Navien America Inc. - Tankless Water Heaters

Navien America Inc. - Tankless Water Heaters
Navien America Inc.
Specification Details for the
Navien models:
For Potable Water Heating and Space
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Accessories included with the Navien water heater:
Dimensional information: CR-A / CR-A
Dimensional information: CC / CR
CR-210, CR-210A
Heat Capacity (Input)
Natural Gas
Min: 17,000 Btu/h Max: 175,000 Btu/h
LP Gas
Min: 17,000 Btu/h Max: 175,000 Btu/h
35°F Rise
9.8 Gal/m
45°F Rise
7.6 Gal/m
77°F Rise
4.5 Gal/m
Hot Water Production
W17” x H28” x D12”
Weight CR-A
95 lbs
Weight CR
87 lbs
Installation Type
Indoor Wall-Hanging
Venting Type
Forced Draft Direct Vent
Ignition Electronic
Water Pressure (min-max)
15 – 150 PSI
Gas Supply Pressure (from source; min-max)
NG: 3” WC ~ 10.5”WC
180 Manifold Gas Pressure (min-max)
NG: 0.4” WC ~ 3.7”WC
210 Manifold Gas Pressure (min-max)
NG: 0.4” WC ~ 3.0”WC
LP: 0.8” WC ~ 5.6” WC
240 Manifold Gas Pressure (min-max)
NG: 0.4” WC ~ 4.0”WC
LP: 0.8” WC ~ 7.1” WC
Minimum Flow Rate
Connection Sizes
Power Supply
LP: 0.8” WC ~ 8” WC
0 GPM for “A” models (no minimum flow rate requirement); 0.5
GPM for non-“A” models
Cold Water Inlet
3/4” NPT
Hot Water Outlet
3/4” NPT
Gas Inlet
3/4” NPT
Main Supply
Maximum Power
120VAC, 60Hz
Heat Exchangers
Exhaust (ø3” & ø4”)
LP: 8” WC ~ 13.5” WC
Intake (ø3”)
Vent Clearances
Safety Devices
Optional Accessories
200W (max 2A)
Cold Rolled Carbon Steel
Primary Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel
Condensing Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel
ø3” PVC (or ø3” Type BH Special Gas Vent (Class IIA (PVC) in
Canada), ø4” Navien Concentric Stainless Steel
PVC, Galvanized Steel, Flex Aluminum, Flex Stainless Steel, ABS,
0” to combustibles
Flame Rod, Overheat Cut Off device
APFS, GPFS, Gas-Valve Operation Detector,
Ignition Operation Detector, Water Temperature High Limit
Switch, Exhaust Temperature High Limit Switch
Plumb Easy Valve Set, Venting Kit, Condensate Neutralizer,
Condensate Pump,
The Contractor shall supply and install 1 (or more) Navien CR-210(A) Condensing
Residential instantaneous water heater(s);
The contractor may combine multiple CR-210(A) units to operate as a fully modulating
system. Please see the installation manual for detailed multiple unit installation
instructions. A connection wire required to link multiple CR-210(A) units together is not
included with each CR-210(A) and is an optional accessory that must be purchased
The dimensions of each CR-210(A) unit are 28” (H) x 17” (W) x 12” (D); the weight of
each CR-210 unit is 87 lbs and each CR-210(A) unit is 95 lbs.
Each CR-210(A) unit shall be a fully modulating, low mass, condensing water heater with
a modulating input of between 17,000 BTU/H and 175,000 BTU/H and shall have an
efficiency of 98% and an Energy Factor (EF) of .95;
All Navien water heaters are available in natural gas (NG) or propane gas (LP); field
conversion must be completed only by trained factory personnel; unauthorized
conversions are not permitted;
The primary heat exchanger shall be a stainless steel, fin-tube exchanger; the condensing
(or secondary) heat exchanger shall be a stainless, plate type exchanger;
All internal waterways to and from the heat exchangers shall be made of copper;
The water heaters’ combustion system shall be premixed, forced draft combustion and
contain a variable speed fan (DC), an aluminum cast and stainless steel burner, an
electronic spark ignition system with a flame sensing electrode and Navien’s GARC
control using its APS and GPS technology;
Modulation of the input shall be controlled by an on-board microcontroller (MCU) using
thermistors (to sense the input and output water temperatures) and a flow sensor (to
measure the volume rate); based on those input values, the MUC and vary the gas flow
(through a modulating gas valve) and the fan speed to match the BTU/H output
requirements and maintain ideal combustion;
The Contractor must allow sufficient clearances around the water heater:
Min. 9 inches
Min. 0.5 inches
Min. 4 inches
Min. 0.5 inches
Top of Heater
Back of Heater
Front of Heater
Sides of heater
Bottom of heater
Min. 12 inches
All Navien units come with an upper mounting bracket pre-drilled at 16” on center for
easy installation on standard stud walls. The Contractor shall affix the bracket to the
wall securely, ensuring that it is level and that it will support the weight of the water
heater. If the strength of the wall is not sufficient, reinforcements must be made to
prevent unsafe situations;
The cold water inlet and hot water outlet of each CR-210(A) are ¾” NPT connections.
The allowable water pressure range is from 15psi to 150psi. The Contractor shall install
manual shut-off ball valves on the cold water inlet and the hot water outlet of each CR210(A) unit. In addition, ¾“ union connections and hose bibs are recommended to be
installed on the cold water inlet and the hot water outlet of each CR-210(A) unit to
facilitate future maintenance should it be required;
Although the water fittings on the Navien water heater are ¾”, if the installation site has
only ½” plumbing throughout the building, it is NOT necessary to upsize the water lines to
¾” when installing a single unit;
When installing multiple units to supply high volumes of hot water either in residential
(multi-head shower systems for example) applications or in commercial applications, the
number of Navien water heaters required and the header pipe need to be properly sized to
meet the total hot water demand;
Each Navien water heater has a temperature high limit shut off switch built in to the
outlet water piping as a standard safety feature. Therefore, a “pressure only” relief
valve is required to be installed. This unit does not come with a pressure relief valve.
The Contractor shall supply an approved ¾”, maximum 150 psig pressure relief valve
and must install it on the hot water outlet, as close to the unit as possible. The
maximum input BTU/H rating on the presuure relief valve must be equal to or greater
than the maximum175,000 BTU/H input rating of this water heater;
The discharge piping for the pressure relief valve must be directed so that the hot water
will not splash on anyone or on nearby equipment. Attach the discharge tube to the
pressure relief valve and run the end of the tube to within 6" from the floor. This
discharge tube must allow free and complete drainage without any restrictions; No
reducing coupling or other restriction may be installed in the discharge line.
This Navien water heater is a high efficiency gas appliance that creates condensation
when it operates. This condensation has an acidity (pH) of approximately 4. A
condensate trap comes factory installed inside each water heater. A 5 foot length of ¾”
condensate line is included with the water heater. The condensate must be drained in
accordance with all local regulations;
Navien recommends draining the condensate to a laundry tub where the soap from the
washing machine will neutralize the acidic condensate. If a laundry tub is not close by,
Navien recommends the install of a condensate pump to push the condensate to the
nearest laundry tub or consider installing a condensate neutralizer;
Navien recommends the water heater be the first appliance installed downstream of the
gas meter to ensure it will have sufficient supply of gas;
The gas connection fitting on all Navien water heaters is ¾” NPT. The Contrator must
not use less than ¾” gas piping. The Contractor shall size the gas line appropriately to
ensure a gas supply of 175,000 BTU/H per unit is delivered;
The allowable natural gas supply pressure range is from 3” W.C. to 10.5” W.C. For
optimal performance, a minimum of 7” WC is recommended. The Navien water heater
will automatically reduce the hot water volume production if the gas supply pressure is
insufficient to meet demand;
When using flexible gas line, ensure the pipe’s inner diameter is sufficient to supply the
required BTU/Hs. Ensure the flexible line has no crimps or tight bends that will restrict
gas flow. The Contractor shall install a manual gas shut-off valve between on the gas
supply line close to the water heater;
When using rigid gas pipe, the Contractor shall install a union on the gas supply pipe
close to the water heater to facilitate any future maintenance and service;
Navien recommends whenever possible, that its water heaters be used as direct vent
(or sealed combustion) units which draw all of their required combustion air directly from
outside the building and where the combustion air supply is connected directly to the air
intake collar of the water heater.
If, in the room in which the unit is to installed, there is a continuous and sufficient supply
of combustion and ventilation air in accordance with all local codes, the Navien units
may then communicate with that indoor air and a direct outdoor supply is not required.
This non-direct vent method of venting is not recommended for residential installations
in areas subject to below freezing air temperatures;
All Navien water heaters use round 3” exhaust and round 3” air supply vent pipe. To
ensure the draw and exhaust of air directly to and from the outside, the exhaust vent and
air intake vent must be sealed airtight from unit collar to terminator;
The air intake vent materials may be made of ABS, PVC, galvanized steel, corrugated
aluminum or any other such materials. If using a corrugated material, ensure there is no
inadvertent crimping of, or damage to, the air intake vent. Maximum allowable intake vent
length, either vertically or horizontally, is 100’ subtracting 5’ for each 90°elbow and 2’ for
each 45° elbow in the venting system to a maximum of 6 elbows. Each CR-210(A) may
be sidewall vented (horizontally) or vented through the roof (vertically).
This Navien water heater may be vented with plastic or stainless steel. Plastic vent may
be used in all cases EXCEPT when the incoming or recirculation return water
temperatures exceed 160°F (70°C). IF you set the water heater at a temperature higher
than 160°F (70°C) AND are running an external recirculation loop or a combination
heating system, you MUST use the Navien 4” concentric stainless steel venting or any 3”
venting system approved for use with Category IV appliances for temperatures above
65°C (typically Type BH Special Gas Vent Class II B, C or D approved to UL1738-S636).
Model Type
CR-210, CR210A
Navien Recommended Vent Materials
PVC Schedule 40**
Navien’s Stainless Steel Vent Kit
ABS Schedule 40**
Navien’s Stainless Steel
Type BH Special Gas Vent Class IIA
Vent Kit
** except cellular core
The water heaters shall be exhaust vented with 3” PVC (in Canada, Special Gas Vent Type BH Class IIA certified to UL1738/ULC-S636 approved for use with Category IV
appliances). Maximum allowable vent length, either vertically or horizontally, is 100’
subtracting 5’ for each 90°elbow and 2’ for each 45° elbow in the venting system to a
maximum of 6 elbows. Each CR-210(A) may be sidewall vented (horizontally) or vented
through the roof (vertically). There shall be an upward slope of ¼“ per foot (2%) from the
flue collar of the unit to venting system terminator;
When installing multiple Navien water heaters, the exhaust venting may be combined into
a common vent. The multi-unit system software design is such that the fan in each
individual unit will begin automatically when the burner of any unit fires creating a positive
pressure in the common vent. The size of the common vent trunk line is dependent on
the number of units installed. The table below identifies the inner diameter requirement of
the truck line given the total number of units installed in the multi-system:
# of Units in Multi‐System
Required Minimum Diameter of Common Vent Trunk Line 2 units 3 units 4 units 5 units 6 units 7 units 8 units 9 units 10 units 4" 4"
6" 6"
8" 8" 10"
A ventilation air opening of sufficient size shall be provided if necessary in accordance
with all local codes;
The electrical supply required by the water heater is 110~120VAC at 60 Hz with a
maximum 2 A rating;
All units come with a factory installed 3-pronged (grounded) plug end. The water heater
may be plugged into any electrical outlet close to the unit. It is not necessary to run a
dedicated electrical line to the water heater;
If the local jurisdiction requires the unit to be wired directly, the Contractor may remove
and discard the factory installed plug. An on/off switch controlling the main power
between the breaker and the Navien water heater must be provided to facilitate enduser maintenance and servicing;
The heater must be electrically grounded. Ensure the electical receptacle, in which the
water heater will be plugged into, is properly grounded; if wiring directly, do not attach
the ground wire to either the gas or the water piping as plastic pipe or dielectric unions
may isolate the water heater electrically;
Do not plug electrical power to the unit until all plumbing and gas piping is complete and
the water heater has been filled with water;
Disconnect the power to the water heater before installing the remote control;
The remote control connects to the computer board inside the water heater using 18
gauge wire; DO NOT connect 110~120VAC to this remote control;
The maximum length of wire between the water heater and the remote control
installation location is limited to a maximum of 300 feet;
There is no polarity;
The remote control is water resistant but not water proof;
The standard parts warranty is 3 years on all components except for the heat exchanger
which has a 15 year warranty.
Navien America Inc. is continuously improving our products therefore specifications are
subject to change without prior notice.
Follow all local codes, or in the absence of local codes, follow the most recent edition of
the National Fuel Gas Code (ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54) or the CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural
Gas and Propane Installation Code.
Flow Rates:
Flow Rate Specifications
CR-210A CR-210
Output BTU (NG)
171,500 171,500
Combustion Efficiency (NG)
175,000 175,000
Input BTU (NG)
GPM @ 35°F Temperature Rise
98% 98
(70°F to 105°F for example)
(theoretical value based on BTUs; may be subject to manufacturer's heat exchanger flow limits)
GPM @ 50°F Temperature Rise
(70°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 55°F Temperature Rise
(65°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 60°F Temperature Rise
(60°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 65°F Temperature Rise
(55°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 70°F Temperature Rise
(50°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 75°F Temperature Rise
(45°F to 120°F for example)
GPM @ 80°F Temperature Rise
(40°F to 120°F for example)
# of Simultaneous Showers with 40°F Ground Water (2.5 GPM Heads)
# of Simultaneous Showers with 55°F Ground Water (2.5 GPM Heads)
# of Simultaneous Showers with 70°F Ground Water (2.5 GPM Heads)
(theoretical value based on BTUs; may be subject to manufacturer's heat exchanger flow limits)
GPM @ 45°F Temperature Rise
(60°F to 105°F for example)
Pressure Drop Chart:
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