AutroSafe Fire Protection Brochure
An interactive fire detection system for larger vessels
AutroSafe interactive fire detection system is designed for the toughest requirements and expands the possibilities of a fire detection system even further. From hotels to cruise ships to drilling platforms, AutroSafe
delivers the most rigorous fire safety yet.
We launched AutroSafe, our high-end fire detection system, in
1999. From day one, AutroSafe has proven its unique stability
and reliability in more than 15 000 installations worldwide, both
on- and offshore.
AutroSafe provides advanced functionality for a wide range of
applications. The system is designed to meet all requirements
in the high-end segment of the onshore, maritime and offshore
markets, and is certified according to Marine Equipment
Directive (MED), European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54
compliance, and Factory Mutual (FM) approval according to
NFPA 72.
Reliable communication is paramount to your safety. That’s
why we’re adding AutroNet to the AutroSafe system, an innovative network solution safeguarding communication between
panels. AutroNet ensures a redundant and high-speed network, expanding the reach of
the AutroSafe system even further.
AutroSafe delivers
the most rigorous fire
safety yet.
History proves you can rely on AutroSafe. All existing functionality has stood up to the
toughest tests worldwide for more than 10 years. With AutroSafe, we take fire safety to a
higher level.
Up to
36 000m
Large capacity without compromising security.
The AutroSafe interactive fire detection system is managed through a single point of
operation for the download of configuration data or program upgrades. This ensures a
faster and safer method to change or upgrade the system program, using the panel network (AutroNet) or a USB memory stick. The result is minimum downtime, through quick
and easy modifications during commissioning.
Longer distances than 100 m will require extra equipment depending on
vv 64 fire alarm panels
vv 15 000 loop units connected to one system
vv 6 detector loops per panel
vv 127 loop units connected to one detector loop
vv 5 loop units connected to one PowerLoop
vv 31 loop units connected to AutroFieldBus
Integrated 3rd party interface granting unlimited communication options
AutroSafe communicates with equipment using the following protocols:
vv Event log with up to 10 000 events
vv ESPA 4.4.4 – allowing connectivity with devices such as AutroTel alarm routing via telephone networks and pocket paging systems
vv NMEA-0183 – allowing connectivity with devices such as the maritime
Clean design and performance balancing intuitive user interface with high technology
During normal operation, the power indicator will always display a steady green light
when the power is ON. No disrupting or unnecessary information is shown, only indicators relevant to the actual condition are visible.
vv MODBUS – allowing connectivity with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
vv AutroCom – allowing interface to control and monitoring systems (AutroMaster)
vv Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)
AutroSafe includes the following communication ports:
Minimum downtime.
Maximum safety.
Improved flexibility
You can change MultiSensor operation class, adjust a single detector or a group of detectors or operate class switch for a period of time.
Proven loop units
All types and series of AutroSafe detectors, manual call points, I/O units and sounders
can operate on the same detection loop.
vv 2 Ethernet ports for AutroNet, AutroCom and configuration data/system software upgrade
vv 1 AL_Com+ port (interfacing loop drivers and I/O units)
vv 1 RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (AutroCom/ESPA4.4.4/MODBUS/VDR)
vv 1 AutroFieldBus interface
vv 2 USB host ports for printer/USB memory stick (configuration data and system software upgrade)
vv FailSafe relay output
We give you
1. Dual SCI – all loop units have dual short-circuit isolators. No need for extra loop units.
2. Dual loop communication – loops are powered both ways – ensuring redundant
loop network.
Additionally you can expand the safety even further with:
3. Dual Safety – two AutroKeepers ensure that no events are lost in case of system node
or network failure - dual control.
4. Dual network between system units – AutroNet redundant communication in star
or ring topology
5. Dual top system communication – AutroCom to process control systems
6. Dual top system – AutroMasters
On top of this, AutroSafe SelfVerify® tests each detector and manual call point every day.
DYFI+ and smart algorithms compensates for contamination from dust and reduces false
Introducing AutroKeepers that provide dual reporting of events
The new dual safety technology from Autronica Fire and Security,
enables redundant control of the detection loop. If, by any reason,
the primary loop control fails, the secondary loop control will take
over, and detection is thus maintained.
*AutroKeepers are smart relay units that are connected to the loop, con-
At the basic level, the sensor units are connected in two-wired
loops. Consequently, in case of a single broken or shorted loop,
connection with all units is maintained. Additionally, two patented AutroKeeper* units per loop make redundant control of the
loop possible. This is particularly important since, should the primary loop controlling panel fail, the secondary backup panel will
take control of the loop.
trolling a panel’s access to it. They may operate in automatic, semi automatic or manual modes. The AutroKeeper makes it possible to communicate with loop units, using a secondary panel in addition to the primary
one. This ensures that an alarm event is not lost in case of system node
or network failure. Redundancy is achieved without introducing two set
of detection loops, and thus avoiding twice the amount of cabling and
Should one panel
fail due to a fire
incident, the other
will maintain
When launched in 1999, AutroSafe SelfVerify® was the premium technology enabling fire detection system to test itself. It still is.
The necessity of reducing high maintenance costs and increasing fire security, encouraged Autronica to invest considerable time and effort in developing this unique technology. Over the last decade it has proven its worth in over 15 000 applications in onshore,
offshore and maritime installations.
The self-testing system
Most fire detection systems depend on costly and often irregular manual inspections,
which involve a number of challenges and problems:
vv Detectors may be out of reach
vv Service engineers may not have access to particular areas
vv Manual testing with gas or smoke is not reliable
vv Test gas or smoke is rarely used in calibrated quantities
vv Even a faulty detector will eventually react if its chamber is filled with enough smoke
vv Excessive and irregular intervals between manual tests of detectors, leaving damaged
detectors unnoticed for far too long
AutroSafe SelfVerify® solves all issues of manual maintenance, making time consuming and costly physical testing no longer necessary. With AutroSafe SelfVerify®, the system checks all detectors, interfaces, connections and cables – from detector chamber to
alarm output – every single day.
More reliable maintenance.
Far less time and cost.
Not only does the system test whether a detector is capable of provoking an alarm, it even
verifies the sensitivity of every detector with a calibrated signal. The SelfVerify system
ensures that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. In the event of
irregularities, the display on the operating panel will accurately pinpoint the source of
any problem.
AutroSafe SelfVerify® is developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and the
detectors are certified according to European directives (CPD) requiring
EN 54 compliance.
AutroSafe SelfVerify® ensures that you have the safest and most reliable fire safety system available – a system ensuring optimal detection.
Dual path
Twice as secure
To provide maximum dependability, Autronica has developed AutroNet – a dual path transmission network based on a high bandwidth Ethernet network (100Mbps) suitable for safety critical systems. It’s a new
standard in reliable data and information transmission
An Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System combining the
strengths of a powerful fire detection system with control and monitoring
functions dedicated to make sure you are in control in case of a fire incident.
AutroNet secures the transmission of data and information even if a line fault (break, switch port fault etc.) is present. Alarms are transmitted safely to all panels because all network traffic is duplicated along two independent network paths.
The unique combination of AutroNet and AutroSafe results in a flexible and reliable system which is easy to maintain, modify and
Flexible and reliable
– easy to maintain, modify
and expand.
This remote monitoring and control system provides tight integration with AutroSafe systems, indicating fire alarms, and displays customized layout of installations with symbolic
representations of field devices. It provides several possibilities to integrate with 3rd party
equipment and is easy to use, provides a full overview and saves valuable time.
OPC Server
With the AutroSafe OPC server, we accommodate communication between fire detection
systems and controlling emergency systems. This way we have increased the interoperability between our system and 3rd party supervisory systems.
Autronica is a leading
innovator, manufacturer
and supplier of fire, safety
and maritime measuring
equipment worldwide.
Our products ensure safety in
applications on land, sea and
in the petrochemical, oil and
gas sectors.
Owned by United
Technologies Corporation
(UTC), Autronica employ
more than 450 people
handling the complete
value chain, from
idea, development and
manufacturing to the
marketing, sales and
servicing of our products.
Thinking new thoughts is part of our job.
This is how we create the products that
make you feel safe.
More than fifty years ago, we invented the very first fire alarm as you know it today. Since
then we have turned it upside down several times – and still we continue to make new
revolutions. Our goal has always been that people should be able to think less about what
matters most; safety.
We know that our products are amongst the best in the world, but we also know that the
best products can always get better. We continue to develop and we are able to say with
conviction, that we protect life, environment and property.
We are an international
company with worldwide
offices and our HQ is located
in Trondheim, Norway’s
technology hotspot.
Everyone needs to sleep safely at night.
Especially those who haven’t seen shore for days.
We protect lives every day – and the best part of it is that no one notices. Our equipment is installed on
thousands of vessels all over the world, ensuring that tens of thousands of crew and passengers are safe.
The products we make are among the best in the world, yet still we keep working to create something that
is even better. This makes us not only a preferred supplier of fire safety systems, but a participant that continuously raising the standards for safety at sea.
Autronica Fire and Security AS
Haakon VIIs gate 4, NO-7041 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 90 90 55 00 | Fax: +47 73 58 25 01 | E-mail: |
116-P-ASAFE/MAR/AGB, rev. C, 2014-04-23
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