Improving Small Business Productivity and Efficiency

Improving Small Business Productivity and Efficiency
Improving Small Business
Productivity and Efficiency
Radius CP125TM Two-Way Radios and Accessories
Introducing the Motorola Radius CP125.
A Durable, Affordable and Effective
Two-Way Communications Solutions.
Many businesses and schools have discovered
the benefits of two-way radios for effective
employee communications. And many more have
been anxious to gain productivity and improve
service — but have been concerned about costs or
employee learning curves.
Whether you’re looking to replace older two-way
radios, or are considering integrating them into your
operation for the first time, the Radius® CP125™ makes
it easy and remarkably affordable.
The Radius® CP125™ provides instant communication
that’s powerful and dependable combined with
simple operation. It keeps employees in touch, always
able to respond to anything from a simple question
to a request from a manager to an emergency. The
Radius® CP125™ is the right choice for businesses
seeking reliable performance and exceptional value.
• Educators
• Retail Outlets
• Property Management
• Hospitality
Safety and
Radius CP125
No Monthly
or Per-Minute
Enable Staff
to do More in
Less Time
Customer Service
and Satisfaction
The Features
You’re Looking For.
With adjustable power levels and programmable
function controls, the Radius® CP125™ provides
users with the flexibility and features they need
to succeed. Fully equipped with Voice-Activated
Transmission (VOX) capabilities,* the Radius® CP125™
supports hands-free communications via an optional
headset — so users can stay connected while
focusing on the job at hand.
Rapid drop-in charging — now you can charge your radio in three
hours with the included drop-in rapid charger.
Multi-channel capable — four channels allow you to communicate
with separate workgroups.
High power — 5 Watt (VHF)/4 Watt (UHF). Adjustable power levels
help save battery life.
Eight-character alphanumeric display — with user-friendly icons
to help make information clear and easy to read.
Four front programmable buttons for setting these features:
• Priority scan ON/OFF
• Adjustable power levels to save battery life
• Backlight ON/OFF
• Keypad lock so users won’t change channels accidentally
VOX capabilities *— hands-free operation with an optional headset.
Durable, lightweight design for optimal portability — ideal for
employees on the move.
Long-lasting battery life — up to 11 hours of battery life,
more than enough for a long work shift.
*Audio accessory required, sold separately.
Excellence in Design; Exceptional Durability
Radius® CP125™
Rugged and reliable, the Radius® CP125™ two-way radio has
undergone rigorous testing in the design process using U.S.
Military 810 C, D, and E Standards — so you can rest assured this
radio will hold up under demanding conditions.
Motorola — A Name You Know and Trust
For more than 75 years, Motorola has been a leader in creating state-of-the-art wireless communications
for people like you. The Radius® CP125TM two-way radio upholds that superior standard. And each radio is
backed by a limited one-year warranty. So when you select the Radius® CP125TM radio, you’ll experience the
same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from all Motorola products.
Standard Package Includes:
• One Radius® CP125™ Two-Way Radio
• NiMH Rechargeable Battery
• Three-Hour Rapid Charger
• Antenna
• Operating Instruction Manuals
• One-Year Limited Warranty
Radius® CP125TM Accessories
CP125TM Accessories Further enhance the productivity benefits from Motorola
digital on-site two-way radios with these convenient, timesaving accessories.
• Remote Speaker Microphone with Coil Cord and Swivel Clothing Clip - HMN9030
Allows users to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt, case or charger. Ideal for
moderate noise level environments. This water-resistant microphone includes a 6-foot coiled cord
assembly and swivel clip.
• 120 Volt Rapid Charger Kit - PMTN4087
Keep an extra charger on hand for additional flexibility. You can fully charge your Radius® CP125™ radio
in three hours.
• Lightweight Single-Muff Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone - HMN9013
This headset allows for high-clarity, handsfree communication for extended wear in moderately noisy
environments. Works with radio Push-to-Talk button.
• NiMH 1500 mAh, 7.2 Volt Rechargeable Battery - PMNN4063
Have a spare battery ready for when you need it. Rechargeable battery provides up to 11 hours of
battery life per full charge.
• Ribless Programming Cable - DSK001C706
Provides timesaving programming capability of configurations and user menu settings.
• 2 Inch Spring Belt Clip - HLN9844
Replacement for the durable belt clip that comes standard with each Radius® CP125™ radio purchased.
Pipo Communications
Pipo Communications
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