GBC 620 OS, Celloglazer Brochure

GBC 620 OS, Celloglazer Brochure
Print Finishing Solutions
GBC 6200s
One-Sided On demand System
Developed with sophisticated technology and an eye on
ease of operations. GBCs 6200s is the industry “best
in class” single sided laminating system. With a semi
automatic feeding system and integrated separator, this
table top laminator is ideal for short runs.
With a warm up time of 5 mins, an efficient set up
procedure and comprehensive capabilities, the 6200s
easily and quickly improves the finished appearance
and ... durabilty of narrow format prints.
Semi-automated feeding system 2
The sheet input mechanism utilises feed belts, in-feed 9 Y
rollers and a pneumatically controlled dual stage gating
system for reliable sheet feeding. The operator simply
sets the sheets onto the belt assembly. The dual stage
gate aligns the first sheet to be fed into the laminator and
then stages the next sheet. Depending on length, several
sheets can be staged at the same time. The synchronised
feed gate and in-feed rollers drive the sheets into the nip
with the proper amount of overlap to maximise lamination
coverage and ensure proper sheet feeding.
Features and Benefits:
Easy to Use
e Stationery unwind shaft eases film loading
* Adjustable core adapters allow for various film widths
e ‘Lift-and-lock’ idler bar simplifies film threading
Minimal setup requirements save time
e (utput stacker tray and magnetic paper guides adjust to accomodate various sheet widths and lengths
e In-line film slitter allows film coverage of any sheet size; rewind takes up excess film
e Job sheet counter tracks usage
e Infrared quartz heater provides fast warm up
e Teflon coated heat roller reduces sticking and shortens clean up times
e Pneumatically controlled nip pressure creates a better bond between ink and adhesive
e Adjustable decurling bar with web cooling tube ensures flat sheets
Integrated 3-part sheet burster automatically and reliably separates sheets.
E (GBC 6200s Laminator
Core diameter: 3" * GBC Supreme Gloss & Matt OPP
Sheet size max.: 52 x 74cm
Sheet size min.: 10 x 25cm * (BC Scuff-free"” Gloss 8: Matt
Flim width 520min » GBC Digital Lay-Flat® Gloss & Matt
Max. film roll size: 2000m a
Max. mechanical speed: 15m/min
Product range: 150-350 g/m?
Temperature: 145 a
Laminator power: 240V, 15A
Compressor power: 220V, 1.4A max.
Dimensions (with cabinet): 119 x 224 x 135cm
Weight: 304kg
Nip pressure: electro pneumatic
Specifications are subject to change without notification.
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