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The LookingGlass CS-4000E Deep Packet Processing Platform is a converged network
application and computing solution enabling flexible and rapid responses to emerging
threats and changing network conditions. LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing (DPP)
Deep Packet Processing
delivers applications that go beyond simple network traffic inspection to network traffic
Delivers applications that go beyond
inspection to traffic manipulation and
modification at the speeds beyond the
needs of the most demanding enterprises.
manipulation and advanced traffic steering at data rates beyond the requirements of the
most demanding enterprises.
Converged Network Security
The CS-4000E delivers flexible combinations of Deep Packet Processing, industrystandard applications, and integrated Ethernet switching. DPP-based applications
operate on Deep Packet Processing modules (DPPM) and industry-standard applications
operate on LookingGlass Content Processing Accelerator (CPA) blades. Dual redundant
8-port 10Gbps Ethernet switching modules offer an available total of 16 ports.
Protected Computing with Deep Packet Processing
LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing is fully programmable, enabling rapid responses
to changing network and security challenges. The chassis accommodates up to three
Deep Packet Processing modules equipped with:
Cost-Effective Bladed Platform
Deep Packet Processing, industrystandard applications, and Ethernet
switching converge in a bladed form factor that keeps the chassis in
place as blade technologies evolve for
long service life.
Rapid Response to Evolving Threats
Deep Packet Processing-based
applications can be adapted or extended
rapidly on premises in response to
changing threats or network conditions.
> The Flow Acceleration SysTem (FAST), delivering up 40 Gbps per blade for comprehensive layer 2-4 traffic classification, steering and modification.
> A layer 2-7 processing system with a regular expression (REGEX) processing engine and a dedicated NPU for DPPM-resident applications.
LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing makes both CS-4000E-resident applications,
and any appliance network-attached to the CS-4000E, invisible on the network. Invisible
applications cannot be attacked or evaded by threat actors, enhancing security.
Deep Packet Processing is capable of controlling all CS-4000E data flows. Examples of flow control: one-way communications to a Safe Sensor Enclave of invisible network
security devices, cloning traffic to multiple sensors, or rule-based traffic tagging for
faster security forensics.
Content Processing Accelerator
Industry-standard applications operate on up to three CPA modules per chassis. A CS-4000E CPA has dual multi-core Xeon processors, 48GB of memory, and solid-
state drive (SSD) storage.
Integrated Ethernet Switching
The CS-4000E accommodates one or two switches per chassis, each including eight
10Gbps Ethernet ports with small-form-factor pluggable (SFP+) interfaces. CS-4000E
applications control the switching configuration.
LookingGlass CS-4000E
Local Management Module
An internal server delivers full system management. Ethernet,
VGA and dual USB ports provide management access to CPA
boards. A selector button switches port context to the LMM
4RU EIA rack configuration
Depth: 23.6” / 600mm
Weight: up to 120lbs / 54kg
Chassis Slots
(3) 40Gbps packet processor bays
(2) 80Gbps I/O module bays
(1) Chassis management module bay
(1) Local management module bay
(3) AC/DC power supply bays (front)
(1) Hot-swap fan tray bay (rear)
Product Safety
CSA / UL 60950; March 27, 2007
EN 60950; 300 386 V1.5.1 (2010-10)
NEBS GR1089-CORE, Issue 5
Product Emissions
FCC part 15.b Class A
VCCI - A: April 2010
ICES-003 Class A: February 2004
EN 300 386 V1.5.1 (2010-10)
EN 55022:2006, A1:2007 Class A, Europe
EN55204:1998, A1:2001, A2:2003
CISPR 22:2008 Class A
Regulatory Markings CE, FCC, ICES-003, VCCI
Power Consumption
1600W chassis max power consumption
Power Provisioning
Chassis supports up to 3 AC or DC power supplies
and CPA-populated slots.
High Availability Features
CS-4000E high availability features include up to three fully
redundant, hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies and a hot-swappable chassis cooling system.
LookingGlass DNS Defender
LookingGlass DPP-based DNS protocolspecific firewall.
LookingGlass NetSentry
LookingGlass DPP-optimized Network
Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS).
AC Power Supply
Auto-ranging 120-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1200W
DC Power Supply
Auto-ranging -42.5 to -72VDC, 1200W
LookingGlass DPP-based threat mitigation and
traffic steering.
Long-term operating temperature:
41º to 104º F nominal (5º to 40º C)
Short-term operating temperature:
23º to 131º F short-term (-5º to 55º C)
Operating Altitude: 197 ft (60 m) below sea level
to 5905 ft (1800 m) above sea level
Operating humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
LookingGlass NetDefender
LookingGlass is the only threat-centric
security company in the industry with the
portfolio to holistically operationalize
cyber threat intelligence.
For more information, visit www.lgscout.com
or call 888.SCOUT.93
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