AnyPhone Configuration Guide for the Cisco SPA112 For Fax

AnyPhone Configuration Guide for the Cisco SPA112 For Fax
AnyPhone Configuration Guide for the Cisco SPA112
For Fax Machine Endpoints
This documentation will provide you with the steps required to configure your Cisco SPA112 as
Generic AnyPhone faxing device. Configuring the SPA112 to work with analog telephones is covered
in a different document.
Note: A single Anyphone line has a maximum concurrent call capacity of 4 calls. Hardware capacity should also be taken
into consideration. Cisco SPA112 can handle up to 2 concurrent calls.
This guide will cover the following steps
Logging into the ATA
Configuring equipment for service with Intermedia.
1. Accessing the web interface.
Connect the adapter to a DHCP enabled network, and locate its assigned IP address,
and navigate to it via a web browser.
The default username, and password should both be “admin”
*Note, if entering in the adapters IP address does not provide you with a web GUI
the adapter most likely has its web interface disabled, and most be logged into via
the LAN port on the back of the adapter to have remote administration enabled*
2. Configuring device to register with Intermedia servers.
Once logged into the adapter select the quick setup tab in the top left corner
The proxy listed will be SIP Domain defined in HostPilot
Display name can be whatever the name of the user will be this is not
critical to functionality.
User ID, and Password will be the SIP Username, and SIP password
information found under the user in HostPilot.
Once information has been entered in click “submit” in the lower left corner.
Once the equipment is done saving the configuration Select the “Voice” tab at
the top of the interface, you should now see under line 1 it says “Registered”
Be sure to set the emulation from Generic to Cisco in hostpilot.
The default dialplan does not support 3, or 4 digit extensions. Depending
what extension scheme the customer is using you will need to alter the
dial plan.
3 digit extension dial plan: (*xxx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)
4 digit extension dial plan: (*xxxx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)
3. Configuring Voice Tab
Next you will need to select line 1 under the voice tab, and make the following
changes to the ATA’s configuration
Make note of the red arrows, and confirm your adapter’s configuration matches
the changes marked.
*** Note: The “SIP Port” will need to be 6xxx (xxx will be the Ext number for this phone). In the Example
above you will find Ext 249 is using SIP Port: 6249. If you do not configure this correctly it will cause
audio issues or inbound call failure issues. For sites using 4 digits extensions use the last 3 digits of the
extensions. E.G. 4001 would be 6001.
For sites using these adapters for faxing be sure to disable call waiting.
3. Sip configuration
Under the Sip sub option insure that the RTP parameters of your
configuration match below.
RTP port Min should be 30000, and RTP Port Max should be 50000 •
Set the RTCP Tx Interval to 10
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