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Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi HUB
User Guide
(ZTE AC30)
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Version No. : R1.0
ZTE AC30 is a 2G/3G Wi-Fi device, working in GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/EV-DO/HSPA network.
The client devices could connect to it via USB or Wi-Fi interface. The device supports data and SMS
services, enabling you to communicate anytime and anywhere.
This quick guide provides instructions on how to install and get started with the product. For information
about connection of services, please consult your service provider.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Data Service
DL 7.2Mbps; UL 5.76Mbps
DL 3.1Mbps; UL 1.8Mbps
USB and Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Standard
Wi-Fi Security
USB Version
USB Interface Type
Mini USB-B
Dimensions (W×H×D):
Power Adapter
Battery capacity
*Standby time
About 100hours
*Working time
About 4hours
Operating system
Windows 7, Windows Vista(32bit or 64bit), Windows XP (SP3 or later), MAC(10.4 or
Without Wi-Fi, Internet surfing with the USB connection is only available for the
Windows and MAC OS.
Web Browser
IE (7.0 or later), Firefox (3.0 or later), Opera (10.0 or later), Safari (4.0 or later), Chrome
(5.0 or later)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-20℃ ~ +50℃
Charging temperature
0℃ ~ +45℃
5%~ 95%
~ +60℃
The standby and working time are only for your reference. They are based on the ideal working
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Getting to Know Your Device
The following figure shows the appearance of the device, it is only for your reference. The actual device
may be different.
Interface and Buttons
 Press and hold the button to switch on/off the
 Press the button 10 times continuously to
restore the device to the factory default
 Charge your device.
2.Charger/USB port
 Connect the client to your device via USB
LED Indicator
It indicates the status of your device.
 When the device is powered on:
Battery indication
Red blinking
Please charge the battery
Red solid
Voltage of battery is low
Green blinking
Green solid
Voltage of battery is
full(Charging completed)
Red solid
ERROR or NO signal or NO
network service
Green blinking
Signal is ok
Signal strength indication
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Wi-Fi indication
Network indication
Green solid
Signal is good
Green blinking
Wi-Fi is active
LED off
Wi-Fi is inactive
Red blinking
2G / 1x Modem data transferring
Red solid
Register on 2G/ 1x
Green blinking
3G/HSIA Modem data
Green solid
Register on 3G/HSIA network
 When the device is powered off and charging:
Battery indication
Green blinking
LED off
Voltage of battery is
full(Charging complete)
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Hardware Installation
Inserting (U)SIM Card and Battery
1. Use the thumb catch at the bottom of the device to open the battery cover.
2. Insert the (U)SIM card into the (U)SIM card holder.
3. Insert the battery as shown with the contacts located against the metal springs, and press the battery
down into the case.
4. Line the battery cover up correctly and press gently to close the case.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Switching On/Off Your Device
Hold the Power button to switch on/off the device.
The device is powered on when the signal strength indication lights up.
Charging Your Device
You can charge your device by using USB cable or adapter.
1. Insert the charger lead carefully with the plug arrow facing the bottom of the device.
2. The plug only fits one way. Do not use excessive force to insert the plug.
3. Make sure the plug is lined up correctly and inserted gently.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Working Mode
Your device supports three working modes. We only use PC or laptop as the example in this document.
USB Mode: Connect to the device with the USB cable.
Wi-Fi Mode: Connect to the device via Wi-Fi.
Mixed Mode: Connect to the device with the above two connection methods.
If you want to connect to the Internet by using Wi-Fi mode, make sure that the client supports the Wi-Fi
The following picture is the application example. All of the client devices can surf on the Internet at the
same time.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Establish a connection between your Wi-Fi device and the
Via USB Cable
 Connect your device and the client with the USB cable.
 Power on your device.
 Follow the system prompts to complete the software installation.
Uninstall previously installed ZTE product drivers (if any) before installing drivers for ZTE AC30
If the system does not launch installation automatically, you can run the installation program in path
of My Computer > ZTEAC30.
The driver of your device will be installed automatically at the same time.
 After the installation, the ZTEAC30 program will be displayed in the Start→Programs menu.
The connection between your device and the client will be established successfully within few
Via Wi-Fi
1. Power on your device directly. It will take 1~2 minutes to initialize, and then WI-Fi LED will blink.
2. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless network.
You need to check your Wireless Network Connection. Set the client to obtain an IP address
automatically in the Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties, and the client will be assigned an
IP address like “”.
The Wi-Fi network on the device can be identified with the string “TATA DOCOMO
XXXXXX- SSID [Service Set Identifier] which will be displayed on the label:
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
3.Select the SSID of your device, and then click Connect.
There will be a pop-up window prompting you for password. The default password is 12345. Default Wifi
security setting is WEP.
It is recommended that you change the password using Web GUI for
security concerns.
The details for changing password are mentioned in the manual later.
4. Wait for a few moments. The connection between your device and the client will be established
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Access the Internet
1. Switch on the device.
2. Establish a connection between your device and the client.
3. After successfully establishing the connection, access the Internet through your web browser.
4. If proxy settings are enabled in Internet explorer settings, please disable the same for accessing
the internet.
There are three modes of internet access viz. Always On, On Demand and Manual. The default mode is
“Always On”.
You can browse the Web GUI Configuration page and click WAN Connection to set the WAN
connection mode.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Access the Web GUI Configuration Page
1. Make sure the connection between your device and the client is correct.
2. Launch the internet browser and enter or http://ufi.home in the address bar.
It is recommended that you use IE (7.0 or later), Firefox (3.0 or later), Opera (10.0 or later), Safari
(4.0 or later) or Chrome (5.0 or later).
3.The login page appears as follows.
3.1 When GSM SIM card is inserted for TATA DOCOMO services.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
3.2 When CDMA card is inserted for Tata Photon Plus service.
View the information of WAN, WLAN, Device and Profile. Input the case-sensitive default password
“admin”, and then click Login to access the Web GUI Configuration page.
 Do not cover your device with anything. Do not lay devices to overlap each other when using.
 The device takes 1~2 minutes to initialize, and attach to the network.
If an inactive CDMA card is inserted, you need to manually activate the device first. You will need a 14
digit Pin Code from the service provider: 1800-266-121
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Activation Procedure:
 Click the Activation button at the top right corner of the Web GUI Configuration page to initiate the
activation process
 Choose Prepaid or Postpaid as per your plan and input the 14 Digit PIN code, then click the Activate
During the activation, please do not switch off your device or the Web GUI Configuration Page
Activation might take 1to 2 Minutes. If activation fails please retry after sometime .
Please contact service provider at: 1800-266-121 in case the activation progress failed.
PIN Code Verification
If the PIN code of your (U)SIM card is enabled, you will need to input the PIN code when you login the
first time.
The (U)SIM card will be locked if you enter wrong PIN code consecutively for three times. It will prompt
you for PUK [Pin Unlock Key] . Please contact customer care for receiving the PUK of your SIM.
If you want to modify the PIN Status, please select Settings > Advanced > PIN Manage to do the
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Quick Setup
After logging in, select Quick Setup, and then the Quick Setup wizard appears.
The Quick Setup wizard guides you how to set the basic parameters for your device in the safest way.
After this procedure, you can use your Internet service.
Please note that the changes will be possible only if you are not connected to the internet. To disconnect
the connection click on “WAN Connection > Manual (Disconnect Internet)”
The parameter settings may have been preset by your service provider, and you will enjoy your Internet
service directly. Please contact your service provider: 1800-266-121 for details if you want to do some
WAN Connection
After logging in, select WAN Connection, and you can choose the WAN Connection Mode
according to your requirement. Default: Always ON / Auto connect: ON
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
After logging in, select Settings, and you can do the following operations.
Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings
Select Settings > Network Settings
Select Settings > Firewall
Select Settings > Advanced
View the current station list, change the basic
wireless network settings, and choose the
security mode.
View the 3G Wireless Information, select Band
Selection Mode or change APN Setting.
Set the Mac/IP/Port Filtering, Port Forwarding
or the System Security configuration.
View the current status of your device, change
the Administrator Settings, restore factory
defaults, manage PIN or set the LAN interface
Wi-Fi Settings
 Station List
Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Station List to show the Wi-Fi client status.
 Basic
Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Basic to config the basic settings of the wireless network.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Network Mode: If all of the wireless devices connect with this device in the same transmission
mode, performance will be improved by choosing the appropriate wireless mode.
Network Name (SSID): Service Set Identifier (SSID). Enter a string less than 32 characters as the
name for your wireless local area network (WLAN).
Broadcast Network Name (SSID): Disable or Enable (Default) this function. If Enable is selected,
your device broadcasts the SSID, and other devices can search and connect to it. When you
select Disable, other devices cannot search out the SSID. If you want someone to connect, you
need tell them the SSID, and let them setup manually.
Country Code: Choose the right country code.
Frequency(Channel): Choose the appropriate channel to optimize the performance and coverage
of your wireless network.
Rate: Choose the speed rate.
MAX Station Number: Change the maximum number of the stations which connect the AP
Click Apply to confirm your configuration.
 Security
Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Security to set the wireless network security of your device.
In the OPEN security mode:
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
1. Select the Encrypt Type.
2. Select the Default Key which you want to use.
3. Enter the WEP Keys(5 or 13 ACSII characters/10 or 26 HEX characters).
4. Click Apply to confirm.
In the SHARED security mode:
1. Select the Default Key which you want to use.
2. Enter the WEP Keys(5 or 13 ACSII characters/10 or 26 HEX characters).
3. Click Apply to confirm.
In the WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security mode:
1. Choose the WPA Algorithms.
2. Enter the WPA Key manually.
3. Click Apply to confirm.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Administrator Management
Select Settings > Advanced > Management to change the login password of the Web GUI
Configuration page.
1. Enter the current password.
2. Enter the new password twice.
3. Click Apply to confirm.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Disconnect from the Internet
1.Log in the Web GUI Configuration page, and select WAN Connection.
2.Select Manual > Disconnect Internet.
3.Click Apply.
Notes: Turning off the device can also terminate the Internet connection.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
This function only allows you to receive messages.
After logging in, select SMS, and the Inbox interface will display. You can do the operations of
view/delete/delete all/balance check/refresh.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Sleep Mode
When you enable the Wi-Fi function and use the battery to supply power to the device, once no
user connects to the device within 10 minutes, the device will enter the sleep mode,and all LEDs
will be turned off. In the sleep mode, the Wi-Fi function will be disabled. Press the Power button
to wake up the device, and all LEDs will be turned on.
With USB connection if no Wi-Fi user connects to the device within 10 minutes, only the Wi-Fi
function will be disabled. Press the Power button to enable this function.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Q: What is ZTE AC30 main purpose unlike other routers?
A: ZTE AC30 is a portable Wi-Fi device that fits in the palm of your hand. It will allow you to connect up
to 5 devices to access the Internet, such as laptops, portable game consoles or mobile phones.
Q: What networks does ZTE AC30 operate on?
Q: What kind of security is available with ZTE AC30?
A: ZTE AC30 supports advanced Wi-Fi security protocol through standard methods such as Wi-Fi
Protected Access (WPA & WPA2) and the previous method of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). More
advanced settings are available in the Web based user interface.
Q: What if the user forgets their ZTE AC30 password?
A: ZTE AC30 can be restored to the factory default settings by pressing the button 10 times continuously.
The device will restart automatically to indicate reset is successful.
Q: What might the owner of ZTE AC30 need to be aware of before sharing with multiple devices?
A: With multiple devices or used as a temporary hotspot:
 If there are several heavy data users on at the same time, you may notice the degradation in
 Users are not allowed to access more than 5 devices to ZTE AC30 in order to keep the devices’ data
speed stable enough to be communicated without a problem.
 If all are accessing ZTE AC30 that is using the battery, the battery will be consumed faster than the
average of 4 hours usage time for one user.
Q: Can a user connect ZTE AC30 to their computer with a USB cable?
A: ZTE AC30 can be charged when connected to a computer via USB cable, and no interferences to the
Q: Why does ZTE AC30 turn off automatically during using?
A: If ZTE AC30 operating temperature increases above 65℃, the device will automatically shutdown to
prevent any damage.
Q: Does ZTE AC30 support voice calls, fax and/or text messaging?
A: ZTE AC30 only support to receive text message.
Q: Can ZTE AC30 be used for memory storage?
A: ZTE AC30 does not support removable memory storage.
Q: How long does a user need to charge the battery before they begin using?
A: The battery must be fully charged before using ZTE AC30 for the first time. We recommend a
minimum of 4 hours charging time before first use.
Q: Does ZTE AC30 require the software installation?
A: ZTE AC30 comes with a browser URL that allows the user to configure the device. You can activate,
select a profile, establish security and set more advanced settings without installing any software.
Q: What if ZTE AC30 cannot access the internet even though the unit has been activated?
A: Verify your network & signal strength for optimal performance.
Q: When will a user of ZTE AC30 need to access Web GUI configuration interface?
A: The Web GUI configuration interface will only need to be accessed or used when configuring your
device for the first time or changing the security settings or establishing more advanced settings.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
Problem Description
Possible Causes
Problem Solving
The system cannot
The system configuration is having difficulty with the
The device will appear as a virtual
run the installation
auto-run software.
CDROM on the PC’s start menu.
Click on the icon and start the
Autorun.exe. If you have previously
installed a version of the program,
please uninstall it first.
After installation, the
The system configuration is having difficulty with the
Please install the driver program
system doesn't install
auto-run software.
manually. The driver program can be
the driver program
found in installation folder.
After restarting the
1. You are in the place where there is no
PC or laptop, the
signal indicator is
EV-DO/HSPA network coverage. Such places include
always blinking or
underground parking garages, tunnels, and some remote
red bright.
rural areas.
2. The (U)SIM card isn't inserted properly.
Move to an area with good signal
2. Remove and reinsert the (U)SIM
card correctly.
Cannot send
1. The SMS center number is incorrect.
1. Your device is preconfigured so it
is unlikely that it will need changing.
However if it is missing or incorrect
contact your operator.
2. The network is busy or you are in an area with no
2. Try later or move to an area with a
stronger signal.
Data connection
1. You are in the place where there is no
1. Move to an area with good signal.
EV-DO/HSPA network coverage.
2. The network is busy.
2. Try later.
3. The APN in the user configuration file is incorrect.
3. Check the APN in the user
configuration file by selecting
Settings > Network Settings >
Profile Setting. TATA DOCOMO
3G: tatadocomo3g.
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
Warning and Notice
To the Owner
Some electronic devices are susceptible to electromagnetic interference sent by your device if
inadequately shielded, such as the electronic system of vehicles. Please consult the manufacturer of your
device before using if necessary.
Operating of laptop and desktop PCs and your device may interfere with medical devices like hearing
aids and pacemakers. Please always keep them more than 20 centimeters away from such medical
devices when they are turned on. Turn your device off if necessary. Consult a physician or the
manufacturer of the medical device before using your device.
Be aware of the usage limitation when using your device at places such as oil warehouses or chemical
factories, where there are explosive gases or explosive products being processed. Turn off your device if
The use of electronic transmitting devices is forbidden in aircrafts, at petrol stations and in hospitals.
Please observe and obey all warning signs and switch off your device in these conditions.
Do not touch the inner antenna area if not necessary. Otherwise it will affect your device’s performance.
Store your device out of the reach of little children. Your device may cause injury if used as a toy.
Do not touch the metallic parts of your device so as to avoid a burn, when your device is working.
Using Your Device
Please use original accessories or accessories that are authorized. Using any unauthorized accessories
may affect your device’s performance, and violate related national regulations about telecom terminals.
Avoid using your device near or inside metallic structures or establishments that can emit
electromagnetic waves. Otherwise it may influence signal reception.
Your device is not waterproof. Please keep it dry and store in a shady and cool place.
Do not use your device immediately after a sudden temperature change. In such case, it will produce dew
inside and outside your device, so don’t use it until it becomes dry.
Handle your device carefully. Do not drop, bend or strike it. Otherwise your device will be damaged.
No dismantling by non-professionals and only qualified technicians can undertake repair work.
Operating temperature range of 0℃ ~ +35℃ and humidity range of 5% ~ 95% are recommended.
Using Battery
Do not short-circuit the battery, as this can cause excessive heat and fire.
Do not store battery in hot areas or dispose of it in a fire to avoid explosion.
Do not disassemble or modify the battery.
• When not using the battery for a long period, remove it from your device and store it in a cool dry place.
Never use any charger or battery damaged or worn out.
Return the wear-out battery to the provider or put it in the appointed recycle place. Do not put it in
familial rubbish.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
If the battery is broken, keep away from it. If it taints your skin, wash your skin with abundant fresh water
and ask doctor help if necessary.
Limited Warranty
This warranty does not apply to defects or errors in the Product caused by:
i. Reasonable abrasion.
ii. End User’s failure to follow ZTE’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions or procedures.
iii. End User’s mishandling, misuse, negligence, or improper installation, disassembly, storage,
servicing or operation of the Product.
iv. Modifications or repairs not made by ZTE or a ZTE-certified individual.
v. Power failures, surges, fire, flood, accidents, actions of third parties or other events outside ZTE’s
reasonable control.
vi. Usage of third-party products, or usage in conjunction with third-party products provided that such
defects are due to the combined usage.
vii. Any other cause beyond the range of normal usage intended for the Product.
End User shall have no right to reject or return the Product, or receive a refund for the Product from
ZTE under the above-mentioned situations.
This warranty is End User’s sole remedy and ZTE’s sole liability for defective or nonconforming items,
and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, including but not limited to the
implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, unless otherwise required
under the mandatory provisions of the law.
Limitation of Liability
ZTE shall not be liable for any loss of profits or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages
resulting from or arising out of or in connection with using of this product, whether or not ZTE had been
advised, knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages, including, but not limited to lost
profits, interruption of business, cost of capital, cost of substitute facilities or product, or any downtime
3G Wi-Fi HUB Quick Guide
 Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃. If the device operating temperature increases above
65℃, device will automatically shutdown to prevent any damage.
 Device should be kept in cool and away from sunlight to avoid unnecessary heating of device.
 If Charger cable is unplugged harshly, the device LEDs will turn off. Please note that the
device is not turned off in this case and a short press of power button will resume the LED
 No Direct connect and disconnect button, user has to select "Apply" button to take necessary
 The battery working time with data ON can vary between 3 to 5 hours based on the browsing
speed and network conditions.
 Device is plug_and_play; however in certain cases due to antivirus and admin policies if
driver is not installed automatically, then user can install the same manually by searching the
CD ROM in My Computer.
 Manually set profile cannot be deleted once modified through quick set up.
3G WI-FI HUB Quick Guide
How to Get Help
You can get Help by:
care number: 1800-266-121
• For details visit or
• Email:
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