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Powersoft Celebrates 20 Years Of Extraordinary
Luca Lastrucci
owersoft is a unique company
that is mainly renowned for its
amplifiers. The company has
brought amplifier technology to a
whole new level with its innovative
technologies. Powersoft takes great
pride in being Italian from design to
manufacturing. Interestingly, though
the company does not have its own
loudspeaker brand it has also created
technologically efficient tranducers which
the company offers to other speaker
brands. ETA is pleased to do a special
coverage of the company in honour of
its 20th Anniversary.
How has Powersoft as a
company evolved over the
Powersoft was founded in 1995 when
three friends combined their love for
music with a passion for technology
and a curiosity for experimentation.
Luca Lastrucci, his brother Claudio,
and their mutual friend Antonio Peruch
began on this adventure by modifying
amplifiers and occasionally building
them from scratch. They succeeded
where others had failed in developing
a Class D amplifier that was perfectly
operational and stable for high levels
of power. Since then Powersoft has
Claudio Lastrucci
continued to pioneer and adapt
breakaway technologies, notably switch
mode amplification (for ‘greener’ power
output), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
and Power Factor Correction (PFC) in a
way that has enabled them to achieve
a combination of efficiency and power.
Believing strongly in active speakers, the
company was first to develop amplifier
modules that could be integrated into
the speakers and with the IPAL product,
it patented the differential pressure
control (DPC) allowing close integration
between amplifier and speaker, while
M-Force resulted in a revolutionary
approach to creating a transducer for
subwoofers. As a result of Powersoft’s
endeavours, and acceptance of switch
mode amplification as an industry
standard today.
M-Force offers a revolutionary appraoch to
creating a transducer for subwoofers
Antonio Peruch
What is the philosophy behind
the design of Powersoft's
Powersoft invests over 10% of
its turnover in the research and
development of technologies applied
to products and solutions dedicated
to the pro-audio industry. This makes
it an unconventional company. The
company has a different philosophy
from mainstream thinking: Product
development is not dependent on the
sole analysis of the opportunity for
better business or revenue, but on the
continued experimentation and curiosity
of breakaway technologies which can
potentially help to create innovative
products not catered to requests but to
create them exclusive of any. It is also
worth highlighting the importance of
environmental-efficient technologies that
is becoming ever more relevant in today’
s world. Integrating these technologies
into products has always been part of
the underlying philosophy at Powersoft
both to save customers’ money and in
preserving the environment.
In addition to the above, there are
some peculiar features that are making
technologies relevant for the pro audio
E-TECH ASIA July - August 2015
market, however networking and control
are the ones that have the biggest
effect on the market. The equalizers and
crossovers that once took up several
rack spaces and had lots of unreliable
controls have been superseded by digital
signal processing (DSP) implementations
in software. The integration of the DSP
inside the power amplifier is another
change taking place right now providing
users with an extra level of capabilities
and tools for running their PA in a
safely manner but without the need of
compromises in the final performance.
And how does the new X Series
tie into that philosophy?
X Series represents what we have just
said. “We looked at what we believe
amplifiers will require for the next 10
years and made a platform capable of
meeting these needs,” was the mandate
set by Powersoft. Its superiority is
underlined by economy and versatility.
Uniquely it allows the audio system to
operate independently from the power
mains available at a given venue and
allows even smaller racks to be brought
to run the show. This brings complete
system integration closer to reality and
provides an unmatched level of control
over the behavior of both the audio
and power source. Dante recognition
is a powerful adjunct and another neat
touch is the integrated WiFi connection,
that permits the Powersoft X Series
to be accessed and managed via any
smart phone or tablet through a user
interface specifically developed for
local monitoring. A generation on
from helping to pioneer Power Factor
Correction (PFC) — boosting stable
power supply — and Powersoft’s
patented Smart Rails Management (SRM)
technology — ensuring efficiency and
cool operation — the X Series has now
set the bar at a near-impossible height.
Is there a particular strategy for
Asian market in terms of sales,
turnover and brand image?
In the last 5 years the size of the
ProAudio market in Asia has grown
steadily with high levels of investment,
both from the public and private
sectors. This increase of investment has
attracted a lot of pro audio companies
to look for business there. In light of
this, our international business has
grown well these past few years and
today, Powersoft is available in over 50
countries worldwide through a strategic
network of partners, distributors
and authorized service centers. Our
distribution network over the region
includes DasanSR in Korea, E&E in
Singapore, MTC in Japan, Sanecore in
China, Production Audio in Australia,
SeaPower in Taiwan, Pro AVL in Vietnam
and the last but not least, the Indonesian
team, Kairos Multi Jaya partnership
which we announced at the recent
PL+S in Frankfurt - all of which are
overseen by Area Manager, Arthur Soh.
We also introduced a new sales and
support organization into the company’s
distribution network for the Indian
subcontinent at the start of this year, and
Powersoft will be attending InfoComm
India in September, for the first time with
its own booth.
In terms of Brand and communication
activities, Powersoft has always oriented
marketing efforts to increase its visibility
in the Pro Audio market and bring
practical benefits to its distributors
especially in the education field.
“Education is an important point for
us because we are constant in rolling
out new concepts and technologies
that may become unfamiliar to people.
Our Sound School and other training
programmes are ideal tools to inform
users about the benefits of our
products,” says Francesco Fanicchi. “We
want everyone from sound engineers
and architects through to consultants
and in house marketing people to better
understand what is possible.” This is
proven by the engagement of Remo
Orsoni, Powersoft’s technical application
engineer who is based in Singapore and
supports distributors in educational and
technical field.
Being able to respond to challenges
quickly and effectively makes all the
difference. This is why Powersoft has 25
authorized service centres around the
world. It is an incredible achievement
and endorsement to the value of the
Powersoft service center and its training,
and more importantly, the company’s
commitment to its end users. Through
technical support offered by authorized
service centers, Powersoft is able
to resolve every technology-related
problem that clients face anywhere
in the world. One of the company’s
greatest assets is reliability and not
just to the products made but also to
the people. The company’s customer
service department is a channel that
gives clients the best assurances to
get problems fixed within the shortest
turnaround time, and this is a great
benefit for customers who have chosen
Powersoft amps.
What does the next 20 years
hold for the company?
Our two decades of innovation has
revolutionized the development process
and creation of powered amplifiers.
We have a clear vision and some might
say foolhardiness that drives us to
pursue new innovation on a daily basis.
This is none more so evident than in
the products that we have developed
through the years that has shaped
the amplifier business today. We have
continued to achieve year on year
growth across the company, and there
are many challenges associated with this.
Our goal is to make sure that we are
able to scale and manage this growth
properly and effectively, while making
certain that the customer experience
remains outstanding. We are extremely
proud of the manner with which we take
care of our customers, and as Powersoft
continues to innovate and produce new
technologies, we want to make sure that
positive customer experience doesn't
E-TECH ASIA July - August 2015
1997 – Digam 7000
2004 - K Series
2012 - DSP-4
The Digam 7000 was the first amplifier
with increased power density and
unprecedented performance, the single
rack unit saving space and reducing
weight. The amplifier came with a
number of firsts for the industry:
Switch Mode, Fixed Frequency and
Power Factor Correction.
DSP on board. Sound shaping and
live performance optimisation at a
level unachievable with external signal
processors: the implementation of DSP
on-board of power amplifiers heralds
a new and innovative era of system
Networkable amp module: Granular
remote control of any single sound
source; highly scalable and versatile
performance management and sound
shaping from single point source to high
power complex sound systems.
AESOP Networking: A de facto standard
in signal routing through traditional Cat5
UTP cables that makes highly scalable
audio distribution and remote system
management effortless.
The all-in-one multimedia unit with
integrated solar panel. A Wi-Fi
manageable multifunctional system
that implements the latest generation
technology for distributing audio signal
across large areas and perform audio/
video surveillance in any operating
1997 – PowerMod
The first complete compact amplifier
module, providing the highest power
density at the time: the output stage and
power supply were condensed into a
compact and lightweight power amplifier
for self-powered loudspeakers.
2002 – DigiMod 1000
A Class D amplifier module with
specifically designed DSP boards
boasting advanced processing, remote
control and networking capabilities, the
DigiMod 1000 provided granular control
of sonic parameters and performance.
The introduction of signal processing
on-board of active loudspeakers marked
a huge step forward in system flexibility
and customisation.
2000 - Q Series
4 channels in 1RU. Powersoft R&D
continuously optimised the design and
performance of power amplifiers by
providing a Series with even higher
power density and more compact and
versatile solutions.
Step-up card: Increase the output power
without the need to change amplifier,
allowing systems to grow as required.
2007 - DigiMod 3000
PFC in Modules: At higher power levels,
control over the AC mains supply and
input power management became
essential. PFC integrated into the amp
module ensured power grid stability,
less dissipation and improved system
2007 - IpalMod
DPC: Differential Pressure Control
offered loudspeaker manufacturers an
effective tool to arbitrarily modify the
Thiele-Small parameters of the driver,
adapting the transducer’s physical
characteristics to the acoustic design.
Zero Latency DSP: Real-time signal
processing allowed for the transducer
behaviour to be modified adaptively and
ensured consistent system performance
over time.
2013 - DEVA
2013 - M-Force Technology
A new paradigm shift in low frequency
application. A moving magnet linear
motor structure capable of truly
unrivaled performance in terms of power
handling, electromagnetic conversion,
reliability and maximum SPL.
2014 - X Series
High channel count, high power density,
massive processing power. A culmination
of twenty years of innovation, the X
Series is a technological power house
with the most complete feature set of
any amplifier on the market. The high
channel count, extraordinary processing
capabilities and high power output
make the X Series suitable for any audio
Revolutionary Three Phase supply with
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