Sunpak Infrared Heater Model S34 TSR

Sunpak Infrared Heater Model S34 TSR
Sunpak Infrared Heater
-Two Stage Remote-
Operating, Programming,
and Gas Type Conversion Instructions
Model S34 TSR
These instructions are designed to be used in conjunction with
Sunpak Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual (P/N 65132).
Should you have any questions regarding these instructions or need a
copy of the Sunpak Manual, please contact the factory.
Infrared Dynamics, Inc
3830 Prospect Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Tel: (888) 317-5255
P/N 65134-4/11
Sunpak Infrared Heater
Model S34 TSR
Sunpak S34-TSR
The Sunpak S34 heater with the TSR
hand held remote control provides
radiant heat with both a high and low
heat setting.
The Sunpak TSR is turned on and off
with the wireless remote only, no wall
switch is needed. Each heater comes
pre-programmed with a remote control.
Each heater can be programmed to
recognize a total of three different
wireless devices. Conversely multiple
heaters can be programmed to operate
off one device. Should a heater loose
its programming, or if additional remote
devices are to be used, see section
below, “Programming Heater”.
Initial Power-up of Sunpak S34-TSR
Once the heater has been mounted,
the clearance from combustible
material verified and the gas and
electric power hooked up you are ready
Always start the Sunpak heater on the
high setting. Once the heater is at full
heat, the low setting can be used. The
heaters will not turn-on properly using
the low setting on the remote for initial
Press the ‘ON’ Button on the wireless
remote, then the “HI” button. You may
select the ‘LOW’ once the heater is
warmed up.
Press the ‘OFF’ button on the wireless
WARNING: If the burner fails to ignite,
press the ‘OFF’ button to reset control.
Wait 5 minutes before attempting to
relight the heater.
Programming Heater
Should the heater loose its original
programming or a new remote device is
to be used, the heater will need to be
programmed for each wireless device.
Each wireless device sends out a
unique signal. Each heater can be
programmed to respond to three
different wireless devices include a
handheld remote and wireless wall
Before you program the heater for a
new wireless device, there must be
power to the heater. The new device is
programmed or “learned” by depressing
the learn button on the heater module
while pressing the ON button on the
device. Locate the learn button access
port on the front side of heater adjacent
to louvers. Using the blunt end of small
drill bit (1/8”) or other thin tool press
and release the learn button on the side
of the module. There will be a beeping
sound from the control module inside
the heater. Then press any key on the
remote control. Once the internal
receiver accepts the transmitter code
there will be a series of confirming
beeps. The remote system is ready for
Sunpak Infrared Heater
Model S34 TSR
Sunpak Infrared Heater
Model S34 TSR
Converting to Propane or
Natural Gas
In order to convert the heater to Propane
from Natural Gas or vice versa your must
change three parts, properly label the
new gas type on the heater and adjust
the regulator.
Main Burner Orifice
Pilot Burner Orifice
Adj Plug (for low setting)
Adjust Regulator
Label with new gas type
Conversion of gas types with this heater
should only be performed by a licensed
profession who is familiar with this type
of product. It is important that you follow
all the steps including gas leak and
operation testing.
WARNING: Improper adjustment,
alteration, service or maintenance can
cause death, injury or property damage.
Read the installation instructions
thoroughly before installing or servicing
this equipment.
Step 1: Using a Phillips screwdriver
loosen the six (6) screws to remove the
top of the heater. Using a ½ inch closed
end wrench remove the main burner
orifice. Replace orifice with a #50
(provided) for Propane Gas or # 38
(provided) for Natural Gas.
Step 2: Remove the front grill by
loosening the two (2) screws next to the
control door. Disconnect pilot tubing from
bottom of the gas valve using a 7/16 inch
open end wrench and disconnect ignition
and sensor wires from module. Remove
pilot by loosening two (2) screws on the
face of the pilot bracket and carefully
pulling the pilot tubing and wiring through
fire wall. Replace pilot orifice with .010
(Provided) for Propane or number .016
(Provided) for Natural Gas.
Step 3: Remove clip holding solenoid on
the top side of the valve. Gently pull
solenoid off shaft. Use a flat blade screw
driver to remove brass adjustment (Adj)
plug. Replace with #31 for natural gas or
#47 for propane gas.
Step 4: Unscrew metal cap from
regulator on top of valve. The marker on
the shaft should point to the current gas
type. To convert the regulator to propane
gas, push in the small white plastic shaft
and turn 90 degrees. The marker should
now point to LP. To convert regulator to
Natural Gas push and turn shaft 90
degrees to NAT and the shaft should pop
Step 5: Re-assembly heater and verify
proper operation. Check for leaks with
soapy water. Adjust pilot if necessary to
allow for proper flame sensing. Observe
main burner for redness and insure that
flame is not floating off the burner face.
Mark heater with the new gas type.
Gas Valve from View Top
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