System One Heated Tubing Specs
Comfort through flexibility
Highly-adaptable System One humidification plus a Heated
Tube option provide more ways for patients to get comfortable.
Building on Philips’ highly successful
System One humidification, Philips
Respironics introduces an additional
There’s no heated debate
System One with Heated Tube provides patients with;
• Air temperature control
humidification solution that enhances
• Improved humidification
With the System One Heated
There’s little debating, the System One Heated Tube,
performance, flexibility and comfort.
Tube, we now have a solution for
exceptional patient comfort, even
in cold environments.
• Rainout protection
combined with proven System One humidification, is a
win-win scenario for patients and providers alike.
Get warm and cozy with
System One Heated Tube
It's just the right combination of
warmth and humidity
The System One device incorporates a room
temperature and humidity sensor with a temperature
sensor at the end of the Heated Tube to deliver the
selected level of humidity to the patient while providing
protection against rainout. As a result, higher levels of
humidity can be achieved for patients who could benefit
from humidification.
With System One Heated Tube, you get increased
humidification plus the rainout protection you’ve come
to trust and expect from Philips Respironics.
More than a number
Humidification is now more personalized with
System One Heated Tube. It allows patients to select
their preferred humidity and temperature levels
throughout the night, regardless of changing
room conditions.
A top-notch design
System One Heated Tube was designed with:
• top-mounted connection for easy access
• durable, simple one-click connection
• 270-degree swivel mount
* 5 temperature settings available
Ordering information
Heated humidifier standard
Heated tube humidifier
Upgrade kit
System One Heated Tube
Water chamber
80 watt power supply
Power cord Europe
Power cord UK
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