Network RTK Centimeter
Network RTK Decimeter
Real-time DGPS
CORS Beacon
Network DGPS
DGPS Post Processing
Number of Channels
CORS Beacon
Onboard Software
Office Software (post-processing)
Processor Speed
Operating System
Data Update Rate
Card Slot
GNSS Receiver
Cellular Capability
Wireless LAN Connectivity
Built-in Camera
Magnetic Compass
Expansion Connector
Battery Life Battery Type
H: 10mm (x baseline length) + 1.0ppm V: 15mm + 1.0ppm (x baseline length)1
H: 5cm + 1.0ppm (x baseline length) V: 8cm + 1.0ppm (x baseline length)1
<1m2 HRMS
Yes, with BR-1
Yes, with internal modem
Sub foot (<30 cm)3
72 GPS + GLONASS L1/L2 tracking
Yes with BR-1
Field Tools for ArcPad® or TopSURV or 3rd party
Topcon Tools-GIS
XScale PXA320
Windows Mobile® 6.1
1GB Flash
Up to 100Hz
Any Accuracy, One Device
Internal GSM or CDMA (Verizon)
Bluetooth®, USB, Serial, ANT, and Power
Standard (Internal, 802.11b)
3.7” VGA LCD
2.0 Megapixel
3 Key plus Virtual Keyboard
Internal, 4 degree accuracy
Weatherproof Communication Port
5 hrs while in GPS static mode
2500mAh Removable, Li-Ion Rechargeable
7.76” x 3.54” x 1.81” (197 x 90 x 46mm)
1.5 lbs. (0.7kg)
IP66, 1 meter drop
-20° to 50°C Operating Temperature
-10° to 50°C Operating with camera
-30° to 60°C Storage Temperature
Requires external PG-A1 antenna, cellular service and a Network RTK connection 2 <50cm with external PG-A5 antenna 3 Requires external PG-A5 antenna and post processing using Topcon Tools (Advanced GIS module)
Field Software Solutions
Topcon offers a variety of software solutions for the GRS-1. Whether you have a few experienced
users or a deployment of many novice users into the field, Topcon field software will suit.
Topcon’s Field Tools for ArcPad software; an extension for ESRI’s ArcPad software, offers
a familiar data collection environment. Field Tools for ArcPad allows the user to take full
advantage of the GRS-1’s integrated GSM or CDMA modem, camera, compass and dual
constellation tracking capabilities. Using a predefined Network RTK collection style, users can
now easily get centimeter RTK level data without connecting any additional equipment to the
GRS-1. With Field Tools for ArcPad and the GRS-1, high accuracy GIS data collection is a breeze.
Topcon’s TopSURV-GIS is field software that makes data collection easy for anyone,
regardless of their level of expertise. With preconfigured data collection styles, TopSURV-GIS
walks users through GPS setup and configuration such as connecting to a local reference
station or a SBAS correction service. Any modifications a user makes to this configuration
style can be saved and used thereafter for simplicity and speed the next time around.
Keeping a high accuracy GIS database up-to-date can be a challenge. GIS departments must
figure out how to do more with less. With just one system, the Topcon GRS-1, high accuracy
GIS data can be mapped in less time with less effort. Tracking both GPS and GLONASS
satellite constellations means less down time in the field. An integrated cellular modem means
connecting to a local reference station network for real-time corrections or to a GIS server for
mobile GIS applications is at your fingertips. An integrated digital camera means field personnel
will return to the office with more detailed information than ever before. The small, lightweight
GRS-1 system is the simple solution to your biggest GIS mobile application challenges.
• Submeter, Decimeter or Centimeter Accuracy
• Mobile, Multi-use GIS Field Mapping Solution
• GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) Satellite Receiver
• Optional GSM or CDMA Internal Cellular
•806Mhz XScale Processor
•Windows Mobile® 6.1 Operating System
Your local Authorized Topcon dealer is:
•2.0 Megapixel Camera
•256MB SDRAM, 1GB Flash
•Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
and Wireless LAN connectivity
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All-in-one handheld GIS solution with high-speed processor,
increased memory, built-in modem, camera and compass.
Integrated Digital Camera
and Magnetic Compass
GPS Antenna
Internal Dual
Frequency GPS +
GLONASS Receiver
Stylus Holder
Software Support:
Field Tools for ArcPad®,
TopSURV or 3rd party
Rugged L1, L2
Dual Frequency
Antenna Port
Topcon’s GRS-1 is the perfect solution to
address a variety of accuracy requirements
and GIS mobile applications.
Submeter Accuracy
In its basic form, the hand-held GRS-1 can be
used for submeter work in applications such
as asset management and natural resources.
The GRS-1 tracks SBAS differential correction
signals such as WAAS and EGNOS or use an
add-on beacon receiver. In areas where these
signals are insufficient, the internal cellular
modem can be used to dial in to a local
reference station network to receive submeter
DGPS correction information.
SD Memory Slot
USB Port
Serial Port
Power Port
Internal GSM
Sim Card
Enabled Modem
Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
The GRS-1 has an option for a 2.0 megapixel
internal camera with autofocus for taking
photographs which are automatically
linked to GIS features. Store photos
on-board with the 1GB of Flash memory
or use the external SD card slot for
additional memory.
Extra Memory
The GRS-1 addresses a growing need to locate
points to decimeter and centimeter level in
fields such as utilities, underground electric
and gas, water/wastewater and land records
management when high accuracy is required.
Users don’t need to give up the luxury of a
small lightweight receiver with instantaneous
positioning in order to get high accuracy
results. Utilize the internal cellular modem of
the GRS-1 to access a local reference station
network. Add a PG-A1 L1/L2 external antenna
for decimeter results or for centimeter RTK
data. The rugged, modular GRS-1 allows for
any GIS project accuracy demands.
Internal Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology
Li-ion Battery
If you are looking for one rugged handheld GNSS receiver that can satisfy
any accuracy requirement, look no further than Topcon‘s GRS-1. With
256MB of SDRAM and 806MHz processor, the GRS-1 provides the fastest
performance on the market. Start with a hand-held submeter solution and
add a PG-A1 external antenna and firmware for decimeter or centimeter
level positioning. This product grows with your needs. Internal cellular
capability makes network solutions and mobile GIS applications a cinch.
High Accuracy
Ultra Sharp Color
TFT Touch Screen
Wireless LAN
Attribute Data
The GRS-1 makes attribute collection such as
text entry and digital photography a breeze.
Instead of carrying a separate digital camera
to record details about GIS features, the
GRS-1 optionally integrates a 2.0 megapixel
digital camera to snap associated photographs.
These photographs are automatically
linked to GIS features so that no photo
file manipulation is needed after the field
work is complete.
With 1GB Flash standard, the GRS-1 is loaded
with memory. But if you need more, the SD
card slot and the mini USB Host functionality
can provide additional memory. Use the
USB mini port as both a Host and a Client.
This allows for expanded memory and easy
file transfer through USB flash drive or SD
memory cards.
Integrated Cellular Modem
An optional internal cellular modem (GSM or
Verizon CDMA) allows for a connection to a
local reference station network for real-time
DGPS or RTK correction data. Additionally,
use the modem to make an internet
connection for real time data transfer
capabilities between field and office.
Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN
Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and
Wireless LAN connectivity come standard.
Connect to a GIS server and download
maps or upload field data for timely GIS
integration. Use your device in a typical
Hotspot to surf the web or check weather.
When not in use, Topcon also provides a
way to turn Bluetooth® and Wireless
LAN off to conserve battery power.
Unprecedented Results
GIS Mobile Applications
Use the integrated Wireless
LAN capabilities of the GRS-1 to
dial up to a GIS server while in
the field. Update your database
in real-time, download GIS
maps or send emails to and
from the office while in the
field. It’s all at your fingertips.
The amount of detailed information that can be collected and stored with
the GRS-1 is incredible. Combining the small lightweight size of the system
with the high accuracy capabilities, the results are unprecedented.
GRS-1 Standard Package Includes:
• GRS-1 Receiver
• User Replaceable
Li-ion Battery
• Power Adaptor
• AC Cable
• USB Cable
• Stylus
• Strap
• Soft Case
• Manual
• AC Plug Adaptor for EU
• LCD Protector Sheet
External Anntena Kit
Utilize a PG-A1 High Accuracy Kit including
external antenna, 2m pole, and bracket
for instantaneous decimeter or centimeter
level RTK positions. Don’t worry about
buying an additional higher accuracy
system as your requirements grow.
There is one system that can
do it all: Topcon’s GRS-1.
* RTK solutions require an additional software module.
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