Pure Vibes
Instructional Manual
Mode d‘emploi
Thank you and congratulations.
We are delighted you chose the Mystim Pure Vibes and wish you lots of joy with this love toy of
the most recent generation.
In order to enjoy your device unrestrictedly it is of utmost importance to read the instruction
manual thoroughly and completely before first usage of the Pure Vibes.
Love toys have a long tradition and fortunately nowadays are mostly out of the closet. However
especially electro-stimulation toys are still subject to prejudice. Whatever love toy serves foremost one purpose: the enrichment of sexual live. With the Pure Vibes this may be achieved in
an absolutely new dimension. Dare to go new ways of never suspected joy!
The Mystim Pure Vibes is a medical product classified 2a and is subject to constant quality
control as all our other products. Should you despite find any faults or would you like to communicate ideas or statements concerning this product, please feel free to notify us any time. We
will gladly be of help.
Lots of joy and bubbling entertainment while exploring wishes your Mystim-Team!
1. TENS - what does that mean?
Simulating the nerves by means of electrical impulse through the skin is called Trans-dermal
Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). TENS devices have traditionally been used therapeutically
for pain management and physical therapy as they offer a proven alternative to pharmaceutical
The classical TENS therapy bases on the natural body-own system of information transportation. Positive, as well as negative sensations (as pain) reach the brain by the same nervous
system. TENS uses the fact, that comfortable sensations travel on faster nerve strands than
negative ones. That means, when the soft electrical impulses, that TENS-therapy sends out,
reach the spinal cord, there is no more room left for the pain information; it can no longer be
processed by the brain.
Moreover TENS effects that body-own happiness hormones are spilled, the so called endorphins. These two factors together effect that the sensation of pain often is noticeably eased or
completely eliminated.
More information about pain therapy can be found beginning in Chapter 9.
2. Electrical stimulation and sexual practice
For some years electrical stimulation, short e-stimulation, is getting more and more popular. The
erogenous zones are run through by more nerves than anywhere else in the human body. With
the Mystim Pure Vibes you can stimulate each one to extasy This unit can be adjusted so you
may enjoy a soft, slow tickling that spreads all over the body just as easily as it could be used
to provoke a strong orgasm. However you decide to use your Pure Vibes, you are certain to
experience something new and intensely sexual.
While dildos and vibrators have conquered many bedrooms, electrical stimulation devices are
still under a lot of prejudices. Some of these will be explored in the following.
2.1 Electric current and sex – exclusively reserved for sadomasochists?
One of the most popular misunderstandings concerning e-stimulation is the idea that electrical
nerve stimulation was uncomfortable and painful and therefore exclusively suitable for use in
the SM- scene.
The Mystim Pure Vibes is equipped with two separately controlled channels offering the
possibility to adjust impulse individually according to your taste. Stimulation may be varied
from gentle/soft over intensive all the way to strong/painful.
TENS devices can be used in the SM-mode as well as for gentle satisfaction.
2.2 E-stimulation – is perverted, isn’t it?
Definitely not, e-stimulation is not perverted. Electrical stimulation is the most recent generation of love toys. Each new toy had to first prove itself and survive existing prejudice and ideas
about what is „normal” or „abnormal”. Just a couple of years ago the use of vibrators was
seen as perverted. Nowadays they are accepted by society and a common part in the sexual
practice of many couples.
E-stimulation is in comparison a yet young sex toy that can offer you lust and satisfaction in a
completely new dimension.
2.3 Electrical stimulation – isn’t it dangerous?
Danger with e-stim toys is only a threat when the unit is used carelessly. Never use the Pure
Vibes such that current runs through the brain or the heart. While it may be tempting to stimulate both nipples at the same time, to do so would run electrical current across the heart, which
can be very dangerous. The same warning applies to stimulating one’s temples simultaneously.
People with heart problems or pacemakers should always consult a physician before using any
sort of TENS unit, including the Pure Vibes.
If these precautions and the warnings at chapter 6 are observed, then electrical stimulation is
2.4 E-stimulation = Instant orgasm machine?
Besides the negative prejudices electrical stimulation devices are subject to some positive exaggerations are circulating in connection with e-sitmulation. For example a TENS device was an
orgasm-machine with which in no time never suspected highs could be experienced by pushing
the button.
Such exaggerated expectations most of the time are reduced to facts after first testing the
electrical stimulation device.
When using an electrical love toy three things are most important: joy while experimenting,
patience and practice. In E-stimulation „practices makes perfect” is commanded.
3. What does an impulse consist of?
Your Mystim Pure Vibes works by means of electrical impulses. But how is an impulse defined?
3.1 Impulse width
The width of an impulse determines the duration of the single impulse. By varying the impulse
width along with the intensity of the electricity, you are able to stimulate different groups of
nerves. (See Chapter 4.2.2 for more information on setting the impulse width.)
3.2 Impulse frequency
The frequency refers to how often electrical impulses are released to the skin. This is measured
in Hertz (Hz).
To achieve a tickling, vibrating sensation, you would want to use a higher frequency setting
(beginning at 80 Hz). The reason this “buzzes” is because your nerves are unable to differentiate between individual impulses. To achieve a pulsing sensation, set the frequency much lower
(around 10 Hz or lower), so you can detect the individual impulses as they come in contact with
your skin. (See Chapter 4.2.3 for more information on setting the impulse frequency on your
3.3 Intensity
Intensity controls the strength of each impulse. Every individual senses impulse strength differently due to variation in tissue resistance, thickness of skin, etc. Therefore the intensity should
be chosen thus that impulse is felt as thumping or tickling, but never uncomfortable or even
painful. In general stimulation should not lead to muscle contraction.
Naturally you could raise impulse intensity until muscle contraction sets in. For this a high
frequency, long width and strong intensity for visible contraction is recommended.
In no instance should application be uncomfortable.
Please find more information on intensity settings in chapter 4.2.4.
3.4 Treatment time
You can employ your Mystim Pure Vibes for as long, or short a time you like. Especially at low
intensity and high frequency of impulse stimulation may last for hours.
Please find settings for treatment time in chapter 4.2.5.
4. Manual control setting
In case you do not want to apply one of the preset programs, it is possible to set pulse width,
frequency, and intensity manually. To do so, please slide the slide control to position “N”.
4.1 Draft and arrangement of control elements
Connection socket for electrodes
Intensity control
Pulse width control
Treatment method switch
Impulse frequencycontrol
Battery compartment
Battery strips
4.2 Setting controls and their function
4.2.1 Starting the unit
You start your Mystim Pure Vibes by turning the intensity dial clockwise until you hear a „click”
sound. By turning counter clockwise you can thus turn the device off again.
4.2.2. Adjusting the pulse width
Use the left control (pulse width) to adjust the pulse width. The
pulse width can be varied continuously from 30 to 260 µs by simply turning the control.
For an explanation of the pulse width see chapter 3.1.
4.2.3. Setting the pulse rate
Use the right control (pulse rate) to set the pulse rate. The
pulse rate can be varied continuously from 2 to 150 µs by simply turning the control.
For an explanation of the pulse rate see chapter 3.2.
4.2.4 Setting the impulse intesity
The two intensity dials are for setting the impulse intensity. By turning clockwise you increase
the intensity, counter clockwise you decrease it continuously. Always start with the lowest
intensity setting and slowly turn higher until sensing a tickling. Treatment should not be sensed
as uncomfortable or even painful.
The importance of impulse intensity is described in chapter 3.3.
5. Preset programs
Besides setting all functions manually you may choose one of the present programs.
By sliding the slide controll you can select one of three preset programs.
5.1 B, or burst mode
In the first mode, burst (B), single bursts of 7-10 individual impulses are sent in a fixed patternt. This is a combination of common TENS and low frequency TENS. In the burst mode the
frequency of stimulation is set by the device and can be controlled separately through the
frequency control.
5.2 N, or „normal mode”
The second setting, normal mode (N) offers direct control of the setting elements of the device:
intensity, pulse width, and frequency can be manually adjusted.
5.3 M, or modulated mode
The third setting is the modulated mode (M). By continuous change of the intensity this method
tries to prevent immunisation of the nerves. If the intensity is increased in a period of low intensity within the cycle, intensity can be increased slowly by the control element, so that you will
feel it raising.
6. General safety and precautionary measures
Do read the instruction manual, before using your Mystim Pure Vibes for the first time.
• Only use your TENS device according to its purpose described in the instruction manual.
• Only employ accessories recommended by Mystim.
• Persons with electronic or metallic implants (f. ex. pace maker) may not be treated by
TENS without prior permission of their physician.
• Do not apply the device when operating machinery or driving a vehicle.
• Please always turn off your device before application and removal of the electrodes.
• TENS devices do not have a AP/APG-safety. They may not be operated in the environment
of explosive or combustible material.
• Persons afflicted with heart disease may only apply the Mystim Pure Vibes under extreme
caution. Please consult your physician concerning side effects before application of the
• TENS may not be applied during pregnancy.
The purposeful use of TENS is nerve stimulation. If the device is applied to unsuitable body
areas danger to the user may arise. Never place electrodes in the laryngeal or pharyngeal
area. Muscle spasms in this area can afflict asphyxiation.
In some rare occasions skin irritations may be caused by the electrodes. In such incidence
please cease stimulation and remove the electrodes. Discontinue treatment until the cause
for the skin irritation has been diagnosed.
Do not adhere electrodes to eyes, in the mouth, or over the ears.
The electrodes are to be used only on healthy skin. Never apply electrodes to irritated or
injured skin.
Keep away from children.
Never apply electrodes in a manner that will trans-duct currency through the brain.
In case you want to use your Mystim Pure Vibes for pain therapy, you may only do so after
clearing the source of pain.
Attention: Do not plug the electrode wires into a alternating current socket!
Additionally in Germany it is applicable as follows:
• The device is manufactured according to the medical products law (MPG).
• The device is subject to the medical products operator’s regulation (MPBetreibV).
• Operator and user are obligated to strictly observe the operator’s regulation in all aspects.
For all other states of the European Community national laws and regulations for operation of
medical products are valid.
7. Helpful hints for skin care
In order to prevent skin irritations we suggest the following:
• Wash the areas where the electrodes are to be placed prior to application and after
removal with a mild soap and water. Rinse the soap thoroughly and dry the skin.
• Excessive hair growth may be cut away with the scissors; do not shave the area that is to
be stimulated.
• Many skin problems arise due to the electrodes being pulled too tight over the skin at application. To prevent thus apply the electrodes from their centre to the rim and do not pull
them over the skin.
To prevent irritation by stretching tape the excess wires in a circle to the skin so it will not
pull on the electrodes.
When removing the electrodes always do so in the direction of hair growth.
It may be helpful to apply skin lotion on the areas that electrodes where attached to
between applications.
Never adhere electrodes to skin already irritated or injured.
Dispose of electrodes that do not adhere well.
Self-adhesive electrodes are to be used by the same person only.
In case of skin irritation cease usage and consult your physician.
Prior to application read the instruction manual for self-adhesive electrodes.
If stimulation is uncomfortable either reduce intensity to a tolerable amount or discontinue stimulation and ask your physician.
8. The first time
Now you are acquainted with the most important functions of your Mystim Pure Vibes and
are ready to make your first practical experiences in the subject of electrical stimulation. Given
you are already knowledgeable in e-stimulation, you most likely have your individual settings
you prefer. If you are an e-stimulation new-comer, you should take the following tips as what
they are: suggestions! – never meant as strict orders, as it is allowed, what pleases, and this is
individually different.
8.1 Placemenet of electrodes
Placement of electrodes depends on many different factors: What are your personal preferences, and for you the most erogenous areas? Do you want to use your Pure Vibes by yourself
or with a partner? Are you male or female? Following we will make some suggestions for a
bubbling experience.
8.1.1 Placements for him and her:
Use one pair of electrodes for each person. One electrode is adhered to the thigh, the other
to the breast wart. Please do observe that this placement is unsuitable for persons with heart
problems, and never connect both breast warts through the electrodes!
After attaching the electrodes you can set an impulse intensity, that is comfortable to both of
you by slowly turning higher. Take your time and enjoy the soft trickling. You may hug and kiss
and while letting the excitement rise. If you like, after some time, you may change the setting.
With a little bit of sensuality you will offer your partner completely new joys.
8.1.2 Placement for him:
You can attach an electrode pair on the left and a pair on the right side of your penis. One pad
each on the left and the right of the glans, and one pad each left and right on the shaft. To
most e-Stimulation users the sensation is more intensive in this placement, when the currency
flows from glans direction penis base.
Another option consists of placing two electrodes to one buttock, and just the remaining two
at the penis.
In every instance you should take your time. Sit or lay down comfortably, and slowly turn up the
impulse intensity until the vibration is most stimulating to you. When choosing a low impulse
intensity the trickling sensation changes slowly to a pulsating one. You may enjoy this feeling
for hours, if you like.
Many male TENS users are surprised, that their penis retreats during stimulation, although excitement is unchanged. The reason is the electrical stimulation of the erectile body of the penis.
You can contravene by using a penis ring. Also „dirty minds“ or exciting pictures or movies may
be of help to have the penis rise to full height.
Sometimes this mode of erectile body stimulation causes an ejaculation without orgasm.
8.1.3 Placement for her.
Especially the pelvic floor and the labia are suitable adhesion points. When stimulating the
clitoris or the vagina directly, this has to be done extremely carefully, as these areas are very
sensitive to pain. For first experiments a placement of one electrode on each thigh inside and
one on perineum and labia is recommendable.
Lay down by yourself or with your partner and carefully turn the intensity higher, and enjoy.
Additionally you can treat yourself with a vibrator or be treated, or have intercourse during
electrical stimulation.
9. Fighting pain with the Mystim Pure Vibes
Your Mystim Pure Vibes is a high quality medical product, that can also be used for pain
therapy. In the following you will read more about correct electrode placement for a most
effective treatment of pain. In case you would like to use your device more often in this area, a
corresponding instruction manual can be downloaded in the net under
9.1 Electrode placement
Best possible electrode placement is the key to successful treatment. Besides the most usual
placement strategies described as follows, it may be effective to use a deflective electrode
application. Thus it is important that you take your time in experimenting for the best electrode
placement for you, as the positioning is individual. Please have a TENS firm physician consult
9.1.1 The bordering placement
This is the most common placement strategy. Here the painful area is bordered by four
electrodes. You can decide whether the current is to flow directly through the pain area or
surrounds it. In order to obtain a direct flow through the spot of pain you have to place the
positive terminals of the electrode pairs diagonally to the negative ones; if trying to achieve
a surrounding flow, they have to be placed parallel. This is very effective if the pain is in an
extremity or deep within the tissue.
9.1.2 Placement in the area of a spinal nerve
The spinal nerves exit the spinal cord in pairs between the vertebrae. In this technique of
electrode placement stimulation happens above the innervated area by placing one electrode
exactly on the spot of pain and the other at the nerve’s root at the spinal cord.
9.1.3 Placement at motive, trigger, and acupuncture points
Motive, trigger, and acupuncture points are places of high tissue conductivity. In order to destine the exact position of such a point please consult your physician.
9.1.4 Multiple placement strategies
As your TENS device possesses two independent channels, you can apply different strategies
in electrode placement at the same time. One channel can be used for direct stimulation of the
pain area, whereas the second channel is applied for point therapy by bordering placement.
10. What to observe about the electrodes?
Do observe the instructions on electrode placement in the instruction manual in order to keep
stimulation effective during treatment time and to prevent skin irritations. You may only use
electrodes with the CE-certification sign.
The wires delivered with the TENS device are plugged into the sockets at the device. To do so
place the device in your palm and push the plugs at the end of the wire into one of the sockets;
you may use one or two connection wires. After connecting the wires please connect the electrodes to the wire ends (positive and negative terminal). Please be careful when attaching or
disconnecting the wires. Do not pull at the wires, as this may lead to breakage.
10.1 Use of self-adhesive electrodes
10.1.1 Application
• Clean the skin thoroughly with soap and water before application of the electrodes
• Excessive hair should be cut, but not shaved
• Connect the wires to the electrodes
• Pull the safety cover off the electrodes and apply firmly to the skin area by pressing.
10.1.2 Removal
• Lift the electrodes at the corner and gently pull off. Do not pull at the electrode wire, as
this might damage the electrodes
• Re-glue the electrodes to the safety cover and then remove the wires by carefully turning
and pulling.
10.1.3 Care and storage
Your Mystim Pure Vibes will only achieve best results when electrodes and wires are cared
for accordingly.
• Clean the wires with a damp cloth; slight powdering with talcum (f. ex. baby powder) will
prevent tangling of the wires and improves their durability
• After each Application please store the electrodes in their re-closeable bags in a cool dry
place (f. ex. the refrigerator)
• Life time of the electrodes is improved by applying a drop of cool tap water (please do not
use distilled water) to the adhesive area and air drying the surface turned up. Moistening
the adhesive area too much may spoil the adhesive capability.
11. Handling the Mystim Pure Vibes
Your Mystim Pure Vibes is already equipped with a battery, but may also be operated by storage batteries.
11.1 Usage of re-chargeable batteries
Prior to usage of a new device the storage battery has to be charged according to the manufacturer’s prescription. Please read all Instructions and safety precautions printed on the accumulator and in this leaflet before usage. Stored for more than 60 days the re-chargeable battery may discharge. Therefore prior to usage they need to be charged again, if they were stored for a
duration of time.
11.2 Testing and exchanging batteries
Delivery already contains a 9V battery. If the „low battery” sign shows in the LCD-display,
the battery too weak to operate the device and needs to be exchanged. The device automatically turns off and can not be turned on again until a new battery has been inserted. In order
to guarantee save device function from time to time the battery needs to be replaced. When
replacing the battery proceed as follows:
• Pull off the battery compartment’s lid downwards.
• Remove the consumed battery from the battery compartment.
• Insert a new 9V battery according to the drawing in the bottom of the battery compartment. The destined polarity has to match.
• Push the lid back upwards.
11.3 Care, transportation, and storage
• The device may be cleaned with alcohol. Attention: When handling combustible fluids do
not smoke or operate with open flame (e.g. candles, etc.)
• Stains and massive soiling may be removed with a mild detergent.
• Do not emerge the device into liquids or subject it to large amounts of water.
• For save transportation always insert device into the carrying case.
• If the device is not used for a prolonged period of time, remove the batteries from the
battery compartment (acid could leak and damage the device). Store the device and all
accessories cool and dry in the carrying case.
11.4 Safety-technical control measures, STC
According to the medical products operator’s regulation, § 6 (safety
technical control measures), the user is obliged to have regular safety-technical controls
conducted. Mystim prescribes these controls in accordance to MPBetreibV § 6
in a 24-months turn.
The safety-technical control may only be delegated to persons, who are able to conduct
controls in an orderly fashion based on their education, knowledge, and experience
achieved by practical work, and who also have suitable measuring and proofing tools
Standards for safety-technical control re to be requested from the quality management agent
of Mystim.
Prior to each application of the Mystim Pure Vibes device the following controls are to be
1. Inspect device of surface damage:
• Deformation of casing?
• Damaged or defect electrode sockets?
2. Inspect device for damaged control elements:
• Imprints still legible?
3. Inspect accessories for usability:
• Electrode wires non-damaged?
• Electrodes non-damaged (no fissures, no worn materail)?
11.5 Malfunctions
Should malfunctions occur, when using the TENS, please check as follows:
• Is the treatment mode set correctly? If not, please correct setting.
• Is the wire connected correctly to the device? Wires are to be completely inserted into the
• Is the wire damaged? In any case of damage, exchange the wire.
• Are 2 Electrodes connected to the paired wire?
In case of any other problems, return the device to the dealer. Do not try to repair a defect
device yourself! Manipulation voids the warranty! For problems with the device or accessories
please contact your dealer.
11.6 Disposal
Device packaging should be disposed of in the recycling bin, metal parts of the device in the metal
recycling disposal. Plastic parts, electrical parts, and electronic chips are to be disposed of as electronic garbage. Batteries are problem garbage and are to be disposed of accordingly. Return consumed batteries to your local recycling plant. Do not dispose of in regular garbage. You may obtain
further information on disposal of problem material at your local waste management centre.
12. Contents of delivery and accessories
12.1 Contents of delivery
• 1 x Mystim Pure Vibes unit
• 2 x lead wires
• 4 x self-adhesive electrodes
• 1 x battery, 9 V
• 1 x instruction manual
• 1 x carrying case
The above mentioned contents are standard equipment, that can vary within distributors.
12.2 Attachments
• self-adhesive electrodes in different forms and sizes
• permanent electrodes for multiple use
• gel for use with permanent electrodes
• electrode wire for permanent electrodes or for self-adhesive electrodes
• different dildo models for vaginal and/or anal use
• different probes for vaginal and/or anal use
• additional attachments can be found on our internet page at
If you would like to retrofit your device to permanent electrodes, you need the fitting electrode
wires and electrode gel.
13. Technical specifications
dual, isolated between channels
adjustable to maximal 80 mA for positive impulse or to about 10 mA
Pulse Amplitude:
peak for negative impulse at 500 Ohm load per channel.
adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz
Pulse Rate:
adjustable from 30 to 260 µs
Pulse Width:
asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse
Wave Form:
9V battery
Power Source:
approximately 60 hours at regular settings
Battery Life:
Operating Conditions: 0 °C to +50 °C at 20 to 75% relative humidity, however with
no condensation, pressure 700 hPa to 1060 hPa.
Storage Conditions: 0 °C to +50 °C at 20 to 75% relative humidity, however
with no condensation, pressure 700 hPa to 1060 hPa.
95 mm (height) x 65 mm (width) x 23,5 mm (length)
115 g (inclusive of battery)
beschermd tegen elektrische schokken, type BF
alle elektrische specificaties bij ± 20 % 500 Ohm belasting
13.1. Explanation of signs on the CE label
Observe the instruction manual!
Application component of type BF. Application components are not suitable to be used
for direct application at the heart.
Symbol for the marking of electric appliances and electronic devices.
14. Warranty
There is a 2 year guarantee for our products, applicable from date of purchase. Within the
prescribed warranty time we will remove all defects of the device, that are based on faulty material or manufacture. Removal of defect occurs at our choice by either repair or replacement of
parts or the entire device. Exempt from warranty are: Defects caused by inappropriate use (f. ex.
connection to inappropriate electrical current or voltage, connection to inappropriate sources
of electricity, breakage by fall and such). Normal wear and tear that only minimally affects the
operational utility of the unit is not subject to the warranty. Warranty subsides if unauthorized
intervention or repair is undertaken, or if non-original parts are used. In case of a defect that is
covered by the warranty, please send the device and the original receipt to one of our service
partners or directly to hofmann gmbh. No other claims are valid under the provisions of this
warranty, unless our liability is based on legal statue. Claims against the dealer based on the
provision of the purchase agreement do not affect this warranty.
15. Manufacturer
Hofmann GmbH
63776 Mömbris
Mystim GmbH
Königsberger Straße 26 . 63776 Mömbris . Germany