ADTS 505 Druck Air Data Test Set

ADTS 505 Druck Air Data Test Set
Measurement & Control
ADTS 505
Druck Air Data Test Set
GE is the foremost supplier of Air Data Test Sets
and Systems, with over 25 years of experience in
the design and manufacture of advanced pressure
measuring instruments and sensors.
The ADTS 505 is the latest in a series of reliable,
compact and high accuracy Air Data Test Sets.
This flightline design has evolved as a result of
GE’s continuous research and development,
customer feedback and experience gained from
manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure
controllers. This has enabled performance, ease
of maintenance, and operational simplicity to be
• High accuracy—RVSM compliant
• Fully automatic control
• Rugged flightline construction
• Wide-ranging aircraft compatibility
• Integral pneumatic supplies
• Protection for aircraft instruments
• Standard remote hand terminal
High Accuracy
Fully Automatic Control
Compliant with RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation
Minima) requirements, the ADTS 505 is a precision
twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control test set for
the accurate calibration/verification of civil aircraft
pitot statics.
The ADTS 505 has fully automatic control by means
of the menu-driven high contrast,
electroluminescent display and tactile membrane
keypad. The desired altitude, airspeed or rate of climb
can be input, and the ADTS 505 will automatically
generate and continuously maintain the desired
It utilizes advanced micro-machined, piezoresistive and resonant silicon sensors, developed
by GE specifically for high accuracy measurement
applications. This technology provides excellent
thermal and long term stability.
Suitable for use with a wide range of fixed or rotary
wing civil aircraft, the ADTS 505 enables vital flight
instrumentation such as Altimeters, Airspeed
Indicators, Rate of Climb Indicators, Mach Meters
and Air Data Computers to be quickly and accurately
tested on the flightline.
User Friendly
The sophisticated, yet user-friendly display is fully
programmable for a range of test requirements. It
can be configured, with limits and preferred units of
measurement, for individual aircraft types. The level
of information displayed can be determined by the
operator to suit the particular task at hand.
Advanced Functions
In addition to the standard pitot-static functions of
the ADTS 505, there are many additional advanced
features which include automatic go-to-ground,
leak test mode and device under test protection
limits amongst others. This enables the operator to
undertake flightline testing accurately and efficiently,
without compromising safety standards.
Cost Effective
Highly portable, quick and easy to use, the ADTS
505 is also designed for low maintenance, with
a recommended 12 month recalibration interval.
Operational productivity is optimized and aircraft
downtime is minimized.
A choice of units is provided for Altitude, Airspeed,
Rate of Climb, Engine Pressure Ratio and other
related test functions. Control and measurement is
available for these parameters as well as Static, Pitot
and Calibrated Airspeed.
Testing With Confidence
Protection for the aircraft instruments under test
includes a power failure protection feature, which,
in the event of an interruption to the electrical
supply, locks the pneumatic system and allows safe
restoration to ambient ground conditions.
The ADTS 505 will operate with leaking systems,
which in practice can often occur. The required
aim value is maintained, enabling the test to be
Easy Flightline Operation
The self-contained ADTS 505 simplifies accurate
and RVSM compliant pitot-static testing for a wide
range of civil aircraft. Featuring a highly compact
and lightweight yet rugged construction, it enables
single-handed portability for convenient use on the
Integral Pneumatic Supplies
Matched pressure and vacuum pumps are included
within the ABS case, which also provides storage for
the pneumatic test hoses supplied with AN4 aircraft
connections. The ADTS 505 is conveniently powered
from any aircraft or national single phase supply,
with no user switching required.
Weighing just 15 kg (33 lb), the compact ADTS 505
offers a convenient yet high performance solution
for responding quickly to pitot static and pressure
related Air Data Test requirements on the flightline.
The ADTS 505 is housed in a rugged weatherproof
case, complete with internal pneumatic pumps for
pressure and vacuum generation. Automatic control
is implemented by simple menu instruction and
keypress at the front panel.
ADTS 505 Specification
Operating range
-609 to 18288 m(1) (-2,000 to 60,000 ft)
0.30 m (1 ft)
0.91 m (3 ft) at sea level(2) ,
2.13 m at 9144 m(2) (7 ft at 30,000 ft)
8.83 m at 18288 m(2) (29 ft at 60,000 ft)
±0.30 m (±1 ft)
±0.60 m (±2 ft)
±1.82 m (±7 ft)
Static Sensor
35(3) to 1355 mbar abs (1 to 40 inHg)
0.01 mbar (0.0003 inHg)
±0.1 mbar
(±0.003 inHg)
±0.05 mbar
(±0.0015 inHg)
20 to 650 knots(4)
0.1 kts
±0.5 kts at 50 kts
±0.4 kts
Airspeed (Qc)
0 to 2500 mbar diff (1 to 74 inHg)
0.01 mbar (0.0003 inHg)
±0.1% reading
±0.125 mbar
0.05 mbar rising to
0.17 mbar
Rate of Climb
0 to 1829 m/min(5) (0 to 6000 ft/min)
0.30 m/min (1 ft/min)
±2% of value
0.6 to 2.8
Better than 0.005
0.001 rising to 0.005
Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR)
0.1 to 10
Better than 0.005
1. 105,000 ft (32004 m) available (measure mode).
2. Accuracy at ambient 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F) for 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) x 1.5
3. 35 mbar (1 inHg) lowest calibration point. (Will measure below this value.)
4. Limits settable to prevent excessive Mach. (Civil limit Mach 1).
5. To 9144 m (30,000 ft) into 4 litres. Higher altitudes at lower rates available.
Scaling Factors
• Altitude: ft, meters
• Airspeed: knots, km/hr, mph
• Rate of Climb: ft/min, m/min, m/s, hm/s
• Others: mbar, inHg, inH2O, mmHg, kPa, hPa, psi
Self Test
Integral test routines and reporting for both electrical
and pneumatic systems.
Temperature Range
Calibrated: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Operating: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Storage: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Rate Control/Indication
• Roc: Rate of Climb
• Rt Ps: Rate of Static
• Rt Pt: Rate of Pitot
• Rt Qc: Rate of Pt_Ps
• Rt CAS: Rate of calibrated airspeed
• Rt EPR: Rate of engine pressure ratio
Weatherproof in operating mode (lid removed).
0 to 95% non-condensing. “Tropicalized” specification.
Designed to meet MIL-T-28800 Class 2.
Negligible calibration change with up to 1.25 x full scale
(FS) overload applied.
Calibration Stability
Better than 0.005% (Ps) and 0.08% (Qc) FS per annum.
Simple keypad instruction. 12 month interval suggested.
Use of primary standard pressure reference is
EN61010, EN61326. CE marked.
Weight 15 kg (33 lb) nominal
Dimensions (including lid): 265 mm x 520 mm x 355
mm (10.4 in x 20.5 in x 14 in)
ABS moulded case with removable lid and storage for
Large area, 1/4 VGA, high contrast, electro-luminescent
display. 96 mm x 73 mm (3.7 in x 2.8 in), 320 x 240 pixels.
Pneumatic Connections
AN4 for Ps and Pt, both color-coded.
Supplied with mating (approximately) 3 m (10 ft) long
flexible hoses with AN4 fittings at one end.
Two readings-per-second display value update.
Pneumatic Supplies
Power Supplies
Auto-selection between:
100/120/230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 115 Vac, 400 Hz, Power Failure Protection
Power - 200 VA
Power - 200 VA
System locks, and a manual let-down feature is provided.
Integral pressure and vacuum pumps capable of
generating the following supply rates:
• 1829 m/min (6000 ft/min) into a 4 litre volume at
9144 m (30,000 ft)
• 300 knots/min into a 2 litre volume at 650 knots
• Water/moisture content is vented automatically.
Standard Accessories
AC power lead—5 m (16 ft) length approximately. Ps and
Pt hoses—3 m (10 ft) lengths approximately. Operator’s
manual and calibration certificate also supplied as
Standard Remote Hand Terminal
Electroluminescent display and membrane
keypad, operates exactly as front panel
display interface. Includes 18 m connecting cable.
Calibration Standards
Instruments manufactured by GE are calibrated against
precision calibration equipment traceable to international
Warranty Terms
New product is supplied with an initial warranty of 18
months. For peace of mind ,particularly if final installation
is months away from your product purchase, extend
coverage on your equipment beyond the initial period up
to a total 4 year term.
• Improved cost predictability
• Increased assurance
Multi-year calibration and repair services
Multi-year service agreements increase cost predictability
by providing fixed rates for extended periods.
Option C - Alternative Power Lead:
C-1: UK 13 Amp Plug - 5m/16ft Lead
C-2: USA 5-15p Plug - 5m/16ft Lead
C-3: European CEE7/7 Plug - 5m/16ft Lead
Ordering Information
Please state the following:
1. ADTS 505
2. Any options or special requirements
3. Supporting Services (order as separate items)
Supporting Services
GE provides services to enhance, support and
complement the Aviation GSE range. Our highly trained
staff can support you, no matter where you are in the
world. Further details can be found in
Should your equipment need maintenance our global
repair facilities are happy to serve. Work is conducted by
trained approved technicians, using controlled original
equipment parts and procedures so restoring the product
to design condition.
Related Supporting Products
LSU105 Line Switching Unit - A manually operated
port switching unit used to supply or isolate Ps and Pt
pressures on multiple aircraft ports simultaneously.
Nationally accredited calibration
New product is supplied with factory calibration
certificates with measurements traceable back to
international standards. For applications where initial
nationally accredited calibration certificates are required
or periodic re-calibration is desired, GE can provide the
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