HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer

HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer
Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer
Minimize the cost of printing and print
high-quality outdoor and indoor signage
with industry-leading print speeds
and unprecedented ink coverage.(1
New billboard modes enable greater
printing versatility. HP Scitex Print Care
maximizes uptime.
Reduce the cost of printing
•Save money on ink—increase your savings over time
with unmatched, high ink coverage.(2 Increase your
return on investment with high ink coverage—up to
207 m2/liter (2200 ft2/liter). With a combination of
HP specialty billboard and UV inks, this printing system
delivers better ink coverage than comparable solvent
and UV-ink printing systems.(2
•Save money on media—reduce expenses with the ability
to print directly on inexpensive media.(3 The initial price
for hardware is a small part of your business's TCO. Over
time, the cost of ink and media plays a larger role. The
super-wide format HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer prints
on inexpensive media such as polyethylene up to
5 m (16.6 ft) wide.(3
•Save time and money and control operating expenses.
With increased throughput, you produce more in less time
using one extremely productive printer, saving floor space
and operator costs and reducing the number of shifts
required for your 24/7 business.
Experience greater flexibility
and versatility
•Increase versatility and productivity with this printer's
multiple billboard modes. Experience greater versatility
and higher productivity with new billboard modes.
With two sets of Original HP Scitex inks and a media
range from low-cost to high-end, this printer enables
improved printing flexibility for all your outdoor and indoor
•Expand the range of applications you can offer. Offer
high margin applications using the optional double-sided
printing kit as well as the integrated mesh kit for building
cover applications. Deliver projects with matte or gloss
finish, using just one ink.
•You can feel confident with your purchase of a proven
HP Scitex XP Printer. Built on the proven success of
the HP Scitex XP Printer series, the HP Scitex XP5500
Industrial Printer combines both high speed and
high productivity.
Experience industry-leading print speeds(1
and high uptime
•Deliver more with industry-leading print speeds. The
HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer's high print speeds set
it apart from the competition and enable faster turnaround
times.(1 Ideal for outdoor applications, you can print at up
to 325 m2/hr (3500 ft2/hr) in billboard mode using
HP Specialty Billboard Scitex Inks.
•Maximize uptime with a new level of service from
HP—experience HP Scitex Print Care. Work with an HP
technician(4 for remote maintenance assistance, use guided
maintenance instructions, access your maintenance history.
With HP Scitex Print Care, you get a range of fast, efficient,
accurate tools and services that help you maximize uptime.
•Change ink less frequently and save time. New billboard
ink modes increase the range of applications that were
limited to standard inks in the past. Now you don’t have to
switch out your inks, saving a lot of time.
Compared to super-wide-format, roll-to-roll printers between $100,000 and $500,000. Based on the fastest rated speeds as published by manufacturers as of 2011. Test methods vary.
Based on internal HP testing. Actual results and testing methods may vary. Tested on 100% cover file at BB325G mode.
For further information on media substrates, please visit www.hp.com/go/mediasolutionslocator
The remote HP technician may work directly with your operator, or with your HP Authorized Channel Partner.
Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer
Technical specifications
Print speed
Up to 325 m2/hr (3500 ft2/hr)
Operating environment
Print resolution
Up to 360 dpi
18 to 28° C (64 to 85° F)
20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Operating requirements
Roll-to-roll (integrated collection system, on-core collector), roll-to-freefall,
Electrical voltage
3-phase, 230/400 VAC (±10%) 3 x 20A
Woven polyethylene, paper, mesh, textiles, blue back paper, SAV,
Power consumption
15 kVA (12 kW)
PVC banner, synthetic paper, Tyvek, Yupo, and others
1-year limited hardware warranty
multi-roll printing
Roll-fed media up to 5 m (16.6 ft) wide
Roll loading
Up to 250 kg (551 lb) rolls with 76 mm (3 in) or 152 mm (6 in) cores,
Ordering information
up to 400 mm (16 in) outside diameter
Print simultaneously on up to 3 rolls
HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer
Drop-on-demand, piezoelectric inkjet
HP Scitex XP5x00 Adapter for 6-in Cores 2 units Upgrade
Ink types
UV-curable pigmented inks
HP Scitex XP5x00 Adapter for 6-in Cores 6 units Upgrade
Ink colors
Cyan, magenta, yellow, black
Print heads
16 total (4 per color)
HP Scitex XP5500 Double-sided Print Upgrade
Original HP printing supplies
Outdoor durability
Up to 2 years UV and water resistance(2
HP XP231 2x5L Specialty Billboard Yellow Scitex Ink
Ink coverage
XP231 Specialty Billboard: up to 207 m2/L (at Billboard mode)(3
HP XP231 2x5L Specialty Billboard Magenta Scitex Ink
HP XP231 2x5L Specialty Billboard Cyan Scitex Ink
HP XP231 2x5L Specialty Billboard Black Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Yellow Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Magenta Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Cyan Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Black Scitex Ink
XP222: up to 140 m2/L (at Hi-Press Mode)(3
Ink drop
80 pl
Printing modes
4-color Sample Mode
40 m2/hr (430 ft2/hr)
4-color Fine-Press Mode
50 m2/hr (538 ft2/hr)
4-color Press-Plus Mode
85 m2/hr (915 ft2/hr)
4-color Hi-Press Mode
113 m2/hr (1216 ft2/hr)
4-color Standard Mode
165 m2/hr (1775 ft2/hr)
4-color X-Press Mode
170 m2/hr (1830 ft2/hr)
4-color Billboard Mode BB20G
20 m2/hr (215 ft2/hr)
4-color Billboard Mode BB80M
80 m2/hr (861 ft2/hr)
4-color Billboard Mode BB105M
4-color Billboard Mode BB165M
HP MF26 4x1L Scitex Cleaner
HP Scitex XP5500 Full Coverage Service
105 m2/hr (1130 ft2/hr)
HP Scitex XP5500 Parts and Remote Service
165 m /hr (1775 ft /hr)
4-color Billboard Mode BB175G
175 m2/hr (1883 ft2/hr)
Billboards - paper, SAV
4-color Billboard Mode BB240G
240 m2/hr (2583 ft2/hr) (high coverage)
Billboards - PVC banners, woven PE
4-color Billboard Mode BB300G
300 m2/hr (3230 ft2/hr) (high coverage)
Building coverings
4-color Billboard Mode BB325G
325 m2/hr (3500 ft2/hr) (high coverage)
Exhibition/Event graphics
Outdoor event banners
GrandRIP+ by Caldera or ProductionHouse by Onyx
Light boxes - film
Input formats
All popular graphic file formats, including PostScript, PDF, EPS, Tiff,
Double-sided banners/backlits
PSD, and JPG
Front end software features
Printing queue for multi-job management, job ticket-based operation,
Standard and Billboard modes, hot folder, automatic calibration,
picture tiling, step and repeat, error correction mechanism
Standard features
HP Scitex XP5500 On-core Collector
HP Scitex XP5500 Multi-roll Printing Kit
HP Scitex XP5500 Mesh Kit
HP Scitex XP5500 Shutters Control Kit
Dimensions (w x d x h)
8.2 x 1.25 x 2.38 m (26.9 x 4.1 x 7.8 ft)
6550 kg (14,440 lb)
To learn more, visit www.hp.com/go/ScitexXP5500
© Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to
change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty
statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an
additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
4AA3-6265ENUC, September 2011
Limitations to media may apply. Please refer to
UV and water resistance without coating or lamination;
conditions apply.
Based on internal HP testing. Actual results and testing methods
may vary.
X-Rite i1 Color for HP—Caldera profiles generated with i1 Profiler.
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