TempTale®4 USB

TempTale 4 USB
Multi-Alarm Monitor
Instructions For Use
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All TempTale®4 USB Multi-Alarm (MA) monitors are programmed with
a custom start-up delay, measurement interval and time-temperature alarm
settings that have been pre-determined by the customer.
Receiving a TempTale®4USB MA Monitor
Starting a TempTale®4 USB MA Monitor
Press the Start button (1 – 3 seconds) until the “Sunshine”
appears in the upper left corner of the display.
The TempTale®4 USB MA will now begin to record data
after the pre-programmed start-up delay period has passed.
Retrieving TempTale®4 USB MA Monitor Reports and Data Files
To Mark an Important Event (“Date Stamp”)
Recover the TempTale®4 USB MA monitor and press the red Stop button (1 – 3
seconds) to manually stop the unit. NOTE: If the monitor is not stopped manually,
the TempTale®4 USB MA will continue to record data until the monitor is
plugged into a USB port on the computer or until the pre-programmed trip length
is exceeded.
Verify the “Stop” icon
is visible on the display.
The TempTale®4 USB MA monitors provide an option to “Date Stamp” or mark
an important event at any time during the recording cycle. This mark is displayed
as an arrow when viewing the Graph and shown in bold italics when viewing the
Tabular data.
To set a marked data point while the monitor is recording, press and release the
“Start” button. The “Arrow”
icon will appear temporarily in the lower left
corner and the trip summary data will appear on the display.
Press and release the Start button to step through the trip summary data. Data
appears as follows:
Pull out the USB connector cable from the side of theTempTale®4USB
MA monitor and insert the plug into a USB port on the computer.
The monitor will automatically begin creating the Adobe®
PDF report and Sensitech .TTV data file within the monitor.
After the LED on the face of the monitor glows solid green,
the monitor has completed the report and data file generation.
The files are now accessible as files on a “removable storage device”
as shown below. Note: Do not remove the plug from the USB port on
the computer until the LED on the face of the monitor glows solid green.
1. Time remaining/time elapsed before alarm triggers (configurable option)
2. Average temperature
3. Highest temperature recorded
4. Lowest temperature recorded
5. Alarm number(s) that triggered (configurable option)
6. Current Temp Reading (Last Temp Recorded configurable option)
When the TempTale®4 USB MA is exposed to temperatures that meet or exceed the
allowable pre-programmed time threshold, an “Alarm bell” or “X” (depending on
which Alarm display option is configured) will appear at the top of the LCD window.
Stopping a TempTale®4USB Monitor
Managing and Viewing TempTale®4USB Monitor Files
Press and hold (1 to 3 seconds) the Stop button until the “Stop”
icon appears in
the upper right corner of the display. Inserting the USB plug into a USB port on the
computer will also stop the monitor.
Displayed Information
Alarm Number Triggered
Alarm Icon
Time Remaining
If the computer has Adobe® PDF compatible reader software installed, the PDF
report file containing the monitor information, summary statistics, and timetemperature data graph, can be opened and viewed by double clicking on the .PDF
file icon.
If the computer has Sensitech’s TempTale® Manger Desktop Software installed,
the .TTV data file containing the monitor information and time-temperature data,
can be opened and accessed by double clicking on the .TTV file icon.
Both the PDF and .TTV files can be moved, copied, saved and/or attached to
email as allowed by the computer operating system.