TW-400 CUB - Marlborough Communications Limited

TW-400 CUB - Marlborough Communications Limited
TW-400 CUB
Small, Versatile
Wideband Tactical MANET in Very Small Package
Hardware Functionality
• Dual Band 1800/2200 MHz
• Up to 20 Mbps total data rate
• Direct sensor connections
• Analog video encoder
• Video server capable
• Gateway functionality
• Sleep modes for extended operations
• Internet GPS - Networked PLI
• Ethernet/USB/Sensor connectivity
• Flexible power inputs
TSM-E Waveform
• Robust in harshest RF environments
• Scalable 10’s to 100’s to 1000’s users
• PTT Voice, IP data, and PLI
• High IP data rates
• Self-Forming/Self-Healing Networking
• Net Entry <1 sec
• Auto routing transparent to operator
• No fixed infrastructure
The TW-400 ‘CUB’ unit is a small
profile addition to TrellisWare’s TWSeries Tactical Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
(T-MANET) family geared for lowprofile communication networks, sensor
networks and data dissemination,
fixed or mobile, applications. Carrying
TrellisWare’s latest Tactical Scalable
MANET Enhanced (TSM-E) waveform
offering unparalleled connectivity in the
harshest environments combined with a
highly scalable transparent networking
and higher data rates, CUB units
provide the same robust networking
capability of CheetahNet with sensor
network and communications flexibility.
TrellisWare’s latest TSM-E waveform combines the same robustness to multipath
and dynamics and self-forming, self-healing networking as the CheetahNet TSM
waveform with higher data rates for the sensor mission. The TSM-E waveform
is capable of maintaining connectivity even at high platform speeds and in harsh
RF environments such as downtown urban areas, in ships and in tunnels - just
like CheetahNet. The TSM-E networking layer is highly scalable from 10’s to
100’s to 1000’s of units, offering fully networked wideband IP data plus push to
talk (PTT) voice and network-level position location information (PLI) tracking
without any operator interface or fixed Infrastructure - just like CheetahNet.
The CUB unit adds several new features optimized for industrial, law enforcement,
and military networked sensor control and communications. The CUB unit can be
connected to any external 9-18V DC power source and put into power conservation
sleep modes that activate it only when needed. Each unit includes a multifunction side
connector port capable of connecting to external computer devices as well as directly to
sensors. The Mulit-Sensor dongle contains an Ethernet port, dual 2.5mm trigger sensor
inputs, and dual trigger outputs as well as a BNC connector for analog video sources.
Embedded Web Applications
• Upgradable waveform
• Networked Group Configuration
• Network Monitoring PLI, Traffic, Alerts
• Remote control across network
• Open API for Apps Developers
16516 Via Esprillo, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: (858) 753-1600
Fax: (858) 753-1640
TW-400 Performance Parameters
Volume Up/Zeroize
Power Out
Volume Down
Trigger Out
Push-to-Talk (PTT)
Trigger Input
Video Input
Battery Release Latch
Zeroize Status LED
GPS Antenna
Transmit Power
2 Watt Peak
Operating Frequencies
1755-1815 MHz
2200-2270 MHz
Battery Run Time
(5800 mAH)
15+ Hours Full Active
Longer in WoW, WoT modes
Size (w/o accessories)
4” x 2.5” x 0.9”
Sensor Connections
Ethernet, Trigger sensors, BNC
Analog video (mJPEG, H.264
future), Remote Power Out
Aggregate Data Rate
20 Mbps
Encryption Security
Hop Reach
13 miles per hop (up to 8 hops)
PTT Voice Channels
Up to 4 channels, one commentary
Occupied Bandwidth
20 MHz
Single band main, GPS stub/patch
(w/o accessories)
10 oz (R/T only)
Dongles: Sensor, Ethernet, USB
Antennas: Main stub, GPS stub,
GPS patch
Power: Pigtail battery adapter, MBITR
battery adapter, 3000 mAh LiOn
battery, single/multi bay chargers
Headset Converters:
Lemo to 2.5 mm, Lemo to 3.5 mm,
Lemo to 6-pin
RF Antenna
User Interfaces
• Ground sensor networks (trigger and video)
• Remote sensor access and control
• Small Tactical Robotic (air and ground) comms
• PLI Tracking
• Power On/Off, Channel Select, Zeroize
• LED Status Indicator
• LEMO Audio Connector
• SMA antenna connectors
• Side Button Controls
• Ethernet/USB/Analog Video input via side connector dongle
About TrellisWare Technologies
TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. is a
privately held communications IP and
products company headquartered in San
Diego. TrellisWare focuses on cultivating
solutions for ground communications
problems. Self-funded since its inception,
TrellisWare has built a reputation as
a leader in advanced communication
algorithms, waveforms and turnkey
communication systems that work when nothing else does.
Ordering Information
CUB Comms Kits (*20 Units Per Kit)
CUB Sensor Kits (*20 Units Per Kit)
TW-400C EVK10** 10-unit Comms Evaluation Kit
TW-400S EVK10** 10-unit Sensor Evaluation Kit
Ordering information, please contact us at:
TrellisWare has developed a wide range of highly-advanced
signal processing and software defined radio (SDR) waveforms
and hardware products used in many military and commercial
communications. With deep expertise in radio physical layer design,
networking, efficient high speed decoding, algorithm development
and RF integration, TrellisWare utilizes its CommCoreTM and
ComSim™ development tools to enable communications in the
harshest RF environments.
*Minimum quantities apply
**Evaluation kits include 10 TW-400 units as well as antennas, multi function dongles,
half-day training and limited technical support.
16516 Via Esprillo, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: (858) 753-1600
Fax: (858) 753-1640
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