PhaserTM P370 and P470

PhaserTM P370 and P470
Phaser P370 and P470
Flexibility that works inside and outside
the enterprise
The Phaser P370 and P470 cordless RF bar code scanners from
Symbol Technologies are rugged, high-performance wireless devices
that enable instant decision-making and seamless communications
throughout the enterprise.
Designed with a comfortable forward-scanning pistol grip to minimize
fatigue in scan-intensive applications, the P370 and P470 scanners
are available in keypad or keyless configurations.
Loading dock
Factory floor
Shipping and receiving clerks
Assembly and line personnel
Forklift operators
Inventory counts
Price verification
Cordless RF scanning
Enables real-time bar code data
collection wherever cables
restrict movement or limit access
The P370 and P470 offer easy system integration along with a
programmable architecture that extends functionality beyond basic
bar code scanners. For fast integration, both the P370 and P470
support the 123Scan setup utility software, a convenient Microsoft®
Windows®-based program that helps reduce your start-up time and
costs for these scanners. This free utility enables you to configure
communication settings and enable/disable symbologies. It also
assists you in generating advanced data formatting (ADF) rules to
allow bar code data to be modified by the scanner before it is sent to
the host application. The P370 and P470 scanners can be programmed
via PC download or by scanning bar codes generated by the utility.
Keyless and keypad versions
Choose the features most
2.4 GHz point-to-point radio
frequency technology
Improves accuracy with errorfree, reliable data transmission
17-key alphanumeric keypad and
2-line x 20-character display
Allows users to easily view,
enter and delete scanned records
for maximum productivity
Forward-scanning pistol grip
Reduces user fatigue in
scan-intensive environments
For added versatility, you can also purchase MCLTM-Designer
software, a programmable architecture that extends scanner
functionality. Even non-programmers can develop custom data
management applications to harness the on-board computing power
of these scanners. Further, MCL-Link communication software easily
connects the P370 and P470 to your host. Capabilities include ODBC
database connectivity plus the automation of frequent tasks such as
nightly data downloads and look-up file updates.
Advanced long-range functionality
Enables users to read bar codes
from as far as 30 feet (9.1
meters) for maximum productivity
Flash memory
Conduct easy software upgrades
in the field
Supports 123Scan utility software and
advanced data formatting (ADF)
Delivers seamless integration of
scanned data into the existing
host application
Sealed to IP54 standards (P370 only)
Suitable for extreme
Optional MCL-Designer
Develop custom data
management applications
Preloaded inventory
application software
Scan and store bar code data,
enter quantities, review and
delete records
Easy system integration and programmable
Proven performance and affordability
With the Phaser P370 and P470 cordless RF bar code scanners, you
can choose the device that best meets your application needs in any
environment. The P370 is suited for extreme environments, making it
ideal for warehouse, yard or loading dock applications. And the P470
delivers the identical data capture functionality for in-store uses
including stockroom tasks and oversized item checkout. Both
scanners deliver the proven performance and affordability that
customers have grown to expect from Symbol.
For more information, contact us at +1.800.722.6234 or +1.631.738.2400,
or visit us on the web at:
P370 and P470 Specification Highlights
Drop Specifications:
P370: Multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete over entire
temperature range
P470: Multiple 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete over entire
temperature range
Physical Characteristics
7.0 in. H x 9.2 in. W x 3.5 in. D/17.8 cm H x 23.1 cm W x 9.0 cm D
12 oz./336 gm
P370: All components sealed to IP54 against windblown rain
and dust
P370: Yellow body with dark gray keypad
P470: Cash register white body with light gray keypad
Ambient Light
17-key keypad; single stroke numeric and shifted alpha;
user-programmable function keys
Sunlight: 10,000 ft. candles/107,644 LUX
Artificial light: 450 ft. candles/4,844 LUX
Sunlight: 4,000 ft-candles/ 43,056 LUX
Artificial: 450 ft-candles/4,844 LUX
2-line x 20-character; view long lists/menus using scroll keys
with MCL application
1100 mAh Lithium-ion battery charged via the cradle
Default Application
Transmit scanned or keyed in alpha-numeric data; key in
quantity to eliminate repetitive bar code scanning
Battery Charge Time:
Fully charged (100%) in approximately 3.5 hours
Performance Characteristics
Windows-based application development software for creation
of customized P370/P470/P360/P460 scanner applications
Light Source:
650 nm visible laser diode
MCL-Link (Optional):
Scan Rate:
35 ± 5 scans per second (bi-directional)
Nominal Working
See Decode Zones
Communications software used with MCL-Designer-generated
applications enables seamless connection to host application
for task automation, ODBC connectivity, real time text
messaging, built-in CRC error detection and more
Print Contrast
P370/470: 20% minimum reflectance
P370ALR: 40% absolute dark/light reflectance at 650 nm
Radio Specifications
Radio Range:
Up to 100 ft./30 m without a direct line of sight; coexists with
Spectrum24®‚ systems
2.4 GHz point-to-point narrow band, 82 user-selectable
<10 mW
FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, European Union EMC
Directive, Australian SMA
Storage Temperature:
-40º to 158º F/-40º to 70º C
Frequency channels:
Radio Output:
Base Station
Electrical Safety:
Laser Safety:
5% to 95% noncondensing
Scan Angle:
42º ± 2º
Decode Capability:
UPC/EAN, Bookland EAN, Code 39,
Code 39 Full ASCII, Trioptic Code 39, Code 93, Codabar,
Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, EAN
128, Discrete 2 of 5, MSI Plessey and Coupon Code
Interfaces Supported:
RS-232, MCL-Link Lite or Symbol Synapse cables
(Keyboard wedge, USB, OCIA, Dual RS-232, etc.)
User Environment
Operating Temperature: P370: -4º to 122º F/-20º to 50º C
P470: 32º to 104º F/0º to 40º C
PL370 Dark Gray ; PL470 Light Gray
3.5 in. H x 9.5 in. L x 4 in. W / 8.9 cm H x 24.1 cm L x 10.2 cm W
Operates from a separate 9V power supply 1.2A
RS-232 or Symbol Synapse cables
Certification to UL1950, CSA C22.2 No. 950, EN60950/IEC950
CDRH Class II, IEC Class 2
15.6 in.
39.6 cm
P370 and P470 Decode Zone
20.0 in.
50.4 cm
P370ALR Decode Zone
10 in.
25.4 cm
5 in.
12.7 cm
0 in.
0 cm
5 in.
12.7 cm
5 mil
10 in.
25.4 cm
5 in.
12.7 cm
0 in.
0 cm
10 in.
25.4 cm
7.5 mil
15.0 in.
38.1 cm
5 in.
12.7 cm
100% UPC
10 mil
15.6 in.
39.6 cm
100% UPC
10 in.
25.4 cm
15 Mil
40 Mil
15.0 in.
38.1 cm
15 mil
55 Mil
20 mil
20.0 in.
50.8 cm
70 Mil Reflective
40 mil
100 Mil Reflective
55 mil
0 in.
0 cm
5 in.
12.7 cm
10 in.
25.4 cm
15 in.
38.1 cm
20 in.
50.8 cm
25 in.
63.5 cm
30 in.
76.2 cm
35 in.
88.9 cm
40 in.
101.6 cm
0 in.
0 cm
45 in.
114.3 cm
35 in.
88.9 cm
70 in.
177.8 cm
105 in.
266.7 cm
140 in.
355.6 cm
175 in.
444.5 cm
210 in.
533.4 cm
245 in.
280 in.
622.3 cm 711.2 cm
315 in.
800.1 cm
350 in.
889.0 cm
385 in.
977.9 cm
Distance From Front Of Scanner
Distance From Front Of Scanner
About Symbol Technologies
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profitable. TPI’s expertise guarantees your project will be successful:
on time, on budget and meet your ROI requirements.
TPI will facilitate your entire wireless and data collection project:
Business analysis
Project justification & ROI
Wireless design, RF site survey and spectrum analysis
WWAN, WLAN design & installation
Custom software
Integration w/legacy systems
Mobile computers
Data collection terminals
Barcode printers, labels and scanners
RFID solutions
Configuration and deployment
Training and installation
Service and upgrades
Remote device management and support
TPI can share best practices in data collection from a number of
industries including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, healthcare
and retail/consumer goods. Our expertise allows you to shorten your
learning curve and increase your return on investment.
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