, 2.3 kW, 10 A
Water supply
Side water tank, 5.5 litres capacity; permanent connection to water mains (optional)
Residual water
Drip tray with monitoring, 1.5 litres capacity; fixed drain (optional)
Bean container
2 containers, 250 g each
Grounds container
40 cakes
Daily output
The unit is designed to handle an average daily output of approx. 100 cups
Spot output
2 cups of espresso/coffee/cappuccino/latte macchiato/hot milk/hot water per minute
Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG
CH- 4663 Aarburg
Phone ++41 (0)62 787 35 91
++41 (0)62 787 30 10
We reserve the right to make changes to output, dimensions and design.
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