Catalog PDF 5 MB - KYOCERA Document Solutions Asia

Catalog PDF 5 MB - KYOCERA Document Solutions Asia
Document Solutions
TASKalfa 5551ci U S E R-C E NT R | C
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Born to be Extraordinary
KYOCERA Document Solutions is Extraordinary for
Broad Range of Multifunctional Devices and Printers
Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Reliable with Long Life Drum and Parts
New and Advanced Technology
KYOCERA Document Solutions strives to be a Company that contributes to the society and demonstrates
“Customer First” principle by providing customers with maximum value to increase their satisfaction. By
adhering to the mission of producing document management devices that take balance between
“Economy” and “Ecology”, KYOCERA Document Solutions succeeds to develop document management
devices with advanced technologies which help customers to optimize office productivity and efficiency at
a low total cost of ownership and, at the same time, improving environmental performance.
Keep the Good, Evolve for Better, Strive for the Best
These new flagship A3 Color MFPs are developed based on award-winning models with accredited superior performance, excellent image quality and top reliability.
Support KYOCERA's own business applications and other third party developed business applications, with further improvements on output image quality, function-
alities, usability, energy savings and software features, these user-centric devices are perfect to match nowadays customers” requirements to boost office productiv-
ity, produce excellent business documents with various security settings and help reduce costs to your company and to the environment.
Salient User-Centric Features and Functionalities Highlights
For Obtaining Top Productivity, Security and Cost Control in PRINT, COPY, SCAN and FAX
Advanced Productivity fi
« A4 copy/print speed up to 55 cpm (Mono) and 50 cpm (Color).
Fast dual scan speed up to 160 ipm A4 Color/Mono *.
e Fast first copy time in less than 4 seconds for mono and 5 seconds for color 2.
« Standard 160GB hard disk capacity and 3.5GB RAM to meet heavy duty tasks without additional hard drive
« Up to maximum 7,650 sheets “ paper handling capacity and weight 300g/m* media capacity *.
= Diversified Finishing capabilities to meet different users” requirements in producing professional business
document especially heavy volume users.
« Intelligent calibration system ensures consistent reproduction without interruption by calibration during
printing to attain top productivity in high color coverage printing, heavy media printing and booklet printing.
*1 When using Document Processor DP-772 for TASKalfa 5551ci and TASkalfa 4551ci.
*2 For TASKalfa 5551ci.
*3 Only applies to TASKalfa 5551ci and T&Skalfa 4551ci.
*4 Only applies to Multi-Purpose Tray (MPT).
: — —————Ñ—
User-Centric Functionalities in COPY/PRINT/SCAN/FAX
= Skip Blank Page: Blank page is skipped during making copies at Document
Processor to save unnecessary cost.
* Dedicated Preset Copy Mode for Special Original Media: Newspaper Copy,
Technical Drawing Copy, ID Copy, Highlighter Copy (reproduce fluorescent
colors clearly).
WI ee Е)
Function Disabled
Original Image
Function Enabled
* Prevent Bleed-thru: Remove unwanted background when copying or
scanning printed double-sized thin paper (e.g. newspaper, NCR paper,
and magazine).
« Carbon Copy: Print an additional copy or copies of a document from a
different media source or using a different media type.
« Banner Print: Produce banner with various paper weight in-house anytime in
Max. 1,220mm 9
Max. 304.8mm
* Tab Paper Printing: Allow users to divide certain sections of a document by
inserting index tab dividers of standard kind or customized kind produced by
the users.
« USB Scan to/Direct Print: Scan to or print directly from USB Memory in PDF,
C-PDF, TIFF, JPEG or XPS format.
* Bates Stamp: Add customized stamp or default stamp (e.g.
of output documents.
* Thumbnail Image Preview: Easy to check image preview when Stamp
ID) manually or automatically in
printing/copying/sending to facilitate audit trail and identification
function or Form Overlay function is used.
+ Searchable PDF function (Optional): Scan original paper document,
separates texts and images via OCR function to convert texts into text
data and composes PDF by combining the images and the text data.
This facilitates reuse of PDF file and easily accessible using the search
function in PDF file format.
« High Compressed PDF Size: Adopt new image analysis technology to
achieve high compressed PDF to smaller file size.
* Scanned Image File Size Check: Check the actual scanned document size does
not exceed limit before actual sending to e-mail.
« FTP/SMB/Email/Fax Multi-Sending: Send document to different destinations
(email addresses, folders, etc.) in a single scan operation.
— Es
—> ее y
Simple Fax Forwarding: Forward any incoming fax to other destinations by
Email, SMB or FTP (Optional).
pa =
— 5
= j-FAX Sending (Optional): Send and receive i-FAX without the mail service by
installing Direct SMTP function.
= Job Skip: Automatically prioritize the error print job to avoid machine come to
a halt in case of
IN Paper empty in specific tray Ma Mismatched paper size
EA Mismatched media type
| Recocived Ordor |
Ame al Fscrived ISA
ECC JOB Execution Order
1 ами #3 ME Cruden af Brine JOS:
Lo AB ne 1 JUDE Ar CE
: НА " de 3 June AL CE
0 2 E AT M
oops ds NG
= Job Finish Notice: Send email notification to specified user when a copy/scan
job is completed.
Design for Superb Usability
» Intelligent Control Panel: Excellent clarity 8.5 * Printer Driver's Quick Print Tab: Create and save frequently used custom
inch color touch panel display with swivel type profiles as graphic icons to allow programming of complex jobs in one
operability similar to smart phone and tablet. click.
» Home Screen: All commonly used functions « Custom Box: Ease-of-use Custom Box provides long term job storage at device,
and applications are found on default Home allowing users to securely print and store jobs on the device and output them
Screen. The Home Screen can be customized when required.
easily to meet different use (or Group User)
needs for immediate access to commonly = Card Reader and USB keyboard are seamlessly built in with the mainframe.
used functions.
« Wireless LAN enabled (Optional): Enhance flexibility for printing without LAN
MT-730(B): 7 bins Mailbox Sorter DP-772 Document Processor (Optional)
í ptional) for one-path duplex scanning and copying |
User-friendly 8.5 inch Color Touch Panel
DF-770(C) (Optional)
{1,000 sheet Finisher
with staple function)
AK-731 Paper Exit Path for
Finisher (Optional)
| J5-731 External Job Separator (Optional)
for attachment
with Finisher
for up to 70 sheets |
DF-790(C) Document Finisher Multi-Purpose Tray
for up to 150 sheets "TT
| = s Allow automatic stapling, manual stapling
for max. 4,000 sheets and booklet finishing**** (Optional).
« Provide a variety of Folding Method
PF-780(B) Multimedia Side (Center Fold or Tri-Fold****). y
Tray** (Optional) Tri-Fold: 1 sheet (max. 256g/mé) to
5 sheets (max. 90g/m2).
BF-730 Booklet and
Tri-Folding Unit (Optional)
for up to 500 sheets
PF-730(B) Paper Feeder (Optional)
| 2 cassettes with 500 sheets each
PF-740(B) Paper Feeder (Optional)
with capacity up to 3.000 sheets | Surface Surface Underside Underside
pacıty up Right/Left Left/Right Right/Left Left/Right
*3,000 sheets when BF-730 is attached to DF-790(C).
**|nstall PF-780(B) with PF-730(8) or PF-740(8) as Side Deck for TASKalfa 4551ci/5551ci,
***Optional DF-790(C) is required.
****Dptional DF-790(C) & BF-730 are required.
М + ar Е
сито, ar
Excellent Image Quality and Color Consistency
« KYOCERA Image Refinement (KIR) technology to produce excellent black and
color image quality with consistency.
Multiple Image Adjustment Tools for optimal output:
Blue Scenery Green Scenery
» Color Optimizer at KYOCERA KX Driver: Allow users to adjust the pixels "TY
near the color value or color space of defined areas instead of the entire E] A Ч
ЕД Green 2 | Green 3 |
image by selecting 2 from 3 parameters (Hue, Light, Saturation) and add Ten | Sn | See
up to 10 colors in each adjustment settings.
= One-Touch Color Image Adjustment: Total 9 photo adjustment modes to ед | ; я
select optimal settings for photo image (Portrait; Blue Scenery; Green $ id mn
Scenery; Vivid; Soft; Sharp; Smooth; Light; Heavy). ich | == | fi |
= Print Gray as Black: Improve text recognition and decreases color
shadowing to reproduce accurate grayscale image.
* KYOCERA Mobile Print: An app-based solution that enables users to
simply and conveniently print documents, web pages, and images
on demand from virtually anywhere, on their Apple and Android Print
smartphone and tablet devices to select KYOCERA MFPs and Encore ic =>) = L
printers. Users can also scan files and images from same MFPs to Sis
0 = Wi-Fi Router
their mobile devices. Our devices also support AirPrint for iPhone
and iPad.
Google Drive/
» KYOCERA Cloud Connect (Optional): Retrieve and print files in Google A Scan & print file directly from
Drive and Evernote®, a cloud service provider, directly from any Evernote® touch screen control panel
KYOCERA HyPAS-enabled MFPs. You can even upload scanned files
directly to Google Drive and Evernote® — directly from the MFP,
without going through a computer.
iPhone iPad Notebook PC Android
x a
Multiple Systems for a Safe and Secure Documentation Workflow
* Private Print: Release print job at the device by entering a preset four-digit
access code when making a print at KYOCERA KX Driver.
* Password Protection Setting: Allow administrator to set Password Policy to
limit user access to designated capacity.
Human Resources
Capacity: 200MB
= 8 Sales
Capacity: 100MB
« With the aid of Network Authentication, IT Department can manage user
authentication easily by incorporating with centralized Authentication Server
(NTLM, Kerberos, KYOCERA Net Policy Manager”).
[DO ook ok ee
* Optional
* Security Watermark: Distinguish original from copies and provides
protection for sensitive document against duplication.
* KYOCERA Net Policy Manager (Optional): Give staff the flexibility to send a
document to print then collect it whenever they want from whichever
multifunctional they prefer. This helps them avoid busy devices, prevents
documents being collected by the wrong person.
If you add the Card Authetication Kit (Optional) for KYOCERA Net Policy
Manager, you are able to swipe your ID Card to get your print document
directly. User Administrator can also set the IC Cards to allow quick and
secure access with pre-defined user restrictions such as color output
restrictions and output quota.
Cross-referencing 1
Active Directory
KYOCERA Net Policy
* KYOCERA Data Security Kit (Optional): Encrypt data before storing in the hard
disk and automatically overwrite all data stored in the hard drive when the
data becomes unnecessary.
+ FAX Memory Overwrite (Optional): Erase FAX memory after sending or
receiving for confidentiality.
Maximize Savings, Minimize Cost
Design for energy savings Design for a better environment
« Weekly Timer: Allow administrator to preset the machine on and off time to * Leading Long-life Mega Surface Amorphous Silicon (A-Si) Drum, developer and
replacement parts.
« Parts for Recycling.
maximize power savings.
* Non-toxic Materials.
* Quiet operation design for a comfortable Working Environment.
* EcoPrint: Flexible EcoPrint setting to consume less energy and toner.
* Energy Saver: 1.8w or less power consumption at deep sleep Mode.
Smart utilities for managed print and minimize related device
management costs
» KYOCERA Command Center RX: By
using a web brower, the authorized
Te E
administrator can access the built-in
KYOCERA Command Center RX and
check the operation status of the
Eco Mark [Japan] EcoLeaf Environmental Law on Promoting
Label [Japan] Green Purchasing [Japan]
KYOCERA Document Solutions has been actively promoting the
acquisition of various environment labels, aiming to provide products
that are safe and comfortable for our customers to use and have minimal
environmental impact.
device, toner level, paper availability,
as well as change settings related to |
security, network printing and
advanced network setting etc.
KYOCERA Net Viewer: A comprehensive network management tool used to * Easy Lock (Optional): A simple solution that help you to control color copying
monitor, maintain, and update up to 100 network printing devices locally and of your MFPs.
1. Enter an access code to make color copy.
2. Press “Public Access” directly to make black & white copy.
remotely. Through KYOCERA Net Viewer, administrators can simply install and
update firmware on all KYOCERA connected devices while easily monitoring
printed black/color pages, device configuration, accounting, toner usage, and
alerts. By implementing KYOCERA Net Viewer, the manpower required to
monitor your connected devices is greatly reduced.
Model TASKalfa 3051ci TASKalfa 3551ci TASKalfa 4551ci TASKalfa 5551ci
Main Function Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)
Method Semiconductor Laser
Scanning DP-770(B)
Speed (Mono/Color) 45/45 45/45 ipm
(A4, S00dpi Грр.772
(Mono/Color} 100/100 160/160 ipm 160/160
Warm Up Time 25 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds
Paper Capacity | Standard 2 x 500 sheets + 150 sheets
Maximum + PF-770 + 7 sheets Unit + PF-
Paper Size Cassette Min. ASR - Max.12"x18" X
Min. AGR - X Banner Print
Paper Weight Cassette (Standard): 60 to 256 60 to 256 (Standard &
MPT 60 to 300
Duplex Printing Paper size: BS to 12”x18"; Paper weight: 60 to 256 g/m?
8.5 inch Color Touch LCD Panel
Dimension XD x 648 mm x 767 mm x 747 mm
Approx. 114kg
Power Copy/Print Mode Mono: 660W or less; Mono: 690W or less; Mono: 990W or less; Mono: 1,050W or less;
Se Color: 730W or less Color: 740W or less Color: 1,030W or less Color: 1,140W or less
o e
Energy Saver 1.8W or less
Mode 72.5dB(A) Mono: 75dB(A); Color: 74dB(A)
Copy Size Max. A3 (Ledger) - Min. AGR
600 x 600
First Copy Time 5.5 sec/ 7.3 sec 4.8 sec / 6.4 sec 3.9 sec/ 5.1 sec 3.4 sec / 4.7 sec
Zoom Ratio Manual 25% to 400%
Detail 13
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi; 9600 x 600 dpi level
7.3 sec / 9,5 sec 6.2 sec / 8.0 sec 5.4 sec 6.6 sec 4.9 sec / 6.2 sec
Protocol NetBEUI, IPv6,IPvd, IPSec, IPP, IPP over SSL, WSD Print,
Operating System Supported Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012,
1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T; USB2.0 x1; USB Host interface (USB Host) X 4
e-MPS lob retention and Custom Box function
Color Selection Auto Color Auto Color Full Black & White
Resolution 200 x 200 x
File Format TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PDF PDF), Searchable PDF
Text, Text +
Transmission Scan to Scan to Scan to FTP or FTP over Scan to TWAIN
Address addresses address 500 address
Size Max. A3 = Min. AS
Paper Size Max. A3 - Min. AS (Statement)
Method JBIG
Transmission 33.6/31.2/28.8/26.4/24.0/21.6/19.2/16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/7.2/4.8/2.4
G3 FAX / DUAL FAX / Network FAX Yes
Internet FAX Optional Internet FAX Kit(A)
Toner Kit TE-8309 TE-B509
Maintenance Kit ME-5305 ME-8505
Cover Platen Cover
Document Processor DP- RADF DP-772:
Paper Feeder PF-770: 3,000 sheet Paper Side Deck (A4/Letter); PF-780(B): Multimedia Paper Side Tray;
PF-730(B): 500 sheets x 2 Paper Deck; PF-740(B): 1,500 sheets x 2 Paper Deck(Ad/Letter)
Separator 15-732: Inner Job 15-731: External Job
Finisher AK-731: Paper Exit Path for Finisher; DF-770(C): 1,000 sheet Finisher; DF-790{C): 4,000 sheet Finisher;
PH-7C: Punch Unit; MT-730(B): 7 bins Mailbox Sorter; BF-730: Booklet Folder; Staple: SH-10 and SH-12
Fax System Fax System [W)
Internet FAX Internet FAX Kit
Data Data Kit
Document Kit
Card Authentication Card Authentication Kit Card Reader Holder
Wireless LAN Interface IB-51
Embedded OCR Scan Extension Kit
Banner Guide Banner Guide
Document Solutions
KYOCERA Business Partner
*KYOCERA Document Solutions does not warrant that any specifications mentioned will
be error-free. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Information is correct
at time of going to press. All other brand and product names may be registered
trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.
GAN rights reserved. Erochure/KDAS/201306/venus2
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