Yealink developed tool “W52x Handset Firmware Update Tool (USB

Yealink developed tool “W52x Handset Firmware Update Tool (USB
Yealink developed tool “W52x Handset Firmware Update Tool (USB)-[]” is used
to upgrade the W52x handset with firmware version or earlier. New firmware
version of W52x handsets is developing to support air upgrade. You can ask Yealink
distributor or FAE (Field Application Engineer) for the tool, or download it available
This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade the handset
firmware using this tool.
To upgrade the handset firmware, obtain the latest handset firmware file and store it on
your local system. There is a USB port on the back of handset. Before the upgrade
process, you need to connect the handset to the computer using a USB cable.
Ensure the handset is turned on before connecting to the computer.
To connect the handset to the computer using the USB cable:
Open the battery cover on the back of the handset.
A mini USB port is located under the battery cover.
Connect the USB cable to the computer.
Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port on the handset.
To upgrade the handset firmware successfully, ensure the capacity of handset batteries
is enough. We recommend that you place the handset in the charger cradle during the
upgrade process.
To upgrade the handset firmware:
Double click the W52P-Flasher [].exe application.
A prompt message “The tools will install W52P driver and may conflict with anti-virus
software, make sure that antivirus software is turned off then press OK.” will pop up.
Click the OK button.
The handset device information displays in the Device field. If not, click the Scan
Device button.
Click the Browse button to locate the latest firmware file from your local system.
Click the Upgrade button.
A progress bar with the status of upgrade is displayed.
The handset reboots after the firmware upgrade is completed.
After upgrade, unplug the USB cable from the handset. To upgrade another handset,
connect the handset to the computer and repeat steps 3-5.
Upgrade will take a few minutes. Do not unplug the USB cable during the upgrade
If the target firmware version is the same as the current firmware version, upgrade
cannot be performed directly.
The handset performs registration to the base station automatically after reboot. If auto
registration doesn’t work for any reason, you need to re-register the handset to the base
station manually. For more information, refer to Yealink W52P User Guide .
When the handset is idle, you can verify its firmware version by pressing
OK->Status->System Status->More->Handset.
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