XTS2500 Overview (PDF 0.3Mb)

XTS2500 Overview (PDF 0.3Mb)
Lightweight Portability.
Heavyweight Performance.
Motorola XTS® 2500 Digital Portable Radio
You can’t predict the unexpected, but
you can prepare for it.
Motorola XTS 2500 Digital Portable Radio
When lives are at stake, a rapid, coordinated response is imperative. The XTS
2500 radio meets the Project 25 standard and works on the ASTRO® 25
Network. This high-performance radio delivers sophisticated features and
advanced technology in a light, compact design. Whether en route or on site,
this robust radio assures crisp, continuous, high-quality communication.
ASTRO 25 Network
Motorola’s ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data
Network provides an interoperable, Project 25 mission
critical network that meets and exceeds public safety
agency requirements for voice and data emergency
response. This solution allows for efficient and reliable inter-agency communications helping responders to communicate, coordinate and interoperate
together as one.
Uncompromising Durability
+ Meets applicable Military Specifications
810, C, D, E and F.
+ Offered with an intrinsically safety option certified
by Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) for use in
hazardous classified areas.
+ Advanced elements borrowed from top of the
line XTS® 5000 portable radio provide optimal
protection against water intrusion from blowing
rain by taking advantage of redundant seals.
+ With the MacroBlend housing material, it’s
designed to survive severe shock and vibration,
exposure to damaging environments such as
salt fog, UV radiation, dust and electrostatic
discharge making your radio one tough performer.
Immersible Option
The XTS 2500I portable radio has an IP67 rating
making the radio dust proof and temporarily
immersible to a depth of up to 1 meter for 30
minutes without ingress of water, helping to ensure
your radio operates under adverse conditions.
Encryption Capability
The XTS 2500 portable radio offers single algorithm
hardware encryption that supports DES, DES-OFB,
DES-XL, AES, as well as Motorola’s software
encryption ADP (Advanced Digital Privacy) to help
prevent scanners and unwanted listeners.
Compare the XTS 2500I Immersible
and the XTS 5000R Rugged
XTS 2500I
IP 67
XTS 5000R
Mil Std 810C/D/E/F
Method 512.X
Water Submersion
XTS 2500I
1 meter for 30 minutes
XTS 5000R
1 meter for 2 hours
Testing Temperature
XTS 2500I
Room Temperature
XTS 5000R
A. 16-position easily selectable rotary knob
B. Power On / Off volume control
C. Three programmable side buttons for quick
access to pre-programmed functions
D. Ergonomically recessed PTT
E. Home button
F. Indentions for grip assistance
G. Three software programmable menu buttons
H. Six line twelve character full bitmap high
resolution display. Two lines of icons including:
RSSI, battery gauge, user time clock
I. Top mounted speaker so not to muffle the
audio integrity of the radio in holster
J. Emergency top button – easy to locate by
following antenna
Why XTS 2500?
Superior Audio Quality
The XTS 2500 portable radio incorporates Motorola’s Noise Shield analog and
digital noise reduction technology to accurately filter out the caller’s voice from
background noise. Virtually eliminating ambient background noise from radio
transmissions* and improving user safety by making sure transmissions are not
only heard, but clearly understood.
Status / Message Capabilities
Use the XTS 2500 portable radio models with display and keypad to send
pre-programmed messages back to the dispatcher without having to use
voice communication.
Advanced Emergency Functionality
+ Emergency Keep Alive ensures your emergency call is not dropped even if
the radio power switches OFF.
+ Emergency with voice to follow will allow you to communicate without
having to press the PTT button.
+ In Digital mode, other users in your talk group hear an alert and see your ID
in their display when an emergency call is initiated.
Available in 4 Hardware Models With Increased Channel Capacity
+ Basic model (Model I) – 48 channels.
+ Model with a display (Model I.5) – 96 channels.
+ Model with display and navigation buttons (Model II) – 870 channels.
+ Model with display and full keypad (Model III) – 870 channels.
Motorola System Interoperability
Ability to communicate with many different systems using just one radio:
Motorola’s SMARTNET®, SmartZone™, and ASTRO 25 systems are all
within reach.
Audible Channel Announcement
Channel Announcement allows the user to navigate through channels/
talk-groups in the radio while an audible, pre-recorded voice file provides a
description of the selected channel or talk-group.
* Recent studies have shown communication systems can be affected by certain high noise sources such as alarm
systems in self-contained breathing apparatus or chainsaws in fireground environments.
The Project 25 Solution
+ The affordable answer to the digital standard for public safety.
+ Operates on ASTRO 25 systems, with Mutual Aid functionality on both
Data Capability
+ Use it as a modem as well as send and receive data through your trunking or
conventional system infrastructure.
+ No system – No problem! Use IP packet data capabilities to send data directly
to other radios.
+ ASTRO 25 Text messaging Service is a data application through which
subscriber radios can send and receive text messages to other subscribers
or dispatch operators.
GPS Outdoor Location
The XTS 2500 with the GPS RSM enables a dispatcher to locate on-foot patrol
officers who are involved in life threatening situations. Available on ASTRO 25
Integrated Voice and Data systems.
Programming Over Project 25
Motorola’s POP25 solution allows subscriber radios to be programmed over the
air via the ASTRO 25 systems while remaining in the field.
Easily Adaptable and Fully Expandable
+ Built-in FLASHport™ support lets you customize the radio with new software.
+ Customer Programming Software (CPS) advanced functionality such as Drag
and Drop and Programming Over IP allows you to customize your radio while
saving time.
+ Ensures future enhancements can be added as you migrate to more
sophisticated features and technologies.
“Public safety agencies face a variety of weather
conditions along with incidents that demand quality
equipment. The need for reliable and durable radios
is critical. Fortunately we have Motorola radios to
get us through the tough times.”
– Eugene Vardaman, Executive Director
North Carolina Criminal Justice
Information Network
Motorola Original® Accessories offer
the quality you expect from Motorola
along with exceptional dependability.
Pair your portable with a full line of Motorola Original Accessories
including remote speaker microphones, headsets, surveillance kits,
carry cases, antennas, batteries and charging systems for your
every need.
Temple Transducer Headset
Motorola Original Accessories are performance matched to
guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with
your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original
logo, you know the accessories are built and tested to meet the
highest standards that you expect. Motorola Original Accessories
turn your communication system into a personal communication
solution for your everyday needs.
Temple Transducer Headset
Lightweight, behind-the-head headset
with noise-canceling boom microphone.
Innovative design lets you clearly
receive audio without covering the ear.
Bluetooth® Wireless Adapter
A compact adapter quickly connects
to the XTS 2500 accessory connector
and allowing you to use the Motorola
H300 Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth
cuts the cords, bringing simplicity and
efficiency to almost any situation.
Bluetooth® Wireless Adapter
Clamshell Battery
The Clamshell Battery allows you to
operate off of 12 AA Alkaline batteries.
This solution is ideal in emergency
situations when you do not have
access to a power source to charge
your batteries.
Public Safety Microphone
Includes an antenna for increased coverage, 3.5mm audio jack for additional
discreteness and volume switch and
emergency button for ease of use.
GPS Remote Speaker Microphone
GPS Remote Speaker Microphone
The GPS Remote Speaker Microphone
allows users in outdoor locations to be
automatically tracked by satellite for
enhanced personnel safety.
Public Safetyy Microphone
Model I
Model I.5
Model II
Model III
Both the XTS 2500 and XTS 2500I digital radios are available in four hardware models.
Mission Critical Portfolio
Technology That’s Second Nature ™
The XTS 2500 Portable Digital Radios are part of the MOTOA4 Mission Critical Portfolio of products that
offer seamless connectivity between fi rst responders. Motorola puts real-time information in the hands
of public safety personnel to provide better information that enables better decisions for better outcomes.
It’s Technology That’s Second Nature.
XTS Digital Portable Radio Series
A full range of Motorola two-way radio public safety solutions are available to meet the demanding needs
of mission critical users. For more information go to:
1300 888 610
Newcastle Singleton Gosford Mudgee
P25 Systems Specialist
Motorola, Inc.
1301 East Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, IL 60196 U.S.A.
MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Offi
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information and are believed to be accurate; however such product specifi
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© Motorola, Inc. 2008
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