CGY750 Software Updating Procedure

CGY750 Software Updating Procedure
CGY750 Software Updating Procedure
Please update CGY750 software as follows. Before updating, install the CIU-2 device driver and
place into the state in which the CIU-2 is operated properly from the PC.
To USB port of your PC.
1.Connect the CIU-2 to USB terminal of the PC.
2.Disconnect the S.BUS cable and connect the CIU-2 other side cable to S.BUS input of the
3.Connect the battery to vacant servo terminal.
*If there is no open servo terminal, use the Y-harness to connect the battery and CIU-2 cable. Or disconnect one
servo connector and put the battery connector there.
*It is not allowed to connect the battery to the revolution sensor terminal.
*Connect the power switch between battery and power supply connector.
[Updating procedure]
1.Download the update software from the Futaba web site. It is a zip formatted file. Use the
Windows unzipping application to extract the two files, GY750.bin and Update.exe.
2.Push the MODE+ key of the CGY750 and supply the power to the CGY750. The screen shows
3.Double click the Update.exe and run the update program. A dialogue box will ask if you want the
update to proceed. Push yes button. The update is starting.
4.During the updating, progress will be shown in a bar graph and CGY750 screen shows “NOW
5.It will take about 3 minutes to complete the programming. The PC shows the update finished
message and CGY750 screen shows the “SUCCESS” when the update is successfully installed.
Turn off the power and turn on again. The update has been correctly installed when the screen
shows latest software version on the second line.
FUTABA CORPORATION Phone: +81 475 32 6982, Facsimile: +81 475 32 6983
1080 Yabutsuka, Chosei-mura, Chosei-gun, Chiba 299-4395, Japan
2011, 05
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