Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
Vision 450
Thank you for choosing a JUWEL Aquarium product.
Our products represent over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of aquariums
and their acessories applying most modern production techniques bringing together
the JUWEL Aquarium system, which is both easy to use and simple to maintain.
Please read this instruction manual carefully and completely to make sure you
have received all components before setting up the aquarium.
Please observe the safety instructions and maintenance guidelines given in this
This instruction manual has been carefully prepared to provide you with accurate
and complete information. All efforts have been made to ensure that the
information given is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility for
printing or other errors. Technical details are always approximate and are not
warranted characteristics and may be subject to change without notice.
Always unplug all immersed electrical equipment from mains before placing your
hands into the water.
The use of additional air stones or air lines is not necessary with the JUWEL
Aquariums. If an air stone is used, this should always be placed in the middle of
the aquarium. Capillary leaks resulting from the use of these items will not be
accepted as a fault with the aquarium.
Do not transport or move your aquarium while still containing water or sand.
Always take care not to damage the seals while maintaining your aquarium.
Do not use toxic substances to clean your aquarium.
Safety instructions:
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Operation with the RC circuit breaker only, max. 30mA.
The power plugs of the electrical devices must not become moist. Connect the
power plugs to the power supply at such a height that the connection cable
forms a loop which would enable the water to drip down.
Setting up the Aquarium
We have produced your JUWEL Aquarium with the utmost care using most advanced
production techniques. Extra strong packaging has been used to prevent damage to
the aquarium. Please note however, that your aquarium has been transported and
handled several times prior to reaching its final destination. We recommend
therefore, that you test the aquarium for leaks in a suitable area (e.g. garage), by
filling it with water and checking it very carefully.
Having made your checks, you should select the most suitable and desirable position
for your aquarium. The position selected should have an even and level surface and
should be able to support the weight of the filled aquarium. In order to prevent
excessive algae growth, we recommend that you select a position that is not exposed
to direct daylight.
We strongly recommend that the appropriate JUWEL Aquarium cabinet is used. They
have a water-repellent surface and they have been made to match the dimensions and
to bear the weight of the filled aquarium. The cabinet must be positioned on a level
surface. The JUWEL Aquarium is built with a special bottom frame for security. The
aquarium should be placed directly onto the cabinet. DO NOT place any additional
support, e.g. polystyrene, under the aquarium since this is not necessary with our
Weight of the aquarium in kg filled with water:
Suggestion: JUWEL Backgrounds
Complete the look of your aquarium by fitting one of our stunning backgrounds.
JUWEL Poster Backgrounds:
Vibrant plants or realistic rock on all double sided posters.
JUWEL Rock or Root Backgrounds:
Three dimensional Rock or Root backgrounds that give depth to the aquarium.
JUWEL Structured Backgrounds:
Subtle Bark effect that enhances the view of the aquarium.
JUWEL aquarium silicone:
The Rock, the Root and the Structured backgrounds are fitted to the inside of the
aquarium using the JUWEL silicone prior to filling.
JUWEL Terrace
Attractive terrace modules matching the design of the backgrounds Rock and Root.
All backgrounds are readily available from your JUWEL retailer.
Setting up your JUWEL Aquarium
In order to set up your aquarium and to prepare it for its intended use, please follow
the following guidelines.
1. Make up the appropriate JUWEL Aquarium cabinet.
2. Place the aquarium in its chosen location.
24 h
3. Ensure that the filter system is set up according to the instructions as described in
this manual.
4. Place your substrate in the bottom of the aquarium and plant as desired.
5. Fill the aquarium with room temperature water slowly through the filter to the red
fill line indicated inside the aquarium - Important - do not over fill!
6. Connect the powerhead and heater and complete by placing the light unit and flaps
on the top of the aquarium.
7. For tropical set-ups, allow the aquarium to reach the desired temperature prior to
the addition of livestock.
You can add a few hardy fish after only a few days since you will need some livestock
to start the filter maturation process. The filter can take between 6 and 8 weeks to
fully mature. Should you choose to add further livestock during this period, then this
should be a gradual process.
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow is a highly effective biological filter system with two
stages that includes components complementing each other in an ideal manner.
Installing the filter in the aquarium makes hose connections unnecessary and prevents
leaks. The pump output is not negatively affected by hose couplings, intake tubes etc.
The capacity of the pump is designed in such a manner that an ideal level of biological
filtering is ensured by a sufficient level of percolation through the filter material.
In that context, the large filter volume ensures excellent mechanical filtering and
facilitates long cleaning intervals.
Bioflow Super
The construction of the filter system enables you to quickly access the individual
heater, pump, and filter media components. This way, the filter system may
comfortably be operated during cleaning and while performing maintenance work.
Filter Wool (white pad)
The white filter wool acts as a mechanical pre-filter, removing large particles of dirt
and excess food which in turn ensures that the other sponges do not get clogged.
Active Carbon Sponge (black)
The black activated carbon sponge sits on top of the blue coarse filter sponges, and
removes chemical impurities from the water which cannot be removed biologically.
Nitrate Removal Sponge (green)
The Sponge contains micro-organisms, which will, once developed, reside inside the
sponges and in the water. These micro-organisms feed of nitrates and will reduce them
significantly. The JUWEL Filtration system provides the optimum housing for these
Filter Sponge Coarse (blue)
The coarse blue filter sponges allow bacteria cultures to develop quickly, cleaning the
water which is now free from chemical impurities.
Filter Sponge Fine (blue)
The fine blue sponges and the bacteria cultures living in them, clean the water of even
the smallest impurities.
The highly porous filter material utilizes its extremely large surface for effective
biological cleaning and ensures the highest water quality.
Bioflow 3.0
Bioflow 6.0
Bioflow 8.0
Bioflow 3.0
Bioflow 6.0
Bioflow 8.0
Getting Started - The JUWEL filter system Bioflow 3.0, 6.0 and 8.0
You should prepare the filter for operation prior to setting up the aquarium. However,
do not connect the electrical components to the power supply yet.
Please observe the following notes regarding commissioning the JUWEL filter system
The JUWEL filter system consists of:
- 1 heater (included in complete aquariums only)
- 1 heater holder
- 1 pump
- 1 outlet nozzle
- 2 filter basket
- 3 sets of white filter wool, packaged
- 1 carbon sponge, packaged
- 1 green nitrate remover sponge, packaged
- 1 blue filter sponge "rough"
- 1 Cirax filter medium, packaged
- 2 blue filter sponges "fine"
1. Insert the base of the pump into the pump holder of the filter and firmly push it
into position. In that context, the pump outlet faces in the direction of the outlet
Bioflow 3.0
Bioflow 6.0
Bioflow 8.0
Confirm the proper arrangement of the gasket in the outlet opening (it is used to
minimize the transmission of vibrations).
2. Carefully attach the outlet nozzle from the outside through the opening to the
pump outlet and ensure its firm connection.
3. Insert the heater holder into the guide rail of the filter separation wall.
4. Insert the heater from above into the heater holder.
5. Now start preparing the filter sponges by removing the plastic packaging from the
carbon sponge and the nitrate remover sponge and the Cirax filter medium. Thoroughly
rinse the blue filter sponges only under running water.
6. After this, insert the blue "fine" filter sponges and the Cirax filter medium into the
lower filter basket. Following that, place the blue "rough" filter sponge, the green
nitrate remover sponge, the carbon sponge, and filter wool in the top position into the
upper filter basket and push both filter baskets into the filter housing.
7. Place the filter cover on the filter housing.
8. The JUWEL filter system Bioflow is now ready for operation.
The JUWEL Aquarium Filter System is a biological filter system. For it to work
effectively, bacteria cultures will need to grow inside the blue sponges. This process
can take up 6-8 weeks for the filter to fully mature. Consequently we recommend to
decorate and plant the aquarium and add just a few (3-5) hardy fish in order to help
the maturation process. Please test the water on a weekly basis to monitor the water
conditions and once the water is safe you can begin to add more fish.
JUWEL Air Diffuser
The special JUWEL Aquarium Air Diffuser provides additional oxygen to the aquarium if
desired. This can be ordered from your JUWEL Aquarium retailer (Part No. 85145).
Care and maintenance of the JUWEL Filter System
The JUWEL Filter System requires very little maintenance if you follow the following
- Replace the white filter wool pad once a week. If you have large fish, then this may
require changing slightly more frequently. This will ensure that the filter sponges will
not be clogged by larger dirt particles.
- Replace the black activated carbon sponge every 4-6 weeks. Again, if you have large
fish then this may be to be more frequent. This ensures that any chemical impurities
from the water will be removed. Please note that the chemicals which are absorbed by
the activated carbon contained in the sponge, will be released to the water again if
the change intervals are too long.
- If the filter wool and the activated carbon sponge are replaced as suggested, then it
is sufficient to carefully clean or replace the coarse blue sponges at 6-12 weeks and
the fine blue sponges at 3-6 months only.
- Cleaning or replacing the blue sponges or the Cirax filter medium affects the impact
of the bacterial culture. For that reason, it is recommended not to clean or replace the
blue sponges and the Cirax filter medium at the same time, but rather successively in
an alternating manner.
You do not need to worry about the liquid dirt accumulating at the bottom of the
filter housing. Normally, this dirt contains important biological substances which
enhance the water quality.
Please do not worry if some dirt gets into the water during the cleaning process
causing cloudiness. After the filter system is back in operation, the water will soon
clear again.
- In order to allow a proper level of micro-organisms in the filtration system it is
recommended to exchange the sponge every 6 weeks. The nitrate removal sponge
contains bacteria, which will after a while reduce the nitrate level in the aquarium
Always use original JUWEL Aquarium filter media to ensure the optimum
performance of your system.
Maintenance of the pump JUWEL Eccoflow in the filter system
Bioflow Super, 3.0, 6.0, 8.0
The pump JUWEL Eccoflow should be checked with regard to functionality and cleaned
at regular intervals (at least once a month).
Please proceed as follows to that end:
1. Disconnect all electrical devices of the aquarium from the power grid.
2. Remove the outlet nozzles.
3. Remove the pump from the separation wall of the filter.
4. Disconnect the adapter (A) from the motor by turning it counter-clockwise and
remove the impeller.
5. Thoroughly clean all components. It is particularly necessary to remove the impeller
from the chamber and remove deposits and dirt from the chamber itself as well as the
impeller. The function of the pump will be impaired otherwise. Also check the impeller
for damage and possible signs of wear of the magnet.
After that, please reinstall the pump in reverse order in the filter.
In order to ensure that the power head operates at its optimum and maintains its
low noise level, we recommend to check and potentially replace the parts subject
to wear and tear, such as the impeller and the adapter.
All spare parts are available from your local JUWEL Aquarium retailer.
Safety instructions:
Never operate the power head out of water.
Always unplug the power head from the power supply before removing it from the
The power head is intended for indoor use and for use in fluids up to 35°C.
Never repair the electrical cord or plug. In case of damage replace the complete
power head.
Installing the heater in the JUWEL filter system
The JUWEL aquarium heater is supplied with the heater holder (fig. 1) which you will
need for the installation.
Please perform the following steps for all JUWEL Aquarium filter systems:
(You may need to start by removing an installed separation wall holder.)
1. Install the heater holder.
2. Attach the heater to the filter housing on the inside of the filter and/or initially
insert the heater holder into the guide rail of the separation wall.
The heater is properly positioned if the heater holder rests on the upper edge of the
housing and/or the separation wall.
The heater is now operational.
The JUWEL automatic heater warms the water of your aquarium up to 28°C
depending on a nomal room temperature of 21°C. If you keep your aquarium in
rooms below this or your fish need a higher temperature, we recommend to
purchase a second heater.
Compact, Standard H, Jumbo
Compact Super
Safety instructions:
Only connect the heater once the aquarium is filled with water at least to the
minimum water level of the heater.
Never use the heater outside the aquarium.
Operate the heater indoors only.
Operation of the heater
The JUWEL aquarium heater is an essential component of the JUWEL filter system. Its
positioning within the filter housing and consequently in the water stream facilitates
even warming of the water in the aquarium.
You control the temperature of the water via the adjusting knob in the heater head.
You may specify the temperature the heater is supposed to heat the water to in
accordance with your individual requirements. The centre position between "+" and "-"
corresponds to a water temperature of approximately 23 - 26 degrees Celsius or 74-78
degrees Fahrenheit.
Please note that depending on the starting temperature of the water in the aquarium,
it may take approx. 12 hours and longer until the heater has heated the water to the
desired temperature. After that, the heater will automatically keep the water at the
desired temperature and switch on or off, accordingly. You recognise the operation of
the heater via the red glow light.
We also recommend you to check the temperature of the water by means of a
thermometer at regular intervals. The heater does not require further care or
JUWEL Digital Thermometer 2.0
To monitor the temperature we recommend the JUWEL Digital Thermometer (Part No.
85702). Available from your JUWEL Aquarium retailer.
Safety instructions:
Always unplug the heater and allow it to cool before removing it from the filter.
Never attempt to open or repair the heater. Any signs of damage or malfunction
and the heater should be replaced with an original JUWEL Aquarium heater.
Never repair the electrical cord or plug. In case of damage replace the complete
Once removed never place on a flammable surface.
This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless
they have been adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure that
they can use the appliance safely. Young children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
Lighting for the JUWEL Aquarium
Your JUWEL aquarium includes the lighting system "Multilux" High-Lite.
The JUWEL High-Lite lighting system represents T5 technology by JUWEL Aquarium
and - compared to the conventional lighting standard - provides you with 150% more
light in the aquarium.
In that context, JUWEL Aquarium takes one vital step more than any other
manufacturer with its system High-Lite, in particular it achieves optimum illumination
of the aquarium by means of fluorescent tubes of a suitable length.
The light system itself is waterproof and consequently allows you to maintain the
while it is fully lit.
The "Multilux" High-Lite light system by JUWEL Aquarium consists of
- top frame (1)
- cover lids (2) with an integrated holder for the JUWEL automatic feeder
- light unit with two or four tubes (3)
Installation of the "Multilux" Lighting System
The water tightness can only be guaranteed if the tube holders have been firmly
connected to their sockets. We recommend that you check this prior to connecting the
lighting unit to the power supply.
The light unit can now be placed onto the top frame and can be connected to the
power supply. Having done this please fit the flaps to close the aquarium completely.
The JUWEL fluorescent tubes High-Lite in T5 technology complement the
electronic components in the JUWEL High-Lite light units. For that reason, only
use these fluorescent tubes as original JUWEL Aquarium spare part.
JUWEL Reflectors
We recommend the use of suitable JUWEL reflectors that you may purchase from
retailers in order to improve the luminosity.
These increase the luminosity by 100% and consequently ensure a further improvement
of the conditions within your aquarium.
JUWEL automatic feeder
We offer you the JUWEL automatic feeder matching all JUWEL aquariums.
It is available from specialist retailers as original JUWEL Aquarium accessory (item No.
Care and Maintenance
The JUWEL Aquarium Multilux light system requires little care and maintenance. Clean
the frames using a soft towel and warm water only.
Changing the Tubes:
Please note that tubes should always be replaced in pairs and the tube holders should
also be replaced as they contain the vital seals that guarantee water tightness.
Please follow the following steps to replace your tubes:
- Disconnect the hood system from the power supply - just switching off is not enough
- and unscrew the tube holders and move them to the centre of the tube.
- Remove the tube by pulling it gently towards you.
- Place the new tube holders on the new tube.
- Position the pins on the tubes in line with the slots on the tube holders, push the
tube in until it clicks and tighten the new tube holders firmly to ensure a water tight
- Place the light unit back on the aquarium and reconnect to the power supply and
switch on.
Safety instructions:
Always disconnect the light system from the power supply before changing the
Never repair the electrical cord or plug. In case of damage replace the complete
light system.
JUWEL End Caps
To ensure the water tightness of your Multilux light system always use genuine JUWEL
Aquarium spare parts.
Please note the tube holders are available from your JUWEL Aquarium retailer.
In the event of a problem the Multilux light system will automatically switch off.
If after replacing both light tubes the unit still fails to work then the unit itself will
need replacing. Please see your aquarium passport for details of which unit you require
or consult your JUWEL Aquarium retailer.
Safety instructions:
Never use the light system under water.
Never attempt to open the light unit or repair it. This is dangerous and will
invalidate your warranty.
JUWEL Fluorescent Tubes "High-Lite"
The fluorescent tubes High-Lite in T5 technology are available as original JUWEL
Aquarium spare parts in various light colours.
High-Lite "Day" - Bright, vivid light with a natural colour effect that stimulates the
growth of plants in the aquarium.
High-Lite "Nature" - Warm, natural light which also stimulates plant growth.
High-Lite "Colour" - Dramatically boosts the natural colours. Shades of red and blue
are emphasized in particular.
High-Lite "Marine" - Bright white light for a natural reproduction of colours in
saltwater aquariums.
High-Lite "Blue" - Actinic blue light which supports the growth of corals in saltwater
Ask your dealer about them.
Proper disposal (electrical waste)
The labelling on the product or on the accompanying literature declares that it
must not be disposed of, at the end of its service life, together with household
rubbish. Please dispose of this equipment separately from other waste, to protect
the environment or public health from damage by unregulated waste disposal.
Recycle the equipment and support the sustained recycling of material resources.
Private users should contact the dealer who sold them the product or the
responsible authorities, for a demonstration on how to recycle the equipment in
an environmentally friendly way.
We guarantee the performance of the JUWEL-Aquarium product or its accessories to the
purchaser for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase according to the
following conditions:
§ 1 Extent of the guarantee
(1) This guarantee extends to the JUWEL-Aquarium product and its components
excluding items subject to wear and tear such as light tubes and filter media. It is
limited to the product as such and does not cover damage to other property and/or
individuals. In addition, the provisions of the product liability law apply. These
provisions are not limited by the aforementioned arrangement.
(2) It is the prerogative of JUWEL-Aquarium to decide whether the guarantee is
performed by means of repair or replacement. If neither repair nor replacement can
ensure the performance of the JUWEL-Aquarium product the purchaser is entitled to
demand a reduction in price or to return the product against repayment of the
purchase price.
§ 2 Guarantee period and settlement procedure
(1) The guarantee period begins on the day of the purchase of the product from the
retailer. Claims under this guarantee will not be honoured, if
(a) the damage is caused as a result of improper use or maintenance or nonobservance of the instructions given in this manual
(b) the product or its components have been maintained by persons or companies not
authorised by the manufacturer to do so
(c) the product or its components have been damaged by mechanical means of
whatsoever kind, in particular broken glass
(2) All claims under this guarantee have to be notified to the retailer, from whom the
aquarium has been purchased without delay, however, not longer than 2 weeks from
the day of first occurrence of defects. Rights under the consumer protection laws will
remain unaffected.
(3) Guarantee claims will only be accepted if the validity of the claim is supported by
evidence of purchase of the JUWEL-Aquarium product.
This declaration of guarantee is a translation only. In case of doubts the original
German language version prevails.
We reserve the right to make technical alterations.
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Eccoflow, Bioflow, Cirax, Nitrax.
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