X-eye SF160ACT - DJK Europe GmbH

X-eye SF160ACT
The Ultimate Solution for X-ray 3D CT Analysis
Hardware Specifications
Software Features
· User-friendly Interface
X-ray Tube
Focal Spot Size
Max. Tube Voltage
Max. Tube Current
Micro-focus Open Tube
- Intuitive, flexible workspace
· Easy-to-use Mouse Manipulation and Navigation
- “Click & Center” on X-ray image or Jog-stick control
- Navigation Panel shows actual table Images
X-ray Imaging
CCD Camera
System Magnification
4/6” or 2/4” Dual-fold Image Intensifier
1.4Mega Pixel (Option – 2.0Mega Pixel)
Max. 4,800x (2/4” Image Intensifier)
- Auto calculation of BGA diameter, Void percentage
460mm x 510mm
Max. 60°
Max. 360°
- Auto Pass/Fail determination
· Inspection Mode Selection
- Database management of X-ray and image adjustment parameters
· Image Processing
- Averaging, Contrast/Brightness, Binarization, Inverse
- Histogram Adjustment
24 inch LCD
Intel Pentium i5 Process
250GB x 2EA Rack Type
X-eye SF160ACT
The Ultimate Solution for X-ray 3D CT Analysis
- Image Filtering: Sharpening, Enhanced Focus
· Various Measurement & Annotation Tool
Dimension / Weight
X-ray Safety
DJK Europe GmbH
· Auto BGA Inspection Module
Table Size
Max. Sample Loading
Stroke - X axis
Stroke - Y axis
Stroke - Z axis
Detector Tilt
Table Rotation
DJK Europe GmbH
Mergenthalerallee 79-81,
65760 Eschborn, Germany,
Tel : +49-6196-776-14-20,
Fax : +49-6196-776-14-19,
- Measuring: Line, Point to Point, Center to Center
- Annotation & Reporting
1,550 x 1,750 x 1,850 mm / 2,200Kg
220 VAC Single Phase 50/60Hz
Leakage Dose less than 1uSv/hr
Optional Configuration:
X-eye SF160SL - Enlarged Table Size of 550mm x 650mm
- Working table size: 500mm x 600mm
- Dimension: 1,650 x 1,860 x 1,850 mm
3D CT Module Specifications
Workstation for 3D CT
24 inch LCD x 2EA (Dual Monitor)
Intel® Pentium i7 Process
500GB + 250GB(SSD)
3D Reconstruction & Viewer Software
Recon. Algorithm
Scan Mode
3D Recon. Matrix.
Recon. Time
Feldkamp Cone-Beam Algorithm
Normal Scan (Full, Half), Oblique Scan
Max. 20483
< 10 sec.
CT Manipulation Hardware
‘Quick Exchange’ CT Manipulator for Cone-beam CT Scanning.
High-precision rotation motor mounted perpendicular to X-ray
tube & Detector direction.
Oblique CT does not require any table switching .
3D CT Module is an option for X-eye SF160 Series System
3D CT Software Features
VR (Volume Rendering) for 3D
Visualization from any angle
DICOM 3.0 standard compatible
3D Sync.
Unlimited Oblique Slice / Unlimited level Oblique View
VR with cut plane, MIP, MPR
3D Measurement with Analysis Features
3D Zoom
· 460mm x 510mm Table Size with full enhanced stroke axis (X,Y,Z,T,R)
Report Function
· Max. magnification up to 4,800x
· 160kV Micro-focus X-ray Open Tube with 1 micron focal spot size
· Unparallel User Interface with various software tools
· Micro-CT Module & Oblique CT Scanning
DJK Europe GmbH
X-eye SF160ACT
The Ultimate Solution for X-ray 3D CT Analysis
The Ultimate Solution for 3D CT Analysis
Oblique CT Scanning Technology
SF160ACT is a high-resolution micro-focus X-ray system for
the inspection of semiconductor, PCB assembly and electronic
Cone Beam CT is generally used for 3D CT analysis of small
component. With its superior X-ray imaging, micro-scale
electronic components. For analysis of flat and large size
hidden defects can be detected in high resolution.
components such as PCB, Cone Beam CT is restricted to provide
SF160ACT equips 160kV micro-focus open tube with 1um
high magnified 3D images due to long source-to-object distance
spot size. The system can magnify the object up to 4,800x and
display the X-ray image at any angle using 6-axis manipulator
Oblique CT scans from an oblique direction while the object
is rotating horizontally. This unique technology provides high
magnified 3D images of flat and large components by horizontal
Oblique CT
Cone Beam CT
3D CT (Computed Tomography) visualizes all hidden structure
· SDD : Source to Detector Distance
· SOD : Source to Object Distance
and even micro-scale defects inside the object.
object rotation without geometric interferences, and this realizes
short source-to-object distance (SOD).
SEC unique oblique CT technology realizes high-magnified
While inspecting the object in 2D, simply click the Oblique-
3D CT visualization of large sample. Generally, it is known
CT scan button with no table switching, and the system will
that CT scanning is limited by the object size, but oblique CT
provide you the 3D CT images within minutes. GPU-based CT
technology overcomes the size limitation and can be adapted
Reconstruction Engine will improve your throughput tremendously.
to PCB assemblies, large-size multilayer boards and even to
semiconductor wafers.
X-ray Images by Application
· SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Assembly
- BGA / CSP - Open, Crack, Cold Soldering
Unparalleled User-friendly Environment
- General Solder Joint – Bridging, Void
· Intuitive and Flexible User Interface
- Auto Voiding Area Calculation
· Semiconductor Packaging / LED
· No Complicated Jog-stick or Mouse Control
- Wire Bonding – Broken Wire, Lifted Wire, Sweeping
- Bump / Pattern Delamination, Void, Crack
· Real-time Image Acquisition
Auto BGA Inspection Module
Auto Teaching (CNC Programming)
· Auto Focus Tracing – Never lose your point of view
- 3D Packaging – MCP, TSV, FCB micro defect
· Multilayer PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
- Multilayer Pattern Open/Short Inspection / Analysis
- Via-Hole Alignment, Copper Wall Plate
· Auto Teaching –
Maximize Inspection Throughput
· GPU Based Ultra-fast 3D CT Reconstruction
- FPCB (Flexible PCB) – Blind Via Hole (Laser Via)
· Electronic Components
- Connector – Internal Wire Connection
- Camera Module – Component Attachment
· Easy Click-in Change Filament Replacement
Jog-sticks & One-click Teaching Buttons
3D CT Rendering Software
- General Pattern Open / Short, Hidden Contamination