Norcon TTU® -1X Series - Norcon Communications

Norcon TTU® -1X Series - Norcon Communications
TTU® -1X Series 2-Way Talk-Thru Electronic
Communication System.
Norcon TTU® -1X Series
Installation & Operating
510 Burnside Ave.
Inwood. NY 11096
Tel. 516 239 0300
Fax. 516 239 8915
Features …………………………………………….1
How It Works …………………………………….…2
How To Install …………………………………….. 3-4
How To Use The Talk-Thru Communicator ……. 5
Operation Hints …………………………………. 6
Specifications ……………………………………… 7
Accessories and Options ….……………………… 8
TTU® -1X Series ……………….…… ………. 9
Norcon TTU®-7X Series ……………...………....11
Norcon TTU®-3X Series.… ….…………....……. 12
Troubleshooting ………………….…….…………..13
Warranty ……………………………….…………...14
A voice communications system for High-Security and Isolation
Booth Situations. In today’s security conscious environment,
isolation booths are often the ideal recourse to protect your
employees. But does it facilitate and help maintain your very
important public image? Not if clerks and customers have to yell and
repeat themselves to be heard or understood.
Norcon’s Patented TTU® -1X Talk-Thru Communicator is a 2way, hands-free audio system that provides high-quality personal
communication between people separated by security or isolation
barriers. It is the most widely used system of its type in the U.S., and
the world.
Clear 2-way hands-free voice communication.
Quality electronic design and engineering.
Avoid raising your voice, repetition & misunderstanding.
XLR removable mic for your convenience.
Simple, one-person installation.
Rugged, tamper-resistant materials. Anodized aluminum
Self-powered with fast rechargeable battery option.
Bullet-resistant option (UL level 3).
Units available for ADA applications.
Headset jack equipped on all models. Headset can be ordered
Export models available
The Norcon TTU® system permits hands-free, 2-way
communication between the booth attendant and the customer.
Unique circuitry facilitates ongoing, clear, 2-way conversation at all
times – as if the two parties were together in the same room. The
TTU®-1X Talk-Thru Communicator now incorporates circuitry to
automatically attenuate the outside channel. If the gooseneck
microphone is not used for a period of 30 seconds, the outside
channel volume will be reduced approximately 70%. Normal operation
is restored as soon as the attendant speaks into the gooseneck
microphone. The automatic volume attenuation circuit prevents
outside noise from bothering the attendant.
The TTU® -1X provides clear communication even in
environments with high ambient noise by shaping the sound for
maximum intelligibility. Its compression circuitry decreases loud,
annoying sounds.
Installation of the TTU® -1X is a very simple, one-person operation.
All that’s needed is a 3” to 4” diameter cutout in the barrier. Four
fasteners and two rubber gaskets for mounting are supplied. The front
face and housing are easily mounted on opposite sides of the barrier
using the fasteners. The rubber gaskets prevent slippage and protects
the barrier surface. The electronic section is then inserted into the
housing and fastened in place.
Installation Instructions:
Remove the four (4) 6-32 assembly screws.
Separate the housing and electronics assembly. Unplug electronic
assembly from the faceplate and housing.
Set the electronic assembly aside, carefully.
Remove the four (4) 8-32 mounting nuts from the mounting rods.
Separate the faceplate and housing. Discard the shipping spacers
located between the faceplate and housing if there are any. Hold the
faceplate over the partition opening. Carefully center the faceplate and
align the lettering horizontally. Masking tape can be used to temporarily
hold the faceplate to the outside of the partition.
On the inside of the partition mount the housing over the four (4) 8-32
mounting rods. Be certain to position the housing so that the threaded
hole is positioned properly. If using tubing, orient the hole in the direction
which the tubing is to exit (left, right, top, and bottom). If tubing is not
being used, place the plugged hole at the bottom.
Recommended cables for wiring :
For power connections use West Penn wire #221. This is a stranded
single pair 22 awg, Plenecon -II jacket Rohs cable. Keep Mic/spk and
power cable bundles away from other power cable.
For power connection, route the one pair cable (with the connector on
one end). From the inside unit to the location of the PS-1 power supply.
Connect the conductors to the power supply (RED to +ve,
BLACK to -ve). Plug the connector to its mate from the printed circuit
board. Connect 4 – pin polarized connectors and reassemble units
Place the housing so that the threaded hole can be positioned
properly. If using tubing, orient the hole in the direction in which the
tubing is to exit as shown in the drawing.
Be certain to position the housing so that the threaded hole can
be positioned properly. If using tubing, orient the hole in the
direction which tubing is to exit.
1. With power switch off, turn Talk and Listen controls
completely counter clockwise.
2. Turn on the unit by switching the Power ON/OFF switch to its
upper position. At this position, the unit is at the auto mute
3. Adjust the TALK volume control until the attendant is clearly heard
by the person outside the window when the attendant is speaking 2"
to 4" from the gooseneck microphone at a normal speaking level. The
green LED should go on when the attendant starts talking and go off
when the attendant stops talking. If the green LED stays lit
constantly, it indicates either the TALK volume setting or the
ambient noise is too high.
4. Adjust the LISTEN control until the person outside the window is
clearly heard when speaking at a normal level.
1. Increasing the talk volume control allows the attendant to
speak further away from the microphone as well as increasing
the talk channel volume. The optimum distance from the
microphone should be maintained at approximately 2”-4” or
conversations not directed to customers may be heard outside
the booth. Watch the green LED above the TALK volume
control, it should be ON only when talking into the gooseneck
microphone and off when not talking to the microphone.
2. Installing a headset into the Headset jack will allow
communications from the headset and disconnect the speaker
and the gooseneck microphone.
3. The unit will decrease the incoming volume level by
approximately 70% some 30 seconds after the attendant stops
speaking into the microphone. The purpose of this feature is to
decrease the amount of extraneous noise entering the booth.
Normal volume level is restored when the attendant speaks
into the microphone. The muting function can be defeated by
switching the POWER SWITCH to the NO MUTE position.
Outside faceplate: Aluminum, anodized finish, tamper-resistant.
Control housing (inside): Machined aluminum, anodized finish,
Size: Outside faceplate 5” Dia. x ½” D. Inside control housing:
5” Dia. x 2-1/2” D (TTU®-1 AX) (TTU®-1 AX)
5” Dia. x 3-1/2” D (TTU®-1 D X) (TTU®-1 ABX)
Weight: ~ 5 LB.
Mounting: Partition hole 3 to 4” Dia. (3-1/2” recommended)
Specify barrier thickness when ordering. Norcon will adjust
the length of the mounting rods to meet your need.
Panel Controls: LISTEN volume, TALK volume, POWER On/Off,
Audio frequency response: Selectively shaped for maximum voice
Audio power: 2 watts per amplifier.
Distortion: Less than 2%.
Listen mode: 20dB compression.
Microphone: Electret.
Power Supply Adapter: Input 90-240V AC, 60 Hz. Output 15V
DC, 1A. UL, (Canada and US) CE, level VI.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
TTU®-1X Series:
You may occasionally encounter a problem with your TTU® system. If
this happens, refer to the trouble shooting list. If additional help is
needed, please contact us.
No sound at all
Is the power cable properly connected to power supply and
the power supply plugged into a working outlet?
The power cable red wire should be connected to (+) and black wire
connected to (-) the power supply. The power supply should has been
has been plugged into a working outlet.
Howling ( Feedback)
Is the TALK or LISTEN volume turned too high?
Set the volume control to a proper level. In most cases, both TALK and
LISTEN controls should be set to the position of around 11 to 12o’clock.
Conversation cutting-off and breaking-up
Is the TALK volume setting too high?
Turn down TALK volume to a proper level. Make sure the green LED is
off when not talking to the gooseneck microphone.
Is the attendant talking too far from the gooseneck
The idea distance is 3” to 4” from the gooseneck microphone.
TTU®-1 DX does not work when operated by internal battery.
Are the batteries fully charged?
If the unit is newly installed, allow the batteries to be charged for 10-12
Hrs. before operating. The unit can be used while the batteries are
being charged.
Is the battery charger plugged into a working outlet?
If the battery charger is plugged into a working outlet, and the batteries
are being charged, the battery charger should be warm, if it is not; the
battery charger may be defective.
Select from available models with detachable XLR mic.
TTU® -1AX continuous power unit.
Housing 5” Dia x 2 ½” depth.
TTU® -1AWX Wireless ready.
TTU®-1ABX same as TTU®-1AX, but with bullet-resistant option
(UL Level 3).
TTU®-1ACX same as TTU®-1AX without gooseneck microphone
for headset use only.
TTU®-1DX Battery operated unit. Complete with rechargeable
batteries and charger. Housing 5” Dia x 3 ½” depth.
TTU®-1DBX same as TTU®-1DX, but with bullet-resistant option
(UL Level 3).
Talk-Thru systems are shipped complete with cables, instructions, an
power supply.
Introducing the Norcon TTU® -1 NCX:
Professional Wireless Headset System (Optional)
When using a Talk-thru unit in a noisy area such as heavy traffic street,
a crowed movie theater hall way or a gas station, the noise makes the
conversation difficult. A powerful DSP inside the Norcon noise
cancelation unit samples an ambient noise environment and attenuate
the noise around the desired speech signals. As a result, continuous
and repetitive noise is removed; a clear conversation will be even with a
passing truck in the background.
To take the advantage of this new technology, the existing unit can be
sent to us for upgrade.
Introducing the Norcon TTU® -3X Series:
Introducing the Norcon TTU®-7X:
There are times, when it is inconvenient to cut a 3” to 4” hole through
an isolation barrier; the Norcon TTU®-3X is the solution for this
The TTU®-3X is a pair of 6” or 12” prism-shaped units for mounting
on a counter top on both sides of a barrier. They allow hands free
communication through barriers typically found in banks, cashier’s
booths, information booths, and similar environments.
Norcon provides audio/visual, communications, and secure talkthru solutions for critical applications around the world. TTU-3X
with removable mic for your convenience.
Special design for the window with a secure pull-down gate or
In some cases, when it’s impractical to mount the inside control
section of the TTU®-3X in a window with secure gate or shade the
TTU®-7X is your choice. The TTU®-7X incorporates the same highquality electronics as the basic TTU®-3X, but with a 1” low profile
window mount section, and a prism shaped counter mounting control
N orcon
Rechargeable battery
operated unit
117V AC/15V DC
TTU-1DX ( battery version)
for use with regular non RF ready units TTU-WHS:
Mobile: DETC 6.0 technology hand-free mobile design with rang
of up to 300 feet from base unit
Duo-Set Headset: Adjustable for over-the-head stability or overthe -ear convenience with new conformable ear loop
Extended Use: Ten hours continuous talk time on rechargeable
Professional Wireless Headset System (Optional)
TTU® -WHS-D: Wireless Headset is designed to work with the
TTU-WR Wireless ready unit only.
Clear 2-way hands-free voice communication.
Quality engineering and innovative design
Walk around freely while talking to the customer.
Self-powered unit with rapid rechargeable battery
Accessories for TTU®:
ANC 700 Headset (Optional) for use with regular non RF ready
units TTU-NCHS:
Norcon Communications Inc. warrants the products
Manufactured by Norcon to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of one year * from the date of shipment
from the factory provided:
Superior sound quality
Noise Cancelation microphone
Long wearing comfort
Headset (Optional for use with wireless ready TTU-1X,
TTU-3X & TTU-7X Series).
TTU-WHS-D wireless headset transceiver
Norcon TTU-NC181 Headset
USB Charger & Micro USB cable
Service Policy
The product has not been abused, misused or improperly
maintained, repaired and /or modified during such period, and
Such defect is not a result of voltage surges/ burnouts, lightning,
water damage / flooding, fire, explosion, earthquakes, tornadoes,
acts of aggressions /war or similar phenomenon; and
The product has been properly installed according to the
appropriate Norcon Installation Guide.
Microphone Grill Windscreen Sponge
Both incoming and outgoing freight charges are at customer’s
expenses. Domestic repair will be returned to customer by UPS
Ground. International repair will be returned to customer using normal
shipping arrangements. Any other shipping instructions must be made
in writing and will be at the customer’s expense.
Material: Foam ,Color: Black
I D: Approx. 12mm, Size: Approx. 65x10mm (L*W)
High elasticity, durable and soft, Replacement for your wornout or lost headset microphone pads
Package include:
5 pcs of Microphone Windscreen
Extended two years warranty available on request
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