Page 1 - Tyro Payments

Page 1 - Tyro Payments
Setting Up with CCOS Guide
Your new Tyro EFTPOS terminal has been specifically designed to work alongside Clinical
Computers software (CCOS). You’ll now no longer need to re-key payment or account details into
your Tyro EFTPOS terminal. These will be sent through directly from CCOS saving you time and
eliminating re-keying errors.
Step 1 – Set Up your Tyro terminal
Please refer to the Tyro EFTPOS Set Up Guide that came with your terminal for a full set of
As a quick checklist, before proceeding to connect Tyro with CCOS make sure you have:
 Plugged your terminal into a power source.
 If you are using the Xenta countertop model, ensure the Ethernet cable is also
connected into your router.
 If you are using the Xentissimo handheld model you’ll need to enter in your local wifi
password or activate the GPRS mode if connecting over the mobile network. If not sure
on how to do this Tyro’s Customer Support can walk you through this when you call to
 Activated the terminal by calling our Customer Support Team on 1300 966 639
Step 2 – Install the Tyro Terminal Adapter on each Workstation
The Tyro Terminal Adaptor (TTA) allows CCOS Software to communicate with the Tyro Terminal.
You will need to download the TTA Installation Guide which can be found here
Using this guide, you can download the TTA and pair your terminal.
Locating your Merchant ID and Terminal ID
In Step 3 of the TTA Installation Guide, you will be asked to enter your Merchant ID and
Terminal ID to pair the TTA to the Tyro Terminal. Follow the steps below to obtain your Merchant
ID and Terminal ID.
Press the “Menu” key on the Eftpos Terminal keypad.
Scroll down to “Settings” and press “OK”. Scroll down to “Terminal Info” and press “OK”.
The Terminal will print a receipt that displays your Merchant ID and Terminal ID. Keep or record
this information to continue pairing your terminal.
If you have any difficulty please phone our Support Team and they can assist with this process.
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Step 3 – Set Up Tyro EFTPOS with Clinical Computers and Activate Tyro in CCOS
This next step will ensure your Tyro EFTPOS terminal and CCOS are communicating with each other.
When this is completed you’ll be able to start taking payments straight away.
You will need to start in the “Maintenance” page of CCOS. Along the top panel,
select “Others – Switches” and enter your Clinical Computers (simple) password.
Click on “Global Switches” at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken to the “General” tab.
On the right hand side, check the box titled “Use Tyro Eftpos” and enter “Tyro Time Out” in
seconds. This is usually ‘120’. If your Tyro terminal does not print receipts then check the box
titled “CCOS print Tyro receipt”.
Press “F10” to save.
CCOS Software and Tyro terminal are now wirelessly connected.
Step 4 – Link CCOS bank accounts with your Tyro Terminal
So that the payments go to the correct bank account you’ll need to link the Bank Account (or Doctor)
in CCOS to the related Tyro Merchant ID on the Tyro terminal.
In the “Maintenance” page of CCOS select “Lists > Bank”
Enter your Clinical Computers (simple) password and highlight which Bank Account you wish to
edit. Select “Edit” at the bottom of the screen.
Enter in your Merchant ID and Terminal ID.
When you have saved these details (F10), your doctor’s bank account will be linked to its Merchant
ID on the terminal, meaning that when you select this doctor, the terminal will automatically
recognise which account the payment should be made to.
Repeat this process if you have multiple Doctors bank accounts registered on the terminal.
Using Tyro with CCOS
How to take a payment from your patient
The first half of this process, pulling up an invoice with an immediate payment, or doing a regular
payment will be the same as you currently operate. The following steps are to be taken when you are
on the CCOS banking screen ready to take payment from your patient.
Selecting Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, Diners card, AMEX, Eftpos –Separate will activate the Tyro
Click “F10” to activate the Tyro terminal. It will automatically light up with the payment amount.
A pop-up box will appear on your computer screen which replicates the wording on the terminal.
This allows you to prompt the patient and walk them through the payment process. If the Tyro
transaction is unsuccessful then the payment will not be saved in CCOS.
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The Tyro terminal will automatically print a practice copy of the receipt and will ask if
you would like a patient copy.
How to process a ‘Card Not Present’/MOTO payment
Follow the instructions below to take either a mail-order or telephone-order payment.
Select which patient you are billing and enter in all payment details, followed by “F10>Save”.
The Tyro pop up box will appear, and the terminal will light up. Press “Menu” on the Tyro
Terminal, followed by “MOTO”
Select “yes” to allow MOTO on your CCOS screen and select whether the transaction is a ‘Mail
Transaction’ (no CVV number provided), or a ‘Telephone Transaction’ (CVV number provided).
Once you have entered in the card details, you will be asked whether you would like to print a
customer copy of the receipt. If yes, Tyro will print a receipt, and CCOS will print
a patient copy.
How to take a manual, non-integrated payment from your patient
Follow this method to take payments without using CCOS.
Press “Menu” on your Tyro Terminal
Select “Transactions”
Select “Purchase”
Swipe/insert patient’s card and ask them to select which account they are using
Enter the payment amount, and make sure to check the decimal place is correct.
Ask your patient to enter their PIN
The terminal will print a practice copy of the receipt and will ask whether you would like
a customer copy as well.
How to process refunds
When making a billing adjustment in CCOS, in the form of a refund, you will be asked if you
wish to make an adjustment to the banking. Select ‘Yes’ and choose to make this a banking
adjustment of either Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, Diners Card, Amex or EFTPOS-Separate. This will
activate the Tyro terminal where you will be required to follow the instructions on screen. If the Tyro
transaction is unsuccessful, then the adjustment is not saved in CCOS.
Who do I call if I want additional training or have questions about how to use Tyro’s
When you sign up to Tyro, you will have access to our Health Account Management Team.
You can contact them at any time to arrange training or request additional information about terminal
functionality. Your Account Manager will also manage any changes you wish to make
to your Account or any queries you have regarding pricing. The contact number for our Health Team
is 02 8907 1717, or alternatively you can email
Who do I call if I get ‘system errors’ or there are technical issues with my terminal?
If you experience system or technical errors, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team.
They are available 24/7 for any issues you may have.
How do I view my transactions and monthly statements?
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You have access to an Online Reporting page where reports are available detailing all transactions
that have been processed through the Tyro terminal. You can also use this portal
to access your monthly Tyro invoices. For more information on how to use this portal, download the
user guide here or visit and scroll down to the document titled ‘Online
Reporting Guide.’
Can I have multiple Doctor’s Accounts on my EFTPOS Terminal?
Tyro terminals can have an unlimited number of bank accounts registered on the terminal.
Each bank account is given its own Tyro Merchant ID. We will have emailed the details of these
Merchant IDs to the email address you provided on the original Tyro application form. You simply
need to allocate each Doctor in CCOS to the Merchant ID, which will be pre-configured
on your Terminal.
How do I add another Doctor’s Bank Account to the Tyro terminal?
You can add another account onto your terminal by completing the following form, EFTPOS Additional
Merchant Request. This form can be found on our website at When
you are done, please scan and email to or alternatively, fax the form to 02 8907 1777
so that we can add the account to your terminal. This is done via an overnight remote upgrade, so
you do not need to send the terminal back to us.
I’ve still got more questions – who can I call for help?
If you have any further questions about how to set-up Tyro with CCOS contact the Tyro Health
Account Management Team on (02) 8907-1717.
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