Cable Modem Router
Cable Modem Router – U10C012
Ambit’s Cable Modem Router combines a solid cable modem with the robustness of commercial
routing. With its CableHome Certification and upgradeability to DOCSIS 2.0, you can be assured that
this product is designed with the future in mind. Software features include NAT, static IP, IP mapping,
firewall, and much more!
Cable IP Product Series
Here are some of the benefits to Ambit’s Cable Modem Router:
• Simplicity - Includes intuitive LEDs, making self-installations a snap. If utilizing USB, our
WHQL certified drivers ensure compatibility with any Microsoft O/S. The in-line power supply
eliminates the hassle of finding an available wall outlet.
• Flexible - A simple software download upgrades the modem to DOCSIS 1.1 and DOCSIS 2.0.
The router can be configured for just about any subscriber requirement.
• Remote Management - Eliminate truck rolls with Ambit’s comprehensive management
utilities. With telnet access, MSOs can:
o Configure router - The router contains a wealth of configuration options including NAT,
RIP, static IP, DHCP pools, access lists, and much more.
o Enable/disable ports – Designed to allow the MSO to enable/disable interfaces in real-time
based on the customer’s service plan.
o Access List – Never worry about unauthorized access in a dorm or apartment environment.
You control the MAC addresses that can access the Ambit Cable Modem Router.
• Fast - Quick sync-up significantly reduces installation times. Supports amazingly fast speeds of
up to 38Mbps.
• Web-based interface – Access the modem’s diagnostic information locally or remotely.
• Support – MSOs can take advantage of Ambit’s priority customer support for answers to
questions. Call anytime!
• Detailed Router Features:
o DOCSIS 2.0 h/w and CableHome upgradeable
o 4-port 10/100 switch supports full/half duplex
o NAT (static or DHCP) supports PAT and multimedia applications including AIM,
MSN, NetMeeting, etc.
o Simultaneous NAT/Router
o VPN pass-through
o RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication
o RIP2
o MD5 algorithm
o Telnet command-style interface for straight-forward management
o Web Interface for intuitive configuration options
o Vendor Specific Information Field (VSIF) for simple MSO configuration
o Ping and Traceroute commands for easier troubleshooting
o DHCP server for internal network
o Access list for IP and MAC address control
o Customized commands for each user level to reduce errors
o One-to-one, many-to-one multi-NAT support.
Ambit is a worldwide provider of broadband products. Our years of experience in providing wireless
technologies to PC manufacturers along with over 2 million cable modems sold worldwide has helped
Ambit create products specifically designed with the MSO in mind.
Downstream (Receiver)
Cable IP Product Series
Frequency Range
Symbol Rate
88MHz ~ 860MHZ
5.057/5.361/6.952 Msymbols/sec
Data Rate
30Mbits/sec (64QAM)
43Mbits/sec (256QAM)
-15dBmV ~ +15dBmV
RF Input/Output Power
Carrier To Noise Ratio
Power Adapter
Operating Temperature
CPE Interface
RF Cable Interface
and CPE Filter
Internet Protocol Stack
Provisioning Applications
SNMP Protocol
MIBs Support
Upstream (Transmitter)
5MHz ~ 42/65MHz
TDMA:160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560,5120 Ksymbols/sec
S-CDMA:1280, 2560,5120 Ksymbols/sec
TDMA:0.32 ~ 30.72Mbs
S-CDMA:2.56 ~ 35.84 Mbs
+8dBmV ~ + 58dBmV(QPSK)
+8dBmV ~ + 55dBmV(8QAM/16QAM)
+8dBmV ~ + 54dBmV(32QAM/64QAM)
+8dBmV ~ + 53dBmV(S-CDMA)
64QAM: 23.5dB
256QAM: 30dB
10 VDC
0 to 40oC Celsius
4-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet Switch, Rj45 connector
USB 1.0 & 1.1 Connector Type B
75 ohm F-type female connector
ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP/UDP, IGMPv2, RFC826, RFC792, RFC791, RFC768/793
DHCP, TFTP, ToD client, RFC2236
SNMP v2c, RFC2131/2132, RFC1350, RFC867, SNMP v3, RFC2571, RFC2576
RFC1905, RFC1213, RFC2011, RFC2013, RFC2669, RFC2670, RFC2233, RFC1907,
RFC1493, draft - ietf i ipcdn - mcns -bpi - mib-01, Qos MIB, RFC2933, BBI + MIB,
RFC2786, Ambit private
Mode of Operation
Client and server
Network Address Translation, Network Address and Protocol Translation
Web interface, Telnet, and SNMP
Access control list for filtering, firewall, parental controls
Bridge, NAT, Router, NATRouter, and CableHome
Ambit Microsystems Inc.
506 S. Hill View Drive, Milpitas, Ca 95035
Tel: 408-935-0800 Fax: 408-935-0803
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