SET - SkyGolf

SET - SkyGolf
GPS SIgnal
Battery Level
Note: A detailed User Guide, addressing all of the features on your
SkyCaddie® WATCH, is available for download at
1.0 Charging Your SkyCaddie® WATCH
Please fully charge your WATCH before first use. The length of time required to fully charge the battery varies and depends on actual usage.
1.1 How To Charge Using the Provided USB Cable
Note: Always make sure the charging contacts on your WATCH and
surrounding area are dry and clean of any dirt or debris to ensure proper electrical contact and to prevent corrosion.
1.Align the charging clip with the contacts on
the back of the WATCH
2. Connect the charging clip securely
3. Insert the USB plug into a USB port on your
computer or a SkyCaddie wall charger.
4. If connected correctly, “CHARGE” will display
5. When fully charged, FULL CHARGE will display
The length of time between recharging will significantly vary, depending
on whether a Mode requires GPS. Using a non-GPS feature, the WATCH
can last up to 8 months without recharging.
NOTE: It is recommended that the battery is recharged after every round
of golf or an odometer session, as these functions require GPS and deplete a battery charge at a much higher rate than non-GPS Modes. A full
charge should provide up to 8 hours of golf or odometer usage.
The Battery Level indicator displays on the upper right side of the
WATCH screen. If this indicator starts blinking, your battery is low and
needs to be fully charged as soon as possible. When the battery is low,
GOLF and ODOMETER Modes will not be available.
2.0 Watch Modes
Your SkyCaddie WATCH is versatile and includes several Modes:
•GOLF*: View distances, track your score, and measure shot distances.
•TIME: View the current time and date.
•DEMO: Demos the GOLF features without being on a course or GPS.
•ODOMETER*: Track and save info about your walk, run, or ride.
•STOPWATCH: Track elapsed time and individual lap times.
•TIMER: 3 adjustable timers that count down to 0.
•ALARM: 5 alarms that can alert you at specific times of the day.
•SAVES: View and manage saved ODOMETER sessions.
•LOCATION*: Display your current GPS location.
•SETTINGS: Adjust various settings for your WATCH.
•INFO: Display information about your WATCH.
•CODE: Display your activation Access Code.
* Note: For these WATCH functions GPS is required. You must be
outdoors with a clear view of the sky for the Mode to work. We recommend that you start these activities with a fully charged battery, as they
consume battery capacity at a much higher rate than non-GPS Modes.
3.0 Changing Modes
To change Modes, you will need to use the Main Menu:
1.Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears.
2.Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll through menu items.
3.Press the OK button to select the highlighted menu item.
3.1 Changing a Mode Setting Using the SET Button
You can quickly change the settings within a Mode using the SET button:
1. Select the Mode you want to be in (see Section 3.0 above).
2. Press and hold the BACK/SET button until the settings menu shows.
3.Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll through menu items.
4.Press the OK button to select the highlighted menu item.
5. Press the BACK/SET button to exit.
3.2 Resetting the SkyCaddie WATCH
The WATCH has no OFF option. Therefore, should the WATCH require
a reset, press and hold all 4 corner buttons simultaneously until the
WATCH restarts.
4.0 Setting the Time and Date
4.1 To Set The Time and Date Manually
1. Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears.
2. Highlight SETTINGS and press the OK button.
3. Highlight TIME and press the OK button.
4. Set MODE to MANUAL using the UP/DOWN buttons.
5. Press the OK button to confirm.
6. Select 12H or 24H and press OK.
7. Set the hour, minute, second, year, month, and day. Press the UP/
DOWN buttons to adjust. Press the OK button to confirm each element of the time and date.
8. Press the BACK button to return to the Main Menu when finished.
4.2 To Set the Time and Date Automatically Using the GPS**
1. Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears
2. Select SETTINGS and press the OK button
3. Highlight TIME and press the OK button
4. Set MODE to GPS using the UP/DOWN buttons and press OK
5. Select your time zone and press the OK button
6. Turn DST (Daylight Savings Time) ON or OFF and press OK
7. Select 12H or 24H and press OK
8. Press the BACK button to return to the Main Menu
**Note: Time will adjust only when your WATCH is in a GPS-enabled
function such as GOLF, ODOMETER or LOCATION. Please allow time for
GPS to locate your position and begin functioning. If local time is not
displayed correctly, make sure the proper time zone has been selected
and that Daylight Savings Time (DST) is set to On or Off, as appropriate.
5.0 GOLF Mode
In GOLF Mode, you can access several golf features:
•View real-time distances to the front, center, and back of the green.
•Enter and Track your score as you play your round.
•Measure how far you hit each of your clubs.
•View current time and track the elapsed time since beginning your round.
5.1 Starting a New Round
Make sure you are outside and near the course you are going to play.
1. Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears.
2. Highlight GOLF using the UP/DOWN buttons.
3. Press the OK button to confirm.
4. If prompted, highlight NEW GAME and the OK button.
5. The WATCH will turn on the GPS and auto-search for nearby courses. It
may take a few minutes for the WATCH to acquire a GPS signal.
6. When the search is completed, a list of nearby courses will display.
7. Highlight the correct course using the UP/DOWN buttons.
8. Press the OK button to open the highlighted course.
5.2 Playing Golf
Your WATCH provides three views during
GOLF mode. To change between views,
press the OK button:
•The default GREEN View automatically
updates the distances to the Front,
Center and Back distances to the green
as you progress from Tee to Green.
Note: The Watch will automatically
advance to the next hole if Auto-Hole
advance is selected in Settings.
•The SCORE View allows you to enter
your score. Par will be entered automatically. To adjust your score, press
the UP/DOWN buttons. Your score is
saved automatically, but it will be reset
when you start a new round.
•The TIME View displays current time and
elapsed time since starting your round.
After changing to other views, your WATCH
will automatically return to the GREEN view
if no button is pressed for 20 seconds.
To conserve your battery after completion of play or a break in play,
simply hold the MENU button and select TIME mode to turn GPS off.
After ending your golf session, you can select Golf mode again and
either Resume your round or start a New Round.
HINT: We recommend using GOLF Mode only at the course where you
intend to play since it is a GPS feature and will discharge your battery at
an accelerated rate. If you would like to get acquainted with the GOLF
Mode functions on your WATCH, we suggest using DEMO Mode. In this
Mode you can explore all the GOLF functionality your WATCH offers
without draining your battery.
5.3 Measure Any Shot Distance
Mark the location where you hit your ball:
1.Press the MARK BALL button to
open the MARK view.
2. Press the OK to mark your location.
3.Press MARK BALL again to return to
the previous golf view.
At the place where your ball landed:
1. Press the MARK BALL button to open
the MARK view.
2. The MARK view will display the distance from your last mark.
3. If you want to mark again, press the OK button again.
4. Press MARK BALL again to return to the previous golf view.
The MARK BALL feature only works when you are in GOLF mode.
While on the MARK view, if no button is pressed for 20 seconds your
WATCH will automatically return to the GREEN view.
5.4 Hole Advance
You can change holes on your WATCH in two ways:
• Manually: In GREEN view, you may press the UP/DOWN buttons to
change holes.
• Automatically: If Auto-Hole Advance is turned on, you will not need
to press any buttons to go to the next hole, since your WATCH will
know to change holes automatically. You can turn AUTOHOLE on or
off in SETTINGS.
Note: If you skip a hole or do not start your round at Hole 1, you may
have to use the UP/DOWN buttons to advance to a different hole.
6.0 30-Day Complimentary Course Map Trial
Your WATCH comes preloaded with front, center, and back distances
for golf courses worldwide on a 30-day trial basis. Your complimentary
30-day trial period will begin with your first round of golf. After 30
days, access to course data requires a membership plan, which gives
you access to SkyCaddie’s highly accurate and proprietary course map
database with unlimited updates as well as wide variety of member
benefits and rewards. Go to for
more information on all the stroke-saving and money-saving benefits of
having a membership.
7.0 Activating and Registering THE WATCH
1.Using your computergo to in your web
2.On your WATCH, select CODE in the Main Menu to display your
unique 8-character Access Code (see Section 3.0).
3.Enter the Access Code into the form on the
webpage. The website will ask you to login to
your SkyGolf account to complete activation.
If you do not yet have a SkyGolf account, you
will have the opportunity to create one.
4. The website will provide you with an opportunity to purchase a membership plan, which gives you access to SkyGolf’s highly accurate
and proprietary course map library, if you have not done so already.
Upon successful registration, the website will ask you to sync your
WATCH via CaddieSync™ Express, enabling your personalized information to be downloaded to the WATCH. Follow the on-screen
instructions to sync your WATCH.
8.0 Acquiring Satellite Signals
For optimal performance while playing, ensure that the WATCH has a clear
view of the sky at all times. Avoid being around buildings, obstructions,
heavy foliage, low areas with adjacent obstructions, or reflective objects
(such as metal/glass structures) while using the
WATCH. While designed to be used and worn as a
normal watch, orienting the WATCH towards the sky
provides the best reception and accuracy. The internal antenna is located at the 6 o’clock position of the
WATCH. Allow the WATCH to have a few minutes to
acquire satellite signals before play.
ODOMETER Mode provides real-time data about your walk, run, or ride:
•Speed: How fast you are moving.
•Pace: The ratio of the number of minutes it takes you to cover a mile
or kilometer.
•Calories: How many calories you have burned so far.
•Distance: How far you have gone since you started.
•Duration: How much time has elapsed since you started.
In addition, your WATCH will log your GPS location every 5 seconds.
This real-time log can be saved to your WATCH at the end of your session. At any time, you can access previous saves by selecting SAVES
from the main menu.
Your WATCH can hold up to 20 Saves at one time depending on the
length of each session. If your WATCH is full, the oldest Save will be
removed automatically to make room.
Saved Odometer sessions will be uploaded to your ClubSG® account
when you sync. From ClubSG, you may export your Odometer sessions
to several popular fitness websites.
9.1 Starting an Odometer Session
1.Make sure you are outside, away from tall buildings and trees.
2. Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears.
3. Highlight ODOMETER using the UP/DOWN buttons.
4. Press the OK button to confirm.
5.Your WATCH will now search for your location. This may take a few
minutes as your WATCH acquires a GPS signal.
6. When READY appears, the WATCH is ready to track your session.
•To start or resume the Odometer, press the OK button.
•To pause the Odometer, press the OK button again.
•To mark a lap, press the BACK button.
•To change the display, press the UP/DOWN buttons.
•To reset/save your session, hold down the OK button until SAVED appears.
IMPORTANT! To avoid losing your session data, you must SAVE before changing modes. To avoid excessive battery drain, exit ODOMETER
Mode at the completion of each session after saving your data.
9.2 Saved Odometer Sessions
After you have saved a session, you can manage it under the SAVES
section of the main menu:
1. Press and hold the MENU button until the menu appears.
2. Highlight SAVES using the UP/DOWN buttons.
3. Press the OK button to confirm.
4.A list of previous Saves will appear by date.
5. Highlight a Save using the UP/DOWN buttons.
6. Press OK to open the highlighted Save.
•To view session information, highlight STATS
and press OK.
•To view lap information, highlight LAPS and
press OK.
•To permanently delete a Save, highlight
DELETE and hold OK.
•To return to the previous screen, press the
BACK button.
When viewing session/lap information, use the UP/DOWN buttons to
scroll through the available information or to change the current lap.
10.0 INFO Mode
Select INFO in the Main Menu to display the Firmware Version and Map
Version. Press UP or DOWN to display the Membership Expiration date
along with the 12-digit Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of your WATCH.
Press OK to exit and return to the Menu.
11.0 Helpful SkyCaddie Tips
•Wait until the WATCH has finished syncing before you disconnect it or
power off your computer.
•Turn on GPS-enabled features on your WATCH only when outdoors or
on the golf course, with a clear view of the sky. To receive the best
GPS accuracy performance, give it an initial five to ten minutes to
warm-up before play or activity.
•Higher GPS Signal strength provides higher accuracy.
•To maintain optimal GPS accuracy, make sure the WATCH always has
a clear view of the sky when using a GPS feature.
•Do not put the WATCH in your pocket, or otherwise obscure the watch’s
view of the sky, when using a GPS feature to assure optimal performance.
•Fully charge the battery before each round of Golf or Odometer use.
•Do not expose the WATCH to extreme temperatures or to water.
12.0 SkyGolf Membership Plan
SkyGolf Memberships Offer Much More Than
Just a Better Golf Game!
SkyGolf membership plans have no hidden fees or variable charges.
Through this minimal annual investment, you have access to SkyCaddie’s
highly accurate and proprietary course map database, software updates,
post-round game analysis, and many more member benefits and rewards.
For more information go to
Save strokes with maps you can trust
•Access to 30,000 error-corrected maps worldwide
•Unlimited course map updates
•Only SkyGolf spends the time and money to map its own courses to
eliminate known errors contained in other map libraries
Track your game and have more fun in ClubSG
•Enjoy Golf’s fastest growing online community
•Store scores and track key stats
•Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
•Share your successes with other golfers
Customer Support
Before contacting our call center, please try the following sources:
•SkyCaddie WATCH User Guide, found in the Support section of, provides detailed instructions on the WATCH.
•Frequently Asked Questions section at
• Online Support Chat available at
•Support Forums at
•If you still do not find answers to your questions, you may email us using
the contact form on our website or by calling Customer Support:
United States and Canada: 1-866-SKYGOLF
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 1844 296 350, ext. 1
Note: Should you receive a message on the WATCH that says “Code
46”, please go to for resolution.
Extended Warranty Option in U.S. and Canada
When registering your SkyCaddie WATCH, you will be given the option
of purchasing an Extended Warranty for your WATCH if you reside in the
U.S. or Canada. This will extend the standard 6-month manufacturer’s
limited warranty to a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and
workmanship. Terms and conditions are listed online at
©2013 SkyHawke Technologies, LLC.
All rights reserved. SkyGolf®, SkyCaddie®, #1 Rangefinder in
Golf™, ClubSG™, and TrueGround™ are trademarks of SkyHawke
Technologies, LLC. All other trademarks and copyrights are the
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