Modular KVM extender system for Air Traffic Control - AV-iQ

Modular KVM extender system for Air Traffic Control - AV-iQ
Modular KVM extender system
for Air Traffic Control
Vario Extender
The Draco Vario product family is
a modular approach to extenders
that allows customization for most
applications. Each extender option
can be installed in one of the unique
frame assemblies. Four frame types
are available - 2, 4, 6, or 21 cards
per frame. Each DVI extender sup-
ports high resolution video up to
1920X1200 and USB-HID signals for
mouse/keyboard or other USB pointing devices. By maximizing data
flow with our multi-stage compression algorithm, you can be sure of
superb image quality and smooth
playback of HD video signals. Several
options are available for each module including analog or digital audio,
USB 2.0, VGA inputs, and RS232 serial data transports. Cable distances
up to 140 m with Cat X or 10 km
with fiber cables can be achieved.
Functional Diagram
VGA (optional)
Serial/Analog Audio (optional)
Digital Audio (optional)
Cat X/
Serial/Analog Audio (optional)
Digital Audio (optional)
CON Unit
CPU Unit
< 10 km
Superior image quality in all resolutions.
Single- and multi-head devices are available (please note that the number of monitors per PC is limited by the
number of slots)
Wide range of additional options:
- Two USB ports for HID devices
- USB 2.0
- Serial interface and analog audio
- Digital audio interface
- VGA input
19” rackmount kit available
Power supply included
All devices with redundant power supply (load sharing) available
All fiber devices are available as XV models. Due to the increased data transfer rate a loss-free image transfer is
in virtually all cases possible.
Reason to deploy KVM extenders point to point:
Air Traffic Control rooms require large amounts of computer equipment
in a small space, creating noise, heat
and distractions. The Draco Vario Extender enables an improved working
environment, by creating distance
The Draco Major HD-KVM Switch received TÜV SÜD certification in January
2011 confirming proper and uniform
manufacturing production quality. Production and the documented quality assurance procedures were approved.
between computers and their users
peripherals in the control room.
Storing the computers in a separate server room reduces noise, helps
to maintain correct temperatures of
equipment and increases security.
Modular Form factor:
The Draco Vario Extender is created
in a modular form. This allows the
device to be tailored to suit the specific needs of the user. Customized
cards can be fitted into a range of
Chassis cage which can hold either
two, four, six or twenty-one cards .
The link to connect the transmitter side to the user side can
be over copper or optical fiber.
Dual power supplies and Monitoring features:
The Draco Vario extender has support features to ensure its reliability. As Air Traffic Control cabinets
have two different voltage sources,
the extender has dual power supplies. Load sharing ensures that
should one power supply fail, the
other will compensate, without disruption to work in the control room.
Maintenance process and reduce downtime:
In the Air Traffic Control room, a
pro-active maintenance process
helps to reduce the down time
thanks to SNMP monitoring features.
The SNMP features insure a fast
and easy way to send an alarm in
case of any abnormal event (power
failure, video card disconnection)
The modular architecture system
allows a simple and fast hot swap
process of an eventual defective
card or power supply without having to un-mount a heavy extender or switch off a whole system.
USB mapping layout over dedicated industrial keyboard:
IHSE has its own support department
to insure all USB layout mapping to
handle specific airlines‘ keyboard.
Video features:
Extender card comes in single
head, single link and dual link
version and supports native
2k 2048x2048 video resolution
used in the Air Traffic industry.
Research and development on the new
Draco Tera Enterprise HD-KVM Switch
was funded in part by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.
All IHSE devices are CE certified. The
required tests, e.g. for electromagnetic
compatibility, are performed in certified
laboratories and documented.
Vario Extender
Frame Assemblies
2 Slot Enclosure
(with or without setup for redundancy power, with integrated power
supply and with DC power supply
4 Slot Enclosure
(with or without redundancy)
6 Slot Enclosure
(with redundacy option and with DC
power supply available)
4RU Rack Enclosure ( 21 slots)
(with redundancy option available)
Empty Enclosures / Blind Plates
Part No.
Enclosure for 2 modules, 1 x power supply
Enclosure for 2 modules, setup for redundancy power, 1 x power supply
Enclosure for 2 modules + setup for redundancy power with integrated power supply
Enclosure for 2 modules with integrated 12V DC power supply
Enclosure for 2 modules with integrated 24V DC power supply
Enclosure for 2 modules with integrated 48V DC power supply
Enclosure for 4 modules + 1 x power supply
Enclosure for 4 modules + setup for redundancy power + 1 x power supply
Enclosure for 6 modules + setup for redundancy power with integrated power supply
Enclosure for 6 modules with integrated 12V DC power supply
Enclosure for 6 modules with integrated 24V DC power supply
Enclosure for 6 modules with integrated 48V DC power supply
19” / 4 RU rack for up to 21 modules with integrated power supply + setup for redundancy power
Blind plate 3 U/4 HP for 2, 4 or 6 slot model and 19” rack
Blind plate 3 U/8 HP for 4 or 6 slot model and 19” rack
Blind plate 3 U/16 HP for 19” rack
Draco vario Extender Features
Supported Functions
Hold Picture
Shows last picture before video link was lost
Picture is shown with orange warning frame
Application in ATC environment
Set frame
Picture is shown with transparent red frame
Used for mark-up of back-up CPUs
Application in ATC environment
Disable DDC trans- Protect current video mode (table)
Disable HID transmission
Protect current HID device table
Set compression
Adapt compression to customer requirements
SNMP Function
When using the SNMP function, all critical function and safety critical parts of the matrix can be monitored
and their status can be queried. This function complies with a RFC 1157 conformal standard.
When using SNMP monitoring the use of a dedicated network for reasons of access security is strongly
Vario Extender
About IHSE
IHSE GmbH Germany stands for
25 years of experience when it
comes to reliable and cost-effective high tech products, specialising in KVM/Video matrix
switches, extenders and converters. As a global supplier of future-proof and market-oriented
solutions, their continuous innovation and product development
set IHSE apart - a view supported
by many blue chip clients world
wide in the area of TV & Broadcast, post production, control
rooms and industry as a whole.
‘Draco’ line of KVM/Video matrix
switches which is the only multi-medium switch on the market,
capable of mixing both Cat X
and fibre optic connections between source and target stations.
First introduced in 2010, the Draco tera KVM/Video matrix switch
has quickly become the only intelligent choice for enterprise-level high definition HD-KVM matrix switching. Equipped with a
unique Flex-Port technology, the
Draco tera offers total flexibility
of input and output ports. Any
A good example of the out- conceivable combination of IO
standing IHSE technology is the port configurations are achievab-
le within the maximum number
of available ports (48, 80, 160 and
288 port options are available). By
using intelligent video encoding,
video and data signals are optimised for maximum bandwidth
usage to provide the most outstanding visual display available.
When there is a need to deliver
full motion video, the Draco tera
can distribute full screen moving
video up to 1080p60, in real time,
without artifacts and near zero
latency. The modular structure
offers the freedom to scale your
switch ports as your needs evolve and the frame can easily be
mixed with Cat X or fiber optics.
Other significant features of the
Draco tera system is instant switching between different CPU’s.
The Draco tera technology allows switch commands in milliseconds which practically eliminate the annoying delay and
image re-sync problems found
in IP-based switching solutions.
matrix switch. As soon as the
Draco extender is connected to
the matrix switch it is registered
in the CPU with a clearly defined
identification number (ID). Depending on whether the physical device is a console or CPU
extender module, the ID number
is remembered. This powerful
feature allows the Draco extenIt is also possible to connect der module to be moved to any
Draco Cat X extender devices as other port without affecting seinput devices and re-transmit tup and configuration between
signals over fibre optics using sources and display devices.
Draco’s new long distance XV™
fiber extenders. Operations of Each Draco tera system contains
the connected Draco extenders an internal CPU that allows users to
simply requires the device to be control functions via an on screen
powered and connected to the display (OSD), a software user in-
terface (GUI), or an RS-232 serial
interface. Additionally, the Draco tera can easily be configured
through any third party control
system such as Crestron or AMX.
Our products are designed for
longtime applications which is
shown by a MTBF of more than
400.000 POH (power on hours).
The reliability is proven in military applications like NATO.
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