Z1 370Z Oil Cooler Kit Installation Manual Rev

Z1 370Z Oil Cooler Kit Installation Manual Rev
Z1 Motorsports
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Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit Installation Manual
For 19, 25 and 34 Row Oil Cooler Kits
Parts Included:
SETRAB Oil Cooler Core (Size dependent on Oil Cooler Core Ordered)
Aluminum SETRAB Brackets w/ Hardware
Z1 Motorsports Custom SETRAB Upper Bracket
Z1 SS Oil Cooler Line Set
Mocal Oil Sandwich Adapter Plate (Model dependent)
SETRAB Oil -10 AN Fittings (w/ O-Ring)
Mocal (-10 AN to -10 Port) Sandwich Adapter Fittings
M6 x 1mm x 20mm (10mm) Bolts
M6 x 1mm Threaded U-Clip
Mocal Rubber Sealing Washers
SETRAB Oil Cooler Assembly Instruction Bulletin
Plastic Spacer (1”)
M6 x 1mm x 40mm (10mm) Bolt
Additional Parts:
Quart (1 Liter) Engine Oil (Not Included)
Additional Zip Ties
Tools Required:
• Assorted Metric Wrenches (10mm – 19mm)
• Assorted Metric Allen Head Wrenches
• Assorted Screw Drivers
• Floor Jack
• Tire removal tools
• Funnel
• Assorted Drill Bits
• Assorted Metric Sockets (10mm – 19mm)
• Ratchet
• Pliers
• Jack Stands (Minimum of 2)
• Torque Wrench
• Drill
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Please note:
The instructions included in this kit details the installation on the Nissan 370Z. Infiniti G37
Owners installing this kit onto a G37 coupe will follow majority of the installation instructions
with only a few alterations. The ONLY differences between the installation of the Z1
Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit on a 370Z and a G37 are the steps needed to remove the
front fascia/Grill assembly in order to access the front core support
WARNING!: Extreme caution should be taken when performing ANY maintenance or performance upgrades to your
vehicle. Please observe and abide by any Warning or Caution labels placed on the various components and tools used
when servicing your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding the installation or the various components included
with the Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit, consult with a Professional Mechanic or contact Z1 Motorsports for
more information.
Installation Note #1:
It is recommended that you perform the Z1 Motorsports 370Z Oil Cooler Kit installation at a scheduled interval when
your vehicle requires an Oil Change. This due to the fact that the Oil Filter must be removed and that some Engine Oil
will be lost in order to properly install the kit.
Remove all contents from the Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit and verify that ALL necessary
hardware is present.
1. Apply the Parking Brake
2. Properly raise and support your vehicle using jack stands and the proper jacking points
on your vehicle’s chassis (Refer to vehicle’s Owner’s Manual)
3. Raise the vehicle’s Hood
4. Disconnect the NEGATIVE (--) Battery Terminal
5. Remove Front Passenger Side Wheel
6. Remove both the Lower Engine Splash Shield and the Passenger Side Inner Fender
Liner. Refer to the images below for the exact location of the fasteners:
a. Remove the following fasters, high lighted below. Fasters will be an assortment
of 10mm screws and Plastic Panel Clips. Use a flat blade screw driver to gently
pry the pop clips up.
b. Do not discard the small plastic panel shown here. It will be reinstalled later.
c. Be sure to remove these two plastic panel clips. The one shown in the image below
on the Left will be exposed only after the lower engine shroud is removed. There is
also a plastic panel clip (not shown) at the very top of the fender liner that will also
need to be removed.
7. Remove the Front Fascia Radiator Air Guide. This is done be using a flat blade screw
driver and gently popping out the center section of the 7 Plastic Pop Clips located under
the hood. The air guide will simply slide up and out from beneath the front fascia. Refer
to the image below for the location of the plastic pop clips.
8. You will also need to remove the 7 additional Plastic Pop Clips securing the front fascia.
Refer to the image below for the location of the plastic pop clips.
9. Remove the two 10mm Plastic Screws
10. Gripping the sides of fascia (circled below) pull the fascia towards you. This part of the
fascia snaps in place and will pop loose when a limited amount of force is applied.
Once free, carefully remove the fascia from the chassis and set aside.
10 (continued). You should see something similar to the image below.
Installation Note #2:
Some individuals find that removing the Front Aluminum Crash Bar and Foam Reinforcement pad eases in the
installation of the 370Z Oil Cooler Kits. This is not necessary.
NISMO 370Z Owners:
Removal of the factory equipped Autech/Yamaha/NISMO Chassis is recommended at this time. Please refer to
page 16 for special instructions regarding the installation of the Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit onto
your vehicle.
11. Assemble the SETRAB Oil Cooler Assembly using the supplied hardware and brackets
by following the instructions below:
Locate the following parts:
SETRAB Oil Cooler Core (Size dependent on Oil Cooler Core Ordered)
Aluminum SETRAB Brackets w/ Hardware
Z1 Motorsports Custom SETRAB Upper Bracket
a. Using the Aluminum SETRAB Bracket and it supplied hardware. Attach the
bracket to the bottom of the oil cooler (opposite of the end with the fittings). The
rotation of the bracket does not matter. The core can be rotated depending on
installation preferences. Refer to the image below:
b. Locate the Z1 Motorsports Custom Upper Bracket w/ Hardware (All hardware
should be assembled together for shipping purposes).
c. Referring to the images below, you will attach the bracket to the top left hand
corner of the SETRAB Oil Cooler Core.
Installation Note #3:
Since the core’s position is reversible, it is recommended that the oil cooler core be positioned as close to the A/C
Condenser as possible. The Z1 Motorsports Custom Upper Bracket can only be installed with the core in this position.
Installation Note #3 (Continued):
Refer to the image below for the exact position of the oil cooler brackets. This configuration is
recommended for all 370z/G37’s equipped with either the STILLEN GEN III Intake or a Forced
Induction Setup. Some modifications or reversal of the core support will be necessary when
installing an oil cooler core onto a 370z with the NISMO Brace Kit (Nissan Part # E4420-1EK000).
d. Locate the two supplied M6 x 1mm Threaded U-Clips (x2) and two M6 x 1mm x
20mm (10mm) Bolts [These should be threaded into one another for shipping
e. Slide the two Threaded U-Clips onto the core support as shown below. You will
be using the two blank spots on the Driver side of the core support (lower).
You can now, temporarily position the oil cooler core/bracket assembly on the
core support of the vehicle. Using the two M6-1.00 bolts, secure the core
support to the chassis, but DO NOT TIGHTEN DOWN ANY BOLTS.
g. Position the oil cooler core so that the upper bracket’s unused sits just behind
the center core support brace (Vertical steel brace that should be sitting just to
the left of the oil cooler).
h. With the core in place, you will now need to mark the location of the hole that
will be used to attach the Upper Oil Cooler Core Bracket to the chassis. This
hole does not exist from the factory and will need to be drilled. Customers who
have purchased 19 and 25 row oil cooler kits can skip this step if they choose
(not recommended), all customers who have purchased the 34 row oil cooler kit
MUST install this bracket. The oil cooler core will be allowed to move too much
without the upper bracket and could possibly damage the fiberglass core
support or A/C Condenser.
Installation note #3
Place a thin piece of wood between the vertical steel brace and the A/C Condenser core to prevent any accidental
damage to the condenser itself while drilling. Remember the saying…”Measure twice and drill once!”.
With the center brace drilled. Remove the oil cooler core from the vehicle.
Locate the two SETRAB Oil Cooler Core Fittings. (These will be the only 2 loose
fittings supplied with the kit. DO NOT remove the fittings from the oil sandwich plate to
complete this step!!)
Using a suitable lubricant, apply a thin layer of lubricant to the threads of the
fitting and O-Rings. Only install ONE fitting at this time.
Using Fresh Engine Oil, it is HIGHLY recommended that oil cooler core be filled
completely. This will prevent a dry start scenario and will help prime the oil
cooler FASTER!
m. With the oil cooler filled, you may now install the second SETRAB Fitting to the
oil cooler core.
12. Again using the supplied bolts, attach the SETRAB Oil Cooler Assembly to the vehicle’s
core support. Be sure to tighten all three 10mm bolts. Ensure that there is no
interference with the A/C Condenser Lines, intake filters (If using the Stillen GEN III
Intake) or other hardware.
13. Locate the Z1 Motorsports SS Line Set.
a. Attach the oil cooler lines in the following pattern:
i. Long Hose – Attach the 90° Fitting to the Driver Side SETRAB Fitting on
the Oil Cooler Core.
ii. Short Hose - Attach the 90° Fitting to the Passenger Side SETRAB
Fitting on the Oil Cooler Core.
* Failure to attach the Oil Cooler Lines as listed above may result in insufficient line length in later steps. In addition,
customers who choose the Pre-Wrapped Option will have the protective wrapping located in the wrong position.
Route the Line Set across the front of the vehicle. You may have to route the
lines around aftermarket parts that have been installed.
For example:
The image below shows that the lines are routed in FRONT of the Passenger Side STILLEN GEN III Intake Filters. This
is acceptable since the front fascia does not allow air to pass through this area anyway. This also positions the lines
out of the way and in an ideal location for later routing steps.
Installation note #4:
The use of Zip Ties is suggested in order to keep the SS Line sets neat and pulled away from sharp, abrasive edges.
c. You will now need to remove the plastic Air Deflector Located on the Passenger
side of the fascia. This Panel will slide right off.
d. Once removed, you will need to trim away the illustrated portion below. This will
allow for adequate room for line routing in later steps.
e. Re-install the modified air deflector panel back onto the chassis.
f. Route the ends of the Oil Cooler Line set thru the opening between the Core
Support and Windshield Washer Bottle. This allows the lines to rout neatly
along the frame rails.
Installation Note #5:
You may need to loosen and/or unbolt the Windshield Washer Bottle to aid in routing the lines. Additionally, route the
fittings one at a time. This will allow the lines to pass thru much easier.
g. Locate the supplied 1” Plastic Spacer and associated Bolt.
h. Unbolt the bracket securing the power steering cooler lines to the passenger
side frame rail.
Carefully route the lines between the power steering cooler lines and the frame
Insert the 1” Spacer in between the bracket and the frame rail and reattach using
the supplied bolt. Refer to the following image below:
k. Referring to the following image, route the lines through the opening between
the passenger side frame rail and the front subframe.
14. If you are planning on changing the engine oil during the installation of the Z1
Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit, remove Engine Oil Drain Plug and drain the engine oil. If
you are not planning on performing this step, continue to STEP #16.
15. Remove the Engine Oil Filter.
16. Locate the supplied Mocal Sandwich Adapter. This unit should already have the two
(-10AN to -10 Port) Fittings and the two rubber sealing washers installed. Be sure to
properly tighten these fittings before continuing.
17. Position the Mocal Sandwich Adapter with the large rubber o-ring facing the engine. DO
18. Attach the two Oil Cooler Line Fittings to the Mocal Oil Sandwich Plate.
19. Place the Oil Sandwich Plate assembly onto the engine.
For 2009 ~ 2011 Model Year 370Z/G37 Vehicles:
You will need to rotate the sandwich plate so that the 90° fitting is centered between
the Alternator and the Motor Mount. This is will result in the Oil Sandwich plate
being rotated to about the 10’o’clock position.
MY 2009~2011 Vehicles ONLY!
For 2012+ Model Year 370Z/G37 Vehicles:
You will need to rotate the sandwich plate so that the 90° fittings are
oriented in the 7’o’clock position, or as close to the lower engine cross member as
possible, while leaving a ~ ¼” gap between the fittings and the cross member. DO
NOT allow the fittings to touch or rest against the cross member. Possible damage
to the fittings and/or sandwich plate may occur.
20. With the Sandwich Plate in place and oriented properly. Angle the fittings so that they
clear any and all brackets. Also, be sure to aim the -10 SS Lines in a direction so that
the smoothest possible bends are created without creating a fold or break in the lines.
Tighten the fittings as best as possible (You will be removing the sandwich plate again
in Step 21 so that the fittings can be torque properly. This step is for “mock up” and
fitment purposes.)
Use Zip Ties to secure the lines together and to keep them away from suspension
21. Remove the Oil Sandwich Plate assembly carefully. Be careful not to disturb the angle
of the fittings. Tighten down the fittings.
22. Re-install the Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter and securing bolt. Tighten down the
Sandwich Adapter bolt using a 1” (~25mm) socket. This will secure the Mocal Sandwich
Adapter to the engine in the proper orientation listed above. Torque the Oil Sandwich
plate adapter bolt to ~ 25 ft./lbs.
23. Install the Engine Oil Filter (New preferably).
24. Refill the engine with oil.
25. Crank the engine and inspect for any leaks.
26. Re-install the previously removed Hardware, Fascia and Inner Fender Liners. When
installing the various pieces for the Passenger Side Inner Fender Liners. Be sure that
the Oil Cooler Lines are routed neatly behind the panels so that they DO NOT bulge out.
This can (and will) eventually break the plastic pop clips, causing the panel to come
27. Perform a final test drive of the vehicle.
For further information and MORE full color pictures and installation
suggestions, follow the installation link on the Z1 Motorsports 370Z Oil
Cooler Kit product page at Z1Motorsports.com
Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Installation Manual –
A common concern of NISMO 370Z owners regards the fitment and usage of the factory NISMO
Chassis Dampener that runs laterally across the chassis. This dampener can be retained with a few
simple steps.
Please note:
In order to retain the factory NISMO Chassis Dampener, the Oil Cooler Bracket and Core must be oriented so that the oil
cooler core is positioned as close to the Radiator / A/C Condenser assembly as possibly. Failure to orient the oil cooler
core assembly as directed will prevent the re-installation of the NISMO Dampener.
Once the front fascia has been removed, exposing the front core support assembly, follow the
instructions as detailed below:
1. Unbolt the NISMO Chassis Dampener from the factory brackets. You will be removing
the two 17mm bolts securing the Yamaha/Autech/NISMO labeled dampener to the gray,
cast steel brackets.
2. Flip (Rotate) the NISMO Chassis Dampener 180° so that the thickest end of the
dampener is relocated from the left side of the vehicle to the opposite side.
By doing this, the NISMO/Autech/Yamaha label will be upside down when viewed from
the front of the vehicle. You may roll the dampener 180° so that the label is hidden from
view if you wish.
3. Re-install the factory 17mm bolts.
On rare instances, some owners have experienced a slight clearance issue between the Setrab Oil
Cooler Core Assembly and the NISMO Dampener even after the dampener has been relocated. In
the event that this is experienced, four shim washers have been included to space the NISMO
Chassis Dampener’s gray cast mounting brackets away from the core support. By placing the
spacers behind the mounting brackets, between the brackets and the core support, the entire
NISMO Dampener assembly is moved forward slightly.
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