Windows 7 SafeCom Printer Setup Guide

Windows 7 SafeCom Printer Setup Guide
Windows 7 SafeCom Printer Setup Guide
Gerrit Maritz
August 2010
What is SafeCom
Setup Instructions
1. What is SafeCom:
SafeCom is a printer administration and consolidation system that allows a user to send print jobs to
a virtual network printer and retrieve them at any time by swiping their student cards at any
SafeCom enabled printer on the network. It also provides an online management interface to
manage print jobs.
The management interface can be found at
For more information on SafeCom visit
2. Setup Instructions:
In Windows 7:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run
In the Run window, enter the following address and click OK:
If prompted for username and password enter stb\yoursunumber as username where
yoursunumber is your student number eg: stb\12345678
Enter your MyMaties password as password and select to Remember my credentials
A progress indicator will show the progress as the system connects and installs the printer.
The system should install its own driver but if prompted you should select HP Universal Printing PCL
5 (v5.1).
Next go to Start > Devices and Printers
The printer should now be listed in the Devices and Printers window under Printers and Faxes:
Right click on the printer and click on Printer properties
Click on Print Test Page
Open your browser and go to the following URL:
Log in with your student number and password.
Click on Documents to see a list of your pending print jobs:
You should see your test page listed:
From this screen you can manage your print jobs.
Congratulations, you have successfully set up SafeCom printing on your computer.
3. Credits:
JP Meijers - How to connect to the Safecom print server on campus.
4. History:
v1.0 – 20 August 2010
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