Owner`s Manual

Owner`s Manual
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Owner’s Manual
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Revel Concerta
LCR8 Owner’s Manual
Table of Contents
Planning Your System
Wall-Mounting the LCR8,
Using the Included Wall Bracket
Wiring the Speaker
Maintenance and Service
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Planning Your System
Revel® Concerta™ LCR8
Before deciding where to best place your speakers,
survey your room and study Figure 1. The LCR8 should
be placed directly above or below the TV.
The Revel® Concerta™ LCR8 loudspeaker is actually three
discrete speakers built into a single enclosure. The LCR8
incorporates the front left, center and right channels of
a home theater system. Simply add a Revel powered
subwoofer and satellite speakers for the surround channels
to complete a high-performance home entertainment
loudspeaker system. The horizontal design allows for
maximum placement flexibility.
Please read this owner’s manual completely before
connecting and operating the LCR8 all-in-one left, center,
right loudspeaker. Optimum performance is dependent upon
following these instructions, as well as those in the owner’s
manuals of associated components in your home theater
system. Save these instructions for future reference.
Unpacking the Speaker
(above or below video screen)
(not included)
Listening Position
(not included)
(not included)
Finish unpacking the loudspeaker and check the
contents. If you suspect damage from transit, report
it immediately to your dealer. Keep the shipping
carton and packing materials for future use.
Figure 1: In this overhead view of a typical installation,
the LCR8 is used to reproduce the front channels, and
satellite loudspeakers are used to reproduce sound for
the surround channels. The powered subwoofer
reproduces low frequencies.
Please verify that the package contains the
following items:
Speaker bracket
(1) LCR8 loudspeaker
Part A
Part B
(2) Wall-mount end caps
(attached to the LCR8)
(1) Speaker base
(1) Allen wrench
Speaker base
(1) Wall bracket with wall bracket cover
Note: The Revel Concerta LCR8 is ideally suited for
use with a subwoofer. Contact your Revel dealer
for recommendations on subwoofer models for
your application.
Figure 2: This example shows the LCR8 mounted on its
bracket above a television and, alternatively, placed on
its base below the television and tilted up (see Figure 3).
Note: If placing the LCR8 on top of a television,
be sure the top of the television has a flat surface
large enough to accommodate the speaker
base. Do not set the speaker on top of any
surface without using the included base.
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Tilting the Speaker
If needed, the enclosed stand allows you to tilt the
speaker across a wide range (i.e., upward to a maximum
of 18° or downward to a maximum of 7°), as shown in
Figure 3.
Important! Do not exceed the tilt range.
Doing so may cause the speaker to fall out
of its stand.
Wall-Mounting the LCR8
Using the Included Wall Bracket
Step One
Remove the wall bracket cover by removing the four
wall-bracket screws on the ends, as shown.
Step Two
Run the speaker wire for the left, center and right channels
behind the wall bracket and out through the holes in the
bracket. After deciding where to place the speaker, attach
the wall bracket (in a horizontal position) to the wall, using
the appropriate screws and anchors.
Wall bracket
Figure 3
Mounting screws and
anchors not included
Step Three
Run the speaker wires out through the holes in the wall
bracket cover. Resecure in place, as shown, with the four
wall bracket screws.
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Page 5
Step Four
Step Six
Using the included Allen wrench, remove the top and
bottom end caps of the speaker by unscrewing the single
center screw on bottom.
The wall-bracket design allows for rotation of the speakers
at angles of up to 30º of center. Position the speakers so
that they face toward the primary listening position, before
fully tightening.
End cap
End cap
1/4-20 x 3/4"
Step Five
Connect the wires (see page 6). Replace the end caps while
capturing the wall bracket between parts A and B of the
end cap, securing it in place.
end cap B
end cap A
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Page 6
Wiring the Speaker
After placing the speaker, you are ready to connect it
to your system. First, turn off all audio system power.
Use high-quality speaker wire to make the connections.
Consult the owner’s manuals included with your
amplifier or receiver for connection and operation
One channe
Surround Modes
When using the system in a Dolby® Digital or DTS® home
theater system, make sure the receiver or processor is
set to “Small” for the front left, center, and front right
loudspeakers. When using the LCR8 in a Dolby Pro Logic®
home theater system, make sure the receiver’s center
channel mode is set to “Normal.”
Some receivers/processors offer a choice of crossover
frequencies. Select 110Hz as the crossover frequency
for the front left, center, and front right loudspeakers.
Some Dolby Digital-equipped receivers/processors offer
different setup options for each source or surround
mode, e.g., CD-stereo, DVD, Dolby, Pro Logic. In each
case, follow your equipment’s instructions to ensure that
the subwoofer output is turned on and that the speakers
are set to “Small” or to a crossover frequency of 110Hz
in each mode.
Wiring and Polarity
The LCR8 speaker has gold-plated terminals that can
accept bare wire.To ensure proper polarity, connect each
+ terminal on the back of the amplifier or receiver to the
respective + (red) terminal on each speaker, as shown in
Figure 4. Connect the – (black) terminals in a similar way.
See the owner’s manuals that were included with your
amplifier or receiver to confirm connection procedures.
Be sure to connect the left-channel wires to the
leftmost terminals, the center-channel wires to the
middle terminals, and the right-channel wires to the
rightmost terminals.
Important! DO NOT reverse polarities (+ to – or
– to +) when making connections. Doing so will
degrade the imaging and bass response of the
home theater system.
After correctly placing and wiring the LCR8 speaker and
the rest of your loudspeakers, adjust the levels for all of
the channels as recommended by the manufacturer of
your receiver/processor.
Figure 4: This example shows how to connect bare
wires to the terminals. Banana plugs may also be
inserted directly into the rear of the connector.
1. Loosen the terminals.
2. Inset bare ends; tighten terminals.
and Service
When needed, use a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints
or to wipe off dust. Do not use any cleaning products or
polish. Clean the grille by gentle vacuuming.
If your LCR8 loudspeaker should ever need service,
please contact your local dealer or distributor, or
visit www.revelspeakers.com for the location of a
service center.
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Page 7
Revel® Concerta™ LCR8
Frequency Response (±3dB)
110Hz – 21kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power Range
10 – 125 Watts (per channel)
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m, 2π anechoic)
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Crossover Frequency
2-Way high-order at 2.2kHz
Low-Frequency Drivers
Six 3" (76mm) woofers with Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) cones
LF Extension
–3dB @ 110Hz, –6dB @ 100Hz, –10dB @ 90Hz
High-Frequency Drivers
Three 1" (25mm) tweeters with Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) domes
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
4-1/4" x 39-15/16" x 4-1/2"
(107mm x 1015mm x 113mm)
Weight (Net)
11.4 lb (5.2kg)
Declaration of Conformity
We, Harman Consumer Group, Inc.
2, route de Tours
72500 Château du Loir
declare in own responsibility that the product described
in this owner’s manual is in compliance with technical
EN 61000-6-3:2001
EN 61000-6-1:2001
Laurent Rault
Harman Consumer Group, Inc.
Château du Loir, France 8/08
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Page 8
Limited Warranty
A valid serial number is required for warranty coverage.
This Revel warranty protects the original retail purchaser for
a period of five (5) years (parts and labor) from any failure
as a result of original manufacturing defects, so long as:
Customer Service will pay return shipping charges within
the United States only in the event that the product is
found to be defective, as mentioned above. There are
other stipulations that may apply to shipping charges.
1. The Revel products were purchased within the 50
United States, its territories or Canada.
There is no other express warranty on this product. Neither
this warranty nor any other warranty, express or implied,
including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness,
shall extend beyond the warranty period. No responsibility
is assumed for any incidental or consequential damages,
so that the above exclusion or limitation may not apply.
2. The dealer from whom the Revel products were
purchased was authorized to sell such products at
the time of the original purchase.
3. The original, dated Bill of Sale is presented whenever
service is required during the warranty period.
The balance of this warranty is transferable only if the used
product is purchased from an authorized Revel dealer. This
warranty is only valid for service within the United States,
its territories and Canada; please contact an authorized
Revel dealer for warranty and service information.
Any Revel product not performing satisfactorily may be
returned to the factory for evaluation. Return authorization
must first be obtained by either calling or writing Customer
Service prior to shipping the product. The customer is
responsible for shipping charges to the factory.
This warranty provides specific legal rights. Other states
may provide additional rights. This warranty is applicable in
the United States, its territories and Canada. Outside of the
United States, its territories and Canada, please contact an
authorized Revel dealer for warranty and service information.
The information this document contains is subject to change
without notice. In the event that there are differences between
this warranty and the provisions of any advertisements,
documentation, product brochures or packaging cartons,
the terms of this warranty will prevail.
For customer service and product shipment information,
go to www.revelspeakers.com.
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Revel, the Revel logo and Concerta are trademarks
of Harman International Industries, Incorporated,
in the United States and/or other countries.
Dolby and Pro Logic are registered trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
DTS is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc.
Features, specifications and appearance are subject
to change without notice.
250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797
8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329
Technical Support: 516.682.3744
Part No. ML-80322-01
©2008 Harman International Industries, Incorporated.
All rights reserved.
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