Precision Flow Meter

Portable Precision Flow Meter
Gives You Direct Measurement
of LFG Flow Rate
Convenient and rugged
carrying case safely
houses your Precision
Flow Meter and its
The Industry’s First Portable
Thermal Mass Flow Meter
’s Precision Flow Meter, part of our new
Precision LFG Product Line, is a battery
operated and hand-held portable Thermal Mass Flow
Meter with extensive data logging capability. The insertionstyle probe design can measure and log gas flows directly
in scfm through a docking port in pipes 1" diameter and
larger, without any calculating or need for temperature
compensation. The unique, patented Field Calibration check
allows you to check the “Zero Flow” calibration in the field in
seconds, avoiding costly and time-consuming factory
checks and eliminating the need for a backup meter.
The ergonomically designed Precision Flow Meter can
store your data in AUTO LOGGING or MANUAL LOGGING
Mode. AUTO Mode will capture flow and temperature data
every 10 seconds. MANUAL Mode will capture data each
time the LOG button is pressed – the bright Organic LED
Display will flash each time data is captured. The data is
stored within the Portable meter for easy uploading to your
PC or instant review in the field.
Precision Flow
• Zero Flow calibration
can be checked onsite, no need for factory
calibration check
• Reads directly in scfm,
not a calculated value
• Displays Temperature,
Log#, User ID, Time
and Date Stamps
• Data downloads easily
into Excel spreadsheet format
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The Organic LED Display is a high contrast, photo-emissive graphical display
that is readable even in direct sunlight. The real-time data displayed includes:
• A numerical display of the instantaneous Flow Rate in 0.1 scfm increments
• A graphical bar representing the relative Flow Rate (0-150 scfm scale)
• A numerical display of the Gas Temperature
• The 4-digit sequential Log Number of each data capture
• The Date and Time Stamp of the Data Capture
• The Channel ID (A through P) associated with the User’s selection of up to
16 different calibrations, or user-defined settings (Full Scale, Pipe ID, etc.)
• Option to switch to TAG ID MODE displaying up to 99 unique 8-character
TAG IDs defining specific pipe locations
Field calibration (above, left) should
match factory set number on back of
meter (± 10 mW).
QED’s high-performance Precision Thermal Mass Flow Meter can help you
increase productivity and reduce field labor, maximize landfill gas yield while
maintaining high gas quality and reducing air leaks, and meet your environmental compliance requirements.
Measure and Log
Tag ID
Accuracy: +/– 0.5% of Full Scale +/– 1% of Reading
Turn-down: 100 to 1
Resolution: Up to 1,000 to 1
Repeatability: -0.2%
Gas Temperature: –40°F to 200°F (–40°C to 93°C)
Ambient Temperature: –4°F to 125°F (–20°C to 52°C)
Pressuring Rating: 500 psig
Response Time: 1 second (each time constant)
Upload data
Spreadsheet output
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