Materials List/What to bring

Introduction to Night Photography
Great Basin National Park
Saturday, August 13, 2016
2012 Darwin Lambert Artists in Residence
Ken Koenig
Lisa Rose
To participate in the nighttime photo session after the four hour workshop, you will need the following
essential equipment for a digital camera OR an iPhone/Smartphone; not both.
For Digital Camera Night Photography
Digital camera that has:
- manual exposure mode that lets you manually set shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
- manual focus setting
- setting for a 30 second exposure OR a bulb (“B”) setting that allows you to set long exposures
- port for a shutter release cable
Remote Shutter Release Cable. You will need one of the following devices in order to release the shutter
for single or continuous exposures while the camera is in bulb mode:
- Remote Shutter Release Cable - $10 to $25
- Multifunction Remote Shutter Release Cable (aka Intervalometer) - $20 to $160
Wide angle lens
Sturdy camera tripod. Be sure you’ve got the tripod’s camera plate that screws into the bottom of your
Your camera instruction manual
Extra battery
Extra memory card
For iPhone or Smartphone Night Photography
Sturdy camera tripod. Mini tripods can work but are much more inconvenient to use.
Cell phone tripod adaptor to connect your iPhone or Smartphone to your tripod (available on Amazon
as a “Cell Phone Tripod Adapter” for $7-10). Make sure the one you order fits your particular phone.
Recommended camera apps for night photography. Both of these apps include 1) Remote shutter
release or self-timer and 2) Control of focus, shutter speed and ISO
Download before the workshop.
For iPhone: Nightcap Pro
For Android: Camera FV-5
The manual for your particular app. We strongly recommend that you download the manual from the
Internet and print it out or store it on your phone as a reference during the class.
For Everyone
Layered clothing and sturdy shoes
Lightweight gloves
Camera bag or equipment bag with:
- Headlamp or small handheld flashlight (for getting to the site and setting up)
- Small red light flashlight (for changing camera settings without disturbing your night vision)
- Lens cloth and hand cloth (to dry wet hands)
If you have any questions about this equipment list, please email either one of us:
Lisa Rose at
Ken Koenig at
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