RS-232 - Glassman High Voltage

RS-232 - Glassman High Voltage
RS-232 and USB
Power Supply
Serial Interface
Option GE9
This microcontroller interface is
offered as an option for Glassman
High Voltage power supplies.
Its purpose is to provide remote
control capability of analog program signals, analog monitor signals, and digital control signals
and monitors using standard RS232 or USB interface computer
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GE9 RS-232 and USB Intelligent Power Supply Serial Interface.
Control Functions. Provides full
computer control of all remote control functions normally provided on
the user interface connector of the
power supply (varies per model).
Additional functions may also be
available on a special order basis
(consult factory).
Isolation. 2500 VRMS galvanic
Isolation is provided between the
host computer and the HVPS.
Communications. All communications between the host computer and
the interface is by means of ASCII
encoded character strings with error
Since the data link between the computer and the Glassman HV Power
Supply is fully dedicated and hardwired (there are no intermediate
devices such as modems), none of
the RS-232C handshaking signals are
Conversion Resolution. 10 BIT A/D
(readback) and 12 BIT D/A (program).
Commands. A complete list of controller commands and syntax is provided for user application development. No programming is required
for communication with the
Glassman control software provided.
Installation: Can be located up to 3
ft from the HVPS.
Control Software: Basic control
software is provided to program,
monitor and enable the power supply. The software is shipped pre-configured for the scale factors required
for each supply.
A Pentium® class or faster PC is recommended with mouse, Windows®
operating system and I/O port as follows:
Serial Port: 98, 2000, XP, or Vista.
USB port: 2000, XP or Vista only.
Size: Only 5” L x 3” W x 1.3”H.
Construction: Control hardware is
fully enclosed and shielded.
Designing Solutions for High Voltage Power Supply Applications
Note: This option must be ordered with
the power supply. It cannot be added to
an existing supply by the user. Contact
your Glassman representative for factory
upgrade availability.
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A2 8/16/13
Input: Power is provided by the HVPS via
the Power Supply Interface Connector.
Resolution: 0.1%, 10 bit A/D and 12 bit
D/A. The accuracy of the HV output and
monitors are determined by the HVPS
Protocol: RS-232C is used with singleended transmission over relatively short
lines. This standard defines the electrical
characteristics for the interfacing of Data
Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data
Communications Equipment (DCE). USB
(Universal Serial Bus) is a cable bus that
supports data exchange between a host
and peripheral. A USB system is
described by three definitional areas: USB
interconnects, USB devices and a USB
The power supply Interface acts strictly as
a slave device. It will not transmit any
messages over the data link unless it is
first queried by the host computer.
The data are conveyed using ASCII encoded character strings. Scale factors are
applied to the analog data by the host
computer. The instruction manual provides signal information and configuration details.
The functions that can be controlled and
monitored are dependent upon the functions provided for each HVPS series.
Computer Interface Connectors:
Female 9 Pin "D" connector (RS-232 port).
Instructions for wiring the mating connector for “null modem” operation are
detailed in the instruction manual provided. USB “mini B” connector.
Power Supply Interface Connector:
Female 25 Pin "D" connector. The signal
connections vary as a function of the
HVPS model.
Accessories: 3 foot shielded HVPS to
controller interface cable including chassis return ground wire, 10 foot RS-232
"null modem" controller to host computer
cable, 10 foot USB cable, Windows PC
control software, USB serial port drivers,
and Labview® drivers
Control Software: Software is provided
on a CD ROM which allows the user to
remotely operate the HVPS from a PC
with MS Windows 98, 2000, XP, or Vista
operating systems. The program consists
of a main window and a pull down configuration menu. The main window allows
programming and readback of the control
signals, operation of the digital interface
functions and reporting, and displays
messages indicating the status of the
HVPS and to report any errors.
Please consult the factory for special
Program Screen
Typical program screen. (Indicators provided vary per model.)
Designing Solutions for High Voltage Power Supply Applications
124 West Main Street, PO Box 317, High Bridge, NJ 08829-0317
(908) 638-3800 • Fax (908) 638-3700 •
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