IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet

IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet
IP Office R5.0 – Technical KT
FAQ Sheet
Q1: Is resilient available only for IP phones?
A: Not entirely; IP Office Business Continuity is more than that, it’s a benefit of IP
Telephony that includes IP Phones, IP trunks and Centralized Voicemail. TDM
technology does not have the same benefit.
Q2: When are we going to receive an overview of all new parts including part numbers,
design rules and dependencies?
A: Everything is included on the product update. Product Update is a
document that goes into much more detail around codes, changes, training
course availability etc and was released on 9 July 2009.
Q3: Can we order the current licenses separately in the future? Or do we need to buy the
bundle? For example, if the customer needs the VoiceMail Pro license only, can we order
it, or we need to buy the Preferred Edition package?
A: A few licenses will be End Of Sale in August, however most will be discontinued
later to allow for current business to complete. A full list of codes is included in the
IP Office R5 product update (see pages 27-28),
Q4: How can we connect 384 users on an IP500?? Don’t we need to change the Base
A: At R5, there will be a new 4 port expansion card that fits inside the IP500
chassis and adds support for 4 more expansion modules for analog or digital
phones. This card can only be fitted to slot 4 on the IP 500. For IP phones, simply
purchase VCM cards and connect the IP phones and ensure you have sufficient
VCM channels. No additional hardware required.
Q1: From which software version of the IP500 do we have the extra menu option on the
16xx terminals?
A: There is no extra Menu option; all features are now under the “Features” button
on the display.
Q2: Are any other languages available in IP Office such as a polish menu in IP Phones?
A: Sorry, No.
Q3: Is it possible to use SIP with an ISDN trunk?
A: SIP Endpoints can make calls just like any other extensions over any trunks
(incl.ISDN) as long as there are sufficient VCM channels available.
IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet
Q4: By when can the Avaya-U delta web trainings be expected?
A: The Avaya University IP Office Technical curriculum is updated to reflect IP
Office Release 5 through the addition of a new IP Office Product Delta course that
covers the major enhancements and customer benefits associated with Release 5.
These courses will be available by August 28th, 2009 (TBC). You will be able to see
a full listing of IP Office and related classes please at:
Q5: When will the new SAP Codes be provided?
A: New SAP codes are available in the R5 product update and will be available to
order in the August price list.
Q6: Is Microsoft solution required for IPO If we want use Instant Messaging in One-X
A: There’s currently no integration with any Instant Messaging Clients with one-X
Portal. Instant Messaging will be supported in a future release of one-X Portal.
Beyond Microsoft Internet Explorer, please note that Mozilla Firefox & Apple Safari
(Mac & Windows) are also supported.
Q7: Regarding the Avaya IP Dect Manager - is this included on embedded messaging?
A: The new IP DECT – DECT R4 is configured via a browser, all you require is a PC
connected to the LAN.
Q8: What kind of Trial lisences do you provide?
A: The IPO Power Demo Kit is being updated with all the new licenses: Preferred
Edition, Advanced Edition (which includes CCR), Mobile Worker, Tele-Worker and
Power User. We will inform you shortly on the final list of the available trial
lisences. Keep in mind that these lisences will last for 60 days, as usual.
Q9: Is IP Office R5.0 available with 96xx?
A: No, support for 9600 series is planned for a future release of IP Office.
Q10: Is T.38 only supported on SIP Trunk or also on SIP Endpoint?
A: T.38 is supported on SIP trunks and can be configured to connect to an ATA
(Fax Machine) device that’s connected to an SIP Endpoint.
Q11: What SIP providers have been tested with R5.0 so far?
A: A full list of providers is available on the IP Office Knowledge Base.
Q12: Is there any requirements for the SIP providers?
A: Only that they support T.38 (if support for Fax over SIP is required)
Q.13 Is it possible for any member to add to the system wide directory, easily through the
A: No, only personal directory’s can be added via the 1600 phone or one-X Portal.
Q14. Will the directory enhancements work on 54/56 handsets also?
A: The centralised call log enhancements is specific to 1600 phones and
one-X Portal
IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet
Q15: Will the call log enhancements be available for the 54xx and 56xx?
A: The call log enhancements unfortunately do NOT apply to 54/56xx
handsets. This is because their software works in a different way.
Q16: Are 54xx/56xx series handsets effectively being phased out?
A: The 54xx/56xx series are NOT Being phased out as they provide LCD labels
which some users prefer (notably hot-desk users).
Q18: Is the 3rd party license consumed per SIP extension created or per currently
A: The 3 party license is only consumed on successful registration with the IP
Office. One license is required for each SIP phone or SIP ATA.
Q19: Do the new DECT R4 handsets support visual park indications?
A: No, DECT R4 offers the same feature set as IP DECT.
Q20: Does the DECT R4 support GAP handsets?
A: Yes
Q21: Are the current base stations upgradeable to DECT R4?
A: No (different hardware) however you can re-use the 3701 & 3711 handsets on
DECT R4 (with some limitations e.g. no directory access). Similarly 3720 and 3725
handsets can be used on an existing IP DECT installation.
Q22: Is the Messaging Server compulsory in a DECT R4 system?
A: No, only needed if you need to have IP Office Directory integration or offer
advanced messaging capability.
Q23: With Professional Edition now gone, is Conferencing Meet Me included in all
versions as standard?
A: Meet-Me conferencing requires Preferred Edition (formerly VM Pro). This gives
you access to meet-me conferencing short codes as well as PIN codes for security.
Q24: Is Call Listen in SCN supported officially?
A: Local IP Phones can be silent monitored but not those across SCN.
Q25: Is it now possible to leave VoIP codecs as Automatic but have a preferred list, e.g.
G711 top of list?
A: Yes, all IP Extensions/IP Lines can be left set to Automatic, a New Automatic
Codec Selection box available in the System>Telephony Tab
Q26: Do SIP and VoIP changes still need reboots, for both trunk and extensions?
A: Yes, no change over 4.2 operation.
Q27: Will you be able to get the alarms via SMS over GSM network? Many local
administrators would find the SMS alarm appealing.
A: Only if you have an application that can forward emails as SMS. Many users
now can have emails on their mobile though.
Q28: Can we now send original caller id if using call forwarding over SIP?
A: RPID and PAID in R5 makes it easier to send original Caller ID however it
depends on the SIP service provider.
IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet
Q29: Can you add more than 1 email address in manager, vmail to email?
A: No, is still set to one email address for vmail to email.
Q30: How will you be dealing with licensing for movers going from 4 to 5?
A: there is NO charge and NO license to go from R4 to R5
Q31: So is there going to be a license fee for going from 5->6?
A: there will be a small charge to go from R5 to R6. This R6 license will provide
revenue for Avaya as well as Avaya resellers.
Q32: Will you be able to set an alarm for an extension from another extension? Like an
Admin phone?
A: yes, you can select which phones you want the alarm to ring from. This is a new
VM Pro feature in R5.
Q33: Will one-X Portal be downloadable somehow?
A: Yes, one-X Portal will be downloadable from the Avaya Support Website
Q34: Won’t the licensing bundles e.g. Advanced Edition, make a system more expensive if
only one of the applications is required?
A: No, in most cases it will actually make them cheaper.
Q35: Will the sysmon email function preserve formatting (color etc.?)
A: No, the email is sent in plain text.
IP Office R5.0 Technical FAQ Sheet
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