Canon IR3100C - Office Technology Dublin Ireland

Canon IR3100C - Office Technology Dublin Ireland
iR 3100C
Multi Functional Printer
The latest thing in
black and white – smart colour capability
The intelligent new black
and white Multi Functional
Printer that offers smart
use of colour.
With the iR 3100C, you can
communicate clearly, share information
effectively, scan and send electronically and
enjoy the smart use of colour with your
black and white.
iR 3100C - Everything
your business needs in
black and white.
And more.
iR 3100C - Canon’s black
and white innovation that
makes smart business
sense and offers smart
use of colour.
3 1 0 0 C
G3 Fax
Network Ready
i R
FTP server
Choose the version that suits
your needs. The iR3100C is
available in two versions.
The iR3100CN comes fully
network ready with a built in
PS/PCL/UFR printer board, for
people who want more colour
control. The iR3100C is
available with an EFI Indus
printer board, for true
PostScript giving greater
colour control.
Universal i-send
Turns the copier into
a communications hub
Device hosted network
address book
The new iR 3100C Multi Functional Printer (MFP) adds something very
special to the black and white office environment. As a space saving printer,
copier, scanner and fax*, it offers you easy creation, improved productivity
and fast distribution of electronic or paper documents. As an intelligent
digital device, it can improve your network communications, give
documents a professional finish and help you save money through cost
control. As well as that, it offers something that no Canon black and white
device of its kind has offered you before. Affordable use of colour.
Better business efficiency
Scanning and sending
colour documents
Brilliant results
Canon’s industry leading technology
enables one device to do the work of
many. Our world class range of Multi
Functional Printers combine all the key
document processing functions in one,
making it easy and cost effective to
manage and distribute information
across your network and beyond. Not
just by scanning, printing, copying and
faxing but also by sending and
receiving through Universal i–Send*.
Add to this the ability to create fully
finished documents ready for business
use (with three optional finishers) and
you have the ultimate in black and
white information processing with the
added benefit of colour.
Once connected to your network, the
iR 3100C is an intelligent device.
Which means you can send black and
The iR 3100C combines Canon’s
outstanding black and white technology
with the added value of colour. For an
white and colour documents to many
destinations in a single operation. Once
scanned in, they can be distributed to
wherever they are needed – individual
e-mail addresses, a specific database or
to a file server for storage. So you
eliminate the time, space and costs
usually associated with distributing
hard copy documents. With Canon’s
unique colour scan file compression,
you can be sure that even large colour
files won’t congest your network (a
colour file of 300dpi can be compressed
to a tenth of its original size).
amazingly cost effective budget,
you can brighten up your business
documents when and where you
need to. Just configure the versatile
iR 3100C to suit your business needs
and finishing requirements. Then use its
intelligence to enhance your business
processes the easy way.
Intelligent iR 3100C - the latest thing in black and white - smart colour capability
3 1 0 0 C
Cost effective iR 3100C - the latest thing in black and white - smart colour capability
i R
iR 3100C - setting
the fashion in office
machines with a
colourful way of
doing business in
black and white.
Affordable colour that
puts you in control.
Moving from black and white to colour can be a big financial step.
That’s why Canon have made it smaller by bringing colour to black
and white. Just as people can tell the difference between the two,
so can the iR 3100C. Which means you only pay for colour when
you use colour and you decide who can use it and how often. This
is not forgetting all the features and functions that you’re used to
in black and white which are still available to you.
Control colour easily
High quality and low cost
Canon’s ID management technology
offers excellent control. You can set
colour and volume quantity limits for all
the different users via their individual
passwords and stop the unauthorised
usage that could result in high costs.
Unusually for a MFP with colour
capability, the iR 3100C defaults to
black and white unless colour is
selected, to avoid colour printing
charges when you don’t need them.
Using further software such as Canon
Netspot Accountant and Document
Accounting Solutions, you can attribute
client costs more easily and manage
your budget with perfect peace of mind.
Use the compact built-in scanner to
capture colour images. Send them
quickly and easily as compressed files
without slowing your network. Then run
them out in their original high quality as
colour pages or sections in your
documents. Canon’s new spherical
S toner with oil-less fixing, gives you
the perfect matt finish, ideal for your
business documents. Add a print
resolution equivalent to 2400 x 600dpi,
and you can see how the iR 3100C
delivers the colour output you always
wanted with the budget control you
never expected.
Use colour effectively
has shown that colour focuses
attention, improves readability and
increases the retention of information.
It makes an impression that is 39% more
memorable, increases brand
identification by 70% and reduces errors
by 80%. Perhaps most importantly of all,
colour on an invoice makes the
recipient 30% more likely to pay! With
smart use of colour, the iR 3100C can
make a big difference to the impact you
have in the colourful world of business.
Whatever your business,
adding a little colour can
make a lot of difference.
Sales teams can produce
high impact proposals and
price lists that make
purchase more likely.
Human Resources people
can produce high quality
information that make staff
feel more valued.
* Research
*(Source) Case and Company Management Consultants, Maritz Motivation Inc. and The Bureau of Advertising
Accounts departments get
better results when invoice
totals and pay-by dates are
highlighted in colour.
There’s a smart colour
application for almost every
commercial situation.
3 1 0 0 C
Easy to use iR 3100C - the latest thing in black and white - smart colour capability
i R
iR 3100C - the simple but
very effective way of using
black and white with the
smart use of colour to
look good in business.
Look good without
having to try hard.
Intelligent use of technology
Initiate, preview, and monitor
jobs easily using Canon’s
familiar control panel.
Canon specialises in bringing you the very best in office
technology without making it complicated to use. While the
iR 3100C offers technical advances never available before on a
multifunctional black and white printer. Users and IT Managers
will welcome the simplicity it brings to information-based
business processes.
Easy to use
Manage it all
from the desktop
Do business productively
The large, familiar colour control
panel makes functions and
Users can access the iR 3100C direct
from their workstations – via the
The iR 3100C gives you more options
than you ever imagined in black and
adjustments as easy as the touch
of a button. Clear menus give simple
choices for copying, printing, scanning,
sending and more complex editing or
manipulation features.
The clean toner bottle is easy to
change without wasting time or
getting hands dirty. Paper jams are
minimised by the new design, which
dramatically shortens the paper route.
If they do occur, everything can be
accessed from one side, enabling
the machine to fit conveniently into
a corner.
remote user interface (RUI) with its
web browser – to check on the machine
status and change the settings. Users
can also access protected personal
mailboxes enabling them to share,
modify and distribute working
documents securely. To save time and
reduce keying errors, all company email addresses can be automatically
accessed from the server by using the
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol) feature.
white. Create high quality documents
mixing colour and black & white
without needing to outsource them.
Do it swiftly at 31ppm (prints per
minute) in black & white and 7ppm in
colour (A4-single sided), with double
siding as standard. Do it without
interruption, using the optional paper
decks that give you up to 4,750 sheets
of continuous output and a variety of
media sizes and weights. You can do it
efficiently too, with three way paper
output giving you even greater
Smart use of colour
Now you can think more
imaginatively when producing
business documents.
you can not only edit, amend and
With Canon’s new intelligent iW
Publishing Manager software, you
personalise but also finish and print it.
Amazing document output with reduced
can bring documents together from
physical human input!
different Windows-based applications
electronically as a single iWPM
iR 3100C - the perfect way
to make your black and
white documents stand
out with smart use of
(Platen cover optional)
2 Saddle Finisher Q2
(Finisher Q1 available)
3 Buffer Pass Unit
(inner 2 way tray or internal
finisher optional)
4 Paper Deck
5 Puncher Unit
6 Cassette Feeding Unit
Set a new trend for
business presentation.
Print in any network
Configure and control easily
Canon devices are fluent in many print
languages. As well as supporting
For setting up and configuring, the
iR 3100C is an IT Manager’s dream.
It can be assembled in a form that
suits your system seamlessly. It comes
in two versions - the iR 3100CN
comes network ready - with its own
built-in print controller or the iR 3100C
is available with the EFI Indus print
standard PCL and PostScript printing,
the iR 3100C utilises the new UFR
language, unique to Canon. UFR
significantly speeds up printing in
Windows applications by sharing
the processing load between the
computer and the print device.
Being a Canon MFP with smart colour
capability, the iR 3100C is also the only
device of its kind to offer the unrivalled
speed and quality of an Adobe®
Postscript Printer Unit Option.
To help manage the print workflow
throughout your business, Canon has
continued to enhance its printing and
job management software. These
practical utilities work independently
or together to help users capture,
manage and distribute information
faster, easier and better than
ever before.
In a LAN environment Canon
Network Device Utilities can be
used to set-up, configure, manage
and control Canon devices. These
utilities enable close monitoring and
control of multiple or independent
Canon MFP’s, enabling print and job
management for both SME and
Corporate business environments.
The utilities for the
iR 3100C are:
NetSpot Device Installer
NetSpot Console
NetSpot Job Monitor
NetSpot Resource Downloader
Remote User Interface
Powerful iR 3100C - the latest thing in black and white - smart colour capability
3 1 0 0 C
document. From this electronic ‘master’
documents to beat tight deadlines?
i R
Why struggle to put together complex
Brilliant black and white combined with smart use of colour can really boost
your business image. You can make a better impression on customers with
more striking proposals, price lists, tenders, reports and invoices. You can
motivate staff with powerful internal documents, reports and presentations.
With the iR 3100C you can do it all in-house at high speed and low cost.
Default Black & White
The iR 3100C defaults to black and
white unless colour is selected,
to avoid colour printing charges
when you don’t need them.
Cost Effective
Create high quality documents
mixing colour and black &
white without needing to
outsource them.
Finish documents professionally
The first ever black and white, smart
colour capable MFP with internal
finisher, the iR 3100C has everything it
takes to complete the job in style. In
addition to automatic collating, hole
punching and stapling, you can select
from an impressive range of finishes
including saddle stitched booklet
Using Canon’s cutting edge iW
Publishing Manager (iWPM) software,
whatever the size of your organisation /
department, you can also create
professional documents by merging the
component parts from different sources,
(for example, Microsoft™ Excel,
Microsoft™ PowerPoint, etc), without
having to collate them separately –
saving huge amounts of time.
Finishing the job
Automatic collating, stapling and
hole punching can be selected from
an impressive range of finishes
including saddle stitched booklets.
Group & Collate
Create Booklet
Hole punch
Document Accounting Solutions
Do you know how much of your
resources managed from one central
expenditure can be retrieved from
clients? Do you know who to charge
source of information? These are just
some of the issues that Canon
and how much? Are some of your print
Documenting Accounting Solutions can
resources idle while others are too
busy? Are your departments able to
help you resolve successfully. Why not
let Canon assist you in improving your
charge each other efficiently? Can your
bottom line?.
print budgets be controlled and
iR 3100C - a smart and
very suitable solution for
anyone looking to
improve the way they
work and make their
budgets go further.
3 1 0 0 C
i R
Why pay for everybody
Using Canon Intelligence to
help your business.
else to print at your
expense when the
iR 3100C can make it
easy to charge clients
accurately for
their output?
At Canon, we don’t see our MFP’s as machines. Like all our other office
technology, we see the iR 3100C as a means of helping companies to
streamline their business processes, saving time and money in
key operational areas. As a key business tool, we also appreciate its
importance to your business and endeavour to do all we can to
protect it through the best service support in our business.*
*(subject to a service agreement).
Accounting efficiently
Maximising uptime
Removing complexity
As well as being designed for
economy, the iR 3100C is built with
features that help to save costs
through Canon Document
Accounting Solutions†.
By using intelligent software, the
iR 3100C can help you charge output
more accurately to specific clients.
Which means that what used to be a
cost to you can be charged to clients
and transformed into a revenue
stream. It also helps you to monitor
and manage your costs, facilitating
budget processes.
As always with Canon, expert support is
never far away. Our dedicated networks
of highly qualified technical personnel
have an unrivalled reputation for
maximising workflow and minimising
downtime. As well as on-site support,
you also have the option of
e–Maintenance which is a proactive
service tool which maximises uptime
and to allow your company to have
greater control of its assets. (Detects the
machine fault automatically, alerting
the service centre to send an engineer
(Please check availability of this option
with your local Canon supplier)
Having staff confused by technology
can be time consuming and costly.
The iR 3100C is designed for people to
realise its potential without having to be
IT experts. With existing internet and
network capabilities, users should be
able to accomplish the most complex
tasks with ease. To help you make the
most of your investment we have
dedicated experts who offer training on
the device or any of the software.
Efficient iR 3100C - the latest thing in black and white - smart colour capability
Maximum Original Size
Copy Sizes
Stack Bypass
Copy/Print Speed
First Copy Time
Black and White
Full Colour
Warm-Up Time
Multiple Copies/Prints
Paper Weight
Stack Bypass
Paper Capacity
Colour Universal Send Kit-B1
Scan Speed
Scan Resolution
A5R - A3
A5R- SRA3 (320x457 mm)
600dpi x 600dpi
600dpi x 600dpi
2400dpi equivalent x 600dpi
256 Gradations
31 ppm B&W
7 ppm full colour
16 ppm B&W
3.5 ppm full colour
8 sec
6 minutes
1 to 999 sheets
Standard automatic stackless
64 to 163g/m
64 to 163g/m2
Universal: A5R to A3, 305x457mm
550 sheets x2 cassettes (1100 sheets)
Multi Stack Bypass: 50 sheets (80g/m2)
Paper Deck
Total paper capacity
Hard Disk Drive
Power Supply
Power Consumption(W)
Energy consumption
Dimensions (WxDxH)
550 sheets x2 cassettes (1100 sheets)
2500 sheets
4,750 sheets
Canon Custom Processor, 250MHz x 2
512MB to 768MB (Recommended)
Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T)
1.2 kW maximum
225 Wh/h
565x755x754 mm
Colour Network Multi-PDL Printer Kit-B1 (iR 3100CN)
Hard Disk
PS Fonts
PCL Fonts
Supported Operating Systems:
Network Protocol
Pull Scan
PCL5c, PostScript3 Emulation and UFR
2400 equivalent x 600dpi
768MB (Uses Main unit RAM)
40GB (Uses Main unit HDD)
Canon Custom Processor 250 MHz x 2
(Uses Main Unit CPU)
Roman80, Bitmap1, Barcode30, OCR2
Windows® 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003
Windows® 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003, Mac OSX 10.2 or later
Windows® 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003
Mac OS8 or later
Ethernet(100Base-TX/10Base-T), TokenRing(Optional),
TCP/IP(LPD/Port9100/IPP/SMB), IPX/SPX(NDS,Bindery,NDPSGW), AppleTalk
Network TWAIN Driver (75 to 600dpi 24bit color /8bit grayscale /
Black & white)
Colour Network Printer Unit-E1 (iR 3100C-EFI Indus)
Hard Disk
PS Fonts
PCL Fonts
Supported OS
Network Protocol
Adobe PostScript 3, PCL 5c
2400 equivalent x 600dpi
128MB to 256MB(Advisable)
Intel Mobile PentiumIII 850MHz
Roman78(including Barcode Fonts)
Address book
File Format
44 ipm: A4 300dpi with DADF
100dpi, 150dpi, 200x100dpi, 200dpi, 200x400dpi, 300dpi,
400dpi, 600dpi
E-Mail/Internet FAX(SMTP), PC(SMB,FTP,NCP), iWDM
LDAP, Local(Max.1800)
Paper size
Paper weight
Single sided original
Double sided original
Max. Number of original
Document Scanning speed
Dimensions (WxDxH)
42 to 128 g/m2
50 to 128 g/m2
50 sheets (80 g/m2)
max. 28 ipm (A4), (Colour/B&W)
565 x 538 x 122 mm
Approx.8.5 kg
Cassette Feeding Unit-Y1
Paper Weight
Paper Capacity
Dimensions (W x D x H)
2 Front-loading adjustable drawers
64 to 163 g/m2
550 sheets(80 g/m2) x 2 cassettes
565 x 700 x 251.5 mm
Approx. 23 kg
Paper Deck-Q1 (must be ordered with Cassette Feeding- Y1)
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Paper Capacity
Dimensions (W x D x H)
64 to 105 g/m2
2,500 sheets (80 g/m2)
372 x 591 x 473 mm
Approx.29.6 kg
Number of trays
Tray capacity
Staple position
Staple capacity
One stack tray (Inner)
500 sheets
250 sheets
Corner, Double
50 sheets
30 sheets
Approx.11.5 kg
Finisher-Q1/Saddle Finisher-Q2
Number of trays
2 tray (+ optional tray)
Tray capacity
1,000 sheets
500 sheets
Staple position
Corner, Double, Saddle Stitch (Q2 only)
Staple capacity
50 sheets
30 sheets
Saddle Stitch Specifications (Saddle Finisher-Q2 only)
A3, A4R
Paper size
Staple capacity
Colour material: 1 to 10 sheets(40pages)
B&W material: 1 to 15 sheets (60pages)
Paper weight
64 to 163 g/m2
536 x 657 x 1036 (mm)
648 x 657 x 1036 (mm)
39.6 kg
67.6 kg
Other Accessories
Platen Cover-H1 • Inner 2-way Tray-C1 • Buffer Pass-C1 • Copy Tray-J1 • Puncher Unit-L1/N1 • Plain
Pedestal • FL Cassette-Y1/Z1 • Key Swich Unit-A1 • Document Tray-J1 • Staple Cartridge-J1/D3 •
Stamp Inc Cartridge-B1 • Card Reader C1 • Card Reader Kit-B1 • Colour iR256MB Expansion RAM-A2
• Colour Network Printer Kit-E1-EFI-Indus • Super G3 FAX Board-N1 • Resolution Switching Board-A2
• USB Interface Board-A3 • iR Security Kit A1P • Token Ring Adapter iN-TR2 • Additional Finisher Tray-A1
Ozone less environment Frame and parts use chromium free steel plates and screws.
Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003, Mac OS9.0/X
Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003
IEEE1284, Ethernet(100Base-TX,10Base-T)
IPX/SPX(NDS,Bindery,NDPS-GW), AppleTalk
™ All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers
in their markets and/or countries.
Canon reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
3 The råáí=dV=oáîÉêîáÉï=_ìëáåÉëë=m~êâI
Tring Technology Park
Icknield Way
Tring aìÄäáå=NOK
HP23 4JX
Tel:08000 822226
Fax: 01442 828811
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quality all-round performance
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