VJ628 SubliJet-HD FL Wasatch SoftRIP Setup

VJ628 SubliJet-HD FL Wasatch SoftRIP Setup Guide
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This document is specific to the setup of the Wasatch SoftRIP for use with FL inks. The installation can only be performed after
your printer is Set-up and the Wasatch profiles are downloaded to your computer. If you have not completed the setup and
downloaded the profiles please go to www.sawgrassink.com and click on Get Support in the navigation bar. This will take you
to the Product Support Wizard and walk you through the Set-up and downloading steps.
The following document will assist with a new VJ628 SubliJet-HD Fluorescent (FL) 8 color setup.
If you are a current user needing assistance converting your VJ628 printer to another SubliJet-HD ink configuration, or
executing this instruction, contact customer support.
Notice: Wasatch SoftRip must be running version 7.2 / January 2016 revision (and beyond) to access the proper
environment for your 8 color configuration.
If you are unsure of your current Wasatch version, check prior to proceeding further. To check your version, select Help (a), then
select About this program (b). Contact Wasatch if you need to upgrade your version.
The following instructions explain how to setup the Wasatch SoftRIP RIP Installer for the VJ 628 SJ-HD FL ink set, on a
computer using Windows 7. Your screens and menus may differ depending on the version of software and operating system
being used (i.e., Windows 7/8/8.1/10), or your Web Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer) but the settings will
be identical.
1. Install and open Wasatch SoftRIP using the Wasatch’s Installation Guide.
2. Open Wasatch SoftRIP and select Wasatch Internet Deployment then click on the configuration button. See Figure 1.
Figure 1
3. Click on the Printer Model drop-down menu. See Figure 2.
Figure 2
4. Select Mutoh from the printer list. See Figure 3.
Figure 3
5. Select the Mutoh ValueJet 628 Virtuoso (CMYK, 360x360 dpi). See figure 4. NOTE: Selecting a VIRTUOSO Printer
Model is key for this step. If Wasatch is newly installed, CMYK, 360 x 360 dpi will be the default. If Wasatch was installed
and already use with another inkset for the Mutoh ValueJet 628 Virtuoso, other inksets and resolutions may be
displayed. The proper printer model, including inkset and resolution, will be reflected after the Imaging Configuration is
Figure 4
If you do not see the configuration shown in Figure 4 as available, contact Wasatch Customer Service at
1 800-683-8214 to confirm your Wasatch dongle is up to date.
6. Select OK to close the configuration window. See Figure 5.
Figure 5
7. Open the downloaded SJHD VJ628 Fluorescent RIP Profiles File that was obtained using theSubliJet-HD FL Wasatch
SoftRIP Installation Guide. See Figure 6.
Figure 6
8. Open the Wasatch folder. See Figure 7.
Figure 7
9. The folder will contain multiple items. See Figure 8 and the description below.
Figure 8
Notice: The Environment and Inkset files are utilized in this Setup Procedure and must be installed in the specified order.
The SG_FL Spot Color folder and the ICC profile contain files for user reference and use.
1. Environment
Contain the Sawgrass print environments available for Wasatch SoftRIP.
2. Inkset
Custom files that are required to correctly identify the ink channel order to your printer and RIP software.
3. SG_FL_SpotColors
Sawgrass custom colors to enable you to accurately reproduce industry standard spot colors.
For additional info on spot colors, see Spot Color Basics.
4. SG Wasatch ICC Profile
Data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space, according to standards promulgated by the
International Color Consortium
10. Open the Environment folder. See Figure 9.
Figure 9
11. Select the desired environments (a), right-click and select copy (b). See Figure 10.
Figure 10
12. Locate and open the wwrip(#) folder that was installed in your Wasatch installation. (The default folder location is in C:
Drive unless otherwise specified during your installation). See Figure 11.
Figure 11
13. Locate and open the Configurations folder. See Figure 12.
Figure 12
14. Locate and open the mutohvj628virtuoso folder. See Figure 13.
Figure 13
Notice: If you do not see the configuration shown in Figure 4 as available, contact Wasatch Customer Service at 1 800683-8214 to confirm your Wasatch dongle is up to date.
15. Right click and select paste. See Figure 14.
Figure 14
16. The environments will display and will now be available for use in Wasatch. You may close the window. See Figure 15.
Figure 15
17. Open the Inkset folder accessed in step 9. (a) Right click (a) on the file, then select Copy (b). See Figure 16.
Figure 16
18. Locate and open the wwrip(+ version #) folder that was installed in your Wasatch installation. (The default folder
location is in C: Drive unless otherwise specified during your installation). See Figure 17.
Figure 17
19. Locate and open the inksets folder. See Figure 18.
Figure 18
20. Locate and open the folder entitled mutohvj628virtuoso folder. See Figure 19.
Figure 19
21. Right click and select Paste. See Figure 20.
Figure 20
22. The inkset should appear. See Figure 21.
Figure 21
23. Click on the Imaging Configuration drop-down and select the Sawgrass configuration that is required for your work.
See Figure 22.
Figure 22
24. The Unit will now reflect the printer and resolution in the previous step. See Figure 23, Imaging Configuration dropdown
where 1440 X 720 was selected.
25. Apply your printers IP address from the dropdown TCP/IP list and press OK to exit the configuration window. See Figure
23, Physical Connection Dropdown.
Figure 23
The configuration of the VJ628 print environment is complete. Click here to view Wasatch Getting Started Guide.
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