Specifications Includes Audio Interface Plus Production Software

Works with
Mac | Windows
24-bit/96 kHz USB Audio Capture
Includes Audio Interface Plus Production
Includes software:
SONAR LE • Project5 LE • Dimension LE
Plug-in Software Synthesizer
Virtual Sound Canvas DX(Windows)
UA-4FX compact and portable USB interface with high-quality
sound and built-in effects
• Cakewalk Production Plus Pack software (Windows): SONAR LE,
Project5 LE, and Dimension LE
• Record and playback high-resolution audio of your music up to
24-bit/96 kHz
• Phantom powered XLR Input for use with condenser microphones—
perfect for vocals
• 1/4” Hi-Z input designed to get a better sound when recording
electric guitar and bass
• Tube Mic Preamp Simulator provides warm tones through Roland’s
COSM Technology
• 14 Onboard Advanced FX: Amp Simulator, Chorus, Delay, Reverb,
Enhancer, more
• MIDI in/out ports for MIDI recording, playback, control, and
• USB bus powered; no AC adaptor required - ideal for mobile use
Number of Audio Record/Playback Channels
Record: 1 pair of stereo or 2 mono, Playback: 1 pair of stereo, Full duplex (Except 96 kHz)
Signal Processing
Computer Interface: 24 bit, AD/DA Conversion: 24 bit (linear), Internal Processing: 32 bit (Effect
Sampling Frequency
Digital Output: 44.1/48/96 kHz, Digital Input: 44.1/48/96 kHz, AD/DA Conversion: 44.1/48/96 kHz
*ADVANCE SWITCH = OFF: 44.1 kHz only
Frequency Response
96.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 40 kHz (+1 dB/-2 dB), 48.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 22 kHz (+1 dB/-1 dB), 44.1 kHz: 20 Hz to
20 kHz (+1 dB/-1 dB)
Nominal Input Level
Line Input Jacks -10 dBu, MIC Input Jack (XLR) -45 to -12 dBu, MIC Input Jack (except XLR) -45 dBu,
GUITAR Input Jack -30 dBu
Nominal Output Level
Line Output Jacks -10 dBu
Residual Noise Level
(input terminated with 1 k ohms, MAIN VOLUME: 0 dB, Monitor: OFF, IHF-A typ.) -105 dBu or less
(SN ratio: 108 dB, typ.)
Mic Preamp
Phantom Power 48V, Analog Limiter / Compressor
USB, Digital Input/Output (Optical type, conforms to IEC60958 consumer format: PCM/AC3)
Line Input Jacks (L/R, RCA phono), MIC Input Jack (XLR, balanced, +48 V phantom power), MIC Input
Jack (Miniature phone, plug-in powered), GUITAR/MIC Input Jack (1/4 inch phone), Line Output Jacks
(L/R, RCA phono), Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone), Digital Input Connector (Optical), Digital
Output Connector (Optical), MIDI Connectors (IN/OUT), USB Connector (USB Type B)
Power Supply
Current Draw
Box Dimensions
Box Weight
Supplied from the computer
360 mA
171.0 (W) x 126.8 (D) x 43.6 (H) mm / 6-3/4 (W) x 5 (D) x 1-3/4 (H) inches
7.6”(W) x 10.6”(D) x 3.6”(H)
335 g / 12 oz
1.32 lbs.
Owner’s Manual, Advanced Operation Manual, USB Cable, Driver CD-ROM, Cakewalk Production
Plus Pack CD-ROM
Visti www.cakewalk.com/hardware for more information