Designing a Border with AutoPilot Bullet points to

Designing a Border with AutoPilot Bullet points to
Designing a Border with AutoPilot Bullet points to go with video tutorial at 1) Measure Quilt top, border width and quilt body inside the border 2) Create new project in AutoPilot using accurate quilt size 3) Create sew zone the size of the quilt backing 4) Add potential patterns to pattern pad including a basic square pattern 5) Make sure your corner/border pattern is suitable for the quilt 6) Add a square/squares to the quilt layout to represent the area where the border patterns will be quilted a) once the squares are added you can right click to lock them in place 7) Create one corner section by selecting chosen corner and attaching chosen border pattern 8) Resize the corner/border group to fit space 9) Ungroup corner/border and note border height 10)Copy corner pattern and rotate copy 90 ° a) Place that pattern on the left corner of the border 11)Select border pattern and use the more repeat function to create the best fit between corners 12)With maintain ration OFF, resize the border section to fit between two corners using the noted height 13)Remove one pattern repeat to create gap 14)Attach corner and border section to form an “L” shaped corner group 15)Delete the lone corner pattern 16)Make 3 copies of the “L” shaped corner/border and rotate each copy to fit a corner 17)Lock the patterns/guides that shouldn’t be moved 18)Place and connect pushpins to form guides to delineate actual quilt border for fine adjustments. 19)Lock pushpin guides 20)Delete original square guides 21)Split and rotate patterns as needed for the most exact placement of patterns 22)Unknown 23)Stitch out selected patterns 24)Lock completed patterns 25)Ungroup the left bottom corner/border group 26)Reverse the sewing direction of the left border 27)Place the needle directly above the desired start point of the border pattern and use “grab” icon to position the pattern. 28)Use the “drop” icon to place pattern 29)Split pattern to fit into sew zone 30)Use AutoFit to place top right border pattern into the remaining gap in the border 31)Sew the unquilted patterns on that pass 32)Roll the quilt to expose the unquilted area 33)Reposition the quit to sew the next pass using the reposition icon 34)Place pushpins and connect them to demarcate where the border is 35)Use split and rotate to fit patterns into the correct areas 36)Stitch out the border patterns with three gaps remaining 37)Use AutoFit to place final three patterns that complete the border patterns 38)Stitch out final patterns 
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