Landis+Gyr USB200 Optical Probe Installation Instructions
INSTALLATION Note: You must first install the driver before connecting the USB Probe to your
computer or handheld USB port. The USB Probe installation will not work
properly if the Probe is connected to a computer or handheld device before the
software driver is installed.
The recommended procedure to install the USB200 Optical Probe and driver software is
as follows:
1. Close all active applications on your computer and remove any attached probe
before proceeding with this software driver installation process.
2. If you have installed a previous version of these drivers, you will need to remove
them first.
a. From the Control Panel select Add or Remove Programs.
b. In the list of Currently Installed Programs find Landis + Gyr USB Optical
Probe Controller and click Change/Remove.
c. Accept the prompt to remove the drivers.
3. Insert the driver disk or extract the downloaded zip file.
4. Open the Landis+Gyr USB200 Driver folder and double click setup.exe.
5. After launching the setup, click the Install button if you are satisfied with the
installation location or select the Change Install Location button if you wish to
change it.
Landis+Gyr USB200 Optical Probe Installation Instructions
6. When the installation process is complete you will be prompted to restart your
PC. Please do so before inserting a Landis + Gyr USB Optical Probe.
7. Plug in your Landis + Gyr USB Optical Probe into your computer’s USB port to
complete the installation process. Once the USB Probe is plugged in, Found New
Hardware should appear, and installation of the Probe will begin automatically.
Once installation has completed, you should be able to use your USB200 Probe.
In the event that the Landis+Gyr USB Probe is installed before the driver,
remove the USB Probe from the computer’s USB port and use Window Device
Manager to manually delete the USB Probe or Unknown Device from the list of
devices. After manual removal of the USB Probe, proceed with step 1 of the
installation instructions.
If you encounter problems with the installation or removal of the Landis+Gyr USB
Probe or its driver, please contact Technical Support at 800-777-2774
Landis+Gyr USB200 Optical Probe Installation Instructions
CONFIGURATION The setup will install the USB Probe in the next available com port. To manually
verify which com port the USB Probe is installed, use Windows Device Manager as
follows (see images below):
Windows 2k: Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager
Windows XP: Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager
Windows Vista: Start/Control Panel/System and Maintenance/Device Manager
Once the Device Manager is
displayed, locate the Ports file
and expand it by selecting the
plus sign (+) to the left. That
will provide a list of ports
including the one for the USB
Probe called Landis + Gyr USB
Optical Probe. The Com Port
will be noted after, in the
example this is (COM4).
You may change the assigned
Com Port by right clicking on
this entry, selecting Properties
and modifying the Port Settings. Click
“Advanced” to access the Com Port assignment.
It is not recommended to adjust the other settings
Once you have completed installation and configuration, you should be able to use the
Landis + Gyr USB200 Optical Probe with the same communications software as most
probes available on the market.
Landis+Gyr USB200 Optical Probe Installation Instructions
OPERATION The USB200 Optical Probe has strong magnets in the headshell to improve handling
during meter reading and programming operations. Power to the USB200 is supplied by
the USB port eliminating the need for battery packs and/or AC Power supply. The
USB200 Optical Probe, with its data rate of 57,600 bits per second, is designed to meet
the needs of meter communications as technology evolves. The USB cable is detachable
and, if necessary, can be easily replaced by a standard off the shelf USB Type A Male to
Type B Male cable from most electronic supply stores.
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