Shakespeare® Style ART-3 Antenna / Radio Tester - Shakespeare-CE

Shakespeare® Style ART-3 Antenna / Radio Tester - Shakespeare-CE
Shakespeare® Style ART-3
Antenna / Radio Tester
An easy to use pocketable meter that checks:
· Receiver Function · Output Power · Antenna VSWR
Use Internal Battery or External 12 VDC
1. Attach the antenna to the “ANT” connection on
the ART-3 meter.
2. Use a 1-meter length of 50-ohm cable
(Shakespeare part #4079, sold separately) to
connect the transceiver to the meter.
3. If desired, connect the supplied power cord to
12VDC only, making sure to observe polarity
to avoid damage.
To Test VHF Receiver:
1. Set radio to CH72, volume up to 1/3 and squelch
to minimum - counter clockwise.
2. Slide ART-3 Bottom Switch to “Rx TEST”.
3. A Tone should be heard through the Noise on the
Radio. If no Tone is heard seek technical help.
4. Slide Bottom Switch to “PWR OFF”.
To Test Radio Transmitter Output Power:
1. Slide ART-3 Top Switch to “WATTS” mode.
2. Key VHF transmitter (Mic PTT) on Channel 72.
Read top scale of the meter.
To Test ART-3 Internal Battery:
1. Slide Bottom Switch to “BAT”. Read “BAT” scale.
2. Slide to “PWR OFF” when done.
3. Use only type 23A or MN21 12V alkaline battery.
To Test Antenna VSWR):
1. Slide ART-3 Top Switch to “SET”
2.Transmitter on radio and turn “ADJ” knob until
Needle just touches the leading edge of the blue
“Set” line.
3. Slide top Switch to “VSWR”. Read middle scale.
4. A reading higher than 3 indicates the need for
inspection and possible replacement of the
PL-259 connector, the coax cable, or the antenna.
Seek technical help as needed.
Frequency Range:
RF Power Scale:
Signal Generator:
RF Level:
155-158 MHz
0 to 30 watts
50 ohms
Die-cast aluminum
3Khz Deviation
1000 Hz
-115 dBM (approx.)
Although the meter can be left in-line, to minimize line losses it is recommended
that the ART-3 be removed from the system after measurement.
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Made In Taiwan
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