TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes

TruVision DVR 10 Version
2.2 Release Notes
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Introduction 1
Changes in this version 2
Upgrading the firmware 3
This is the TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes (1069671) for the
TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 firmware upgrade release.
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Upgrades. For video software, select Video Surveillance.
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TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes
Contacting support
Contact technical support if you encounter any difficulties during this installation.
Please make sure you have the requested diagnostic or log files ready before
you contact us.
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2955 Red Hill Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5923, USA
Changes in this version
This document includes additional changes and enhancements on the TruVision
DVR 10 Version 2.2.
Auto delete mode
This new feature lets you automatically delete any video data stored over the
specified number of days. For example, if you set Auto delete mode to five days,
video is stored from the current date and time for up to five days. Any video data
stored beyond five days is automatically deleted.
To configure Auto Delete Mode:
1. Click Utilities in the main menu to display the Utilities screen.
2. Click Setup under Auto Delete Mode to display the Auto Delete Mode screen.
3. Enter the number of days you want to store video data.
Any video data stored beyond the value you specify is automatically deleted
from the system.
4. Click Confirm.
GE RS-422 support
GE RS-422 now supports saving and setting PTZ presets.
Motion event and input alarm recording
You can now configure the resolution and frame rate options specifically for
motion detection and alarm input recording. Set the new Record Mode option to
the time lapse and event value (TL+Event) in the Recording Camera
Configuration screen to define the recording options when a motion detection or
alarm event occurs. Selecting this Record Mode option enables the Event Setup
button which, if clicked, displays the new Event Setup screen where you can
configure the recording settings.
This feature also lets you specifically search for motion detection alarms. If both
a motion detection and alarm input events are triggered at the same time, the
TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes
resulting event video is flagged as a motion alarm. In this case, you must set the
search filter to Motion.
Factory defaults
The following factory defaults are now applied:
Sequence is set to Off
Alarm In is active
Default resolution is now 2CIF with a frame rate of 4 fps
Mouse sensitivity
Use the new Mouse Sensitivity option in the Display screen to configure the
behavior of the pointer on screen.
Rebooting the unit after configuration changes
The TVR 10 now reboots only if changes are made to the network configuration.
Upgrading the firmware
The TVR 10 firmware is stored in the flash memory. Use the upgrade function to
write the firmware file (digicap.DAV) into the flash memory.
You need to upgrade firmware when it has become outdated.
There are several ways to upgrade your firmware:
Use the USB function of the Upgrade screen on the Utilities screen. Make
sure the firmware file is placed under root directory of USB flash memory.
Use the client software to upgrade the firmware file.
Upgrading with a USB flash memory
Use the Firmware Upgrade button on the Utilities screen to upgrade your
firmware. When upgrading your firmware, you retain all your existing settings.
Only new features are added with their default settings.
To upgrade the firmware:
1. Click Firmware Upgrade on the Utilities screen.
2. Select the USB upgrade mode.
Connect a USB flash memory to the TVR 10 and confirm that the firmware file
is in the root directory. Click USB to start the upgrade.
Note: The firmware must be downloaded to the USB main directory and the
file named “digicap.dav.”
TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes
3. When finished, right-click or press ESC to return to the main menu.
4. Reboot the TVR 10.
Upgrading through the Web browser
You can log in to the TVR 10 Web browser to perform a firmware upgrade. Prior
to upgrade, ensure that you have the digicap.DAV file in the workstation you are
accessing the TVR 10 from.
To upgrade the firmware through the Web browser:
1. Log in to the TVR 10 Web browser interface.
2. Select the Configure button.
3. Select the Others tab.
You need to scroll right through several tabs to locate the Others tab.
4. Click Remote Upgrading.
5. Click Explore and locate the digicap.DAV file in your workstation.
6. Click Upgrade. A prompt will ask you to reboot the TVR 10.
7. Click Reboot to reboot the TVR 10.
Note: The TVR 10’s on-screen display does not provide any status indication
prior to rebooting.
TruVision DVR 10 Version 2.2 Release Notes