SANYO Incubation - Richmond Scientific Ltd.

SANYO Incubation - Richmond Scientific Ltd.
Professional Cell Culture CO2
incubator with UV sterilisation.
The new MCO-20AIC Automatic CO2 Incubator provides a
stable cell culture environment where contamination
control is a continuous process, not an inconvenience.
via UV radiation
Inner cabinet
consists of Copper
stainless steel alloy
CO2 sensor
Function creates form
■ Exclusive SafeCell™ UV System
(Patent Pending) with programmable
ultra-violet lamp, isolated from cell
cultures, sterilizes conditioned air
and humidity water reservoir to
prevent contamination
■ InCuSaFe™ copper-enriched
stainless steel interior chamber and
inventory components provide
natural germicidal protection without
rust or corrosion
■ Direct Heat, Air Jacket (DHA)
heating system eliminates need for
water jacket, and provides
After years of research, development and
laboratory testing, SANYO introduces the
Model MCO-20AIC. Here is an extraordinary cell culture CO2 incubator,
functional in performance, easy to use,
and designed specifically for critical
applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigation.
Safe for the most demanding cell culture
protocols, the SANYO MCO-20AIC offers
significant economic benefits by avoiding
costly interruptions for decontamination,
improving cell culture growth and
expression under stable, repeatable
conditions, and minimizing the potential
for loss due to contamination, drift,
overshoot or operator error.
Background Contamination Control
The SANYO MCO-20AIC is the world's
first cell culture CO2 incubator to employ
continuous active background ultraviolet
light sterilization in combination with the
passive resistance of a copper-enriched
stainless steel chamber to destroy
contaminants in vitro without affecting
cell cultures and without downtime.
Eliminates HEPA Filter Scrubber and
Decontamination Heat Cycle
The MCO-20AIC inhibits the growth of
mycoplasmas, bacteria, molds, spores,
yeasts and fungi without costly HEPA
filter air scrubbers which accumulate
contaminants in the chamber, or
disruptive, high temperature decontamination schemes which can actually
encourage growth of heat resistant
thermophilic and hyperthermophilic
microorganisms in vitro.
As a result, the MCO-20AIC offers a
sensitive yet robust platform for short
term, high-throughput drug discovery
projects as well as intermediate and longterm cell culture investigations.
High Performance In Vitro Modeling
Stable temperature, humidity and CO2
density are achieved through a combination of performance systems supervised by a centralized microprocessor
controller complete with alarm,
programming, calibration and diagnostic
protocols exportable to remote databases
through optional communications ports
for compliance monitoring.
accurate temperature control, quick
recovery and uniform stability
without condensation
■ Ceramic-based IR Infrared CO2
sensor eliminates conventional
filament bulbs and electromechanical devices to deliver
accurate CO2 control with fast
recovery following door openings
■ Mounted in the door, SANYO
electronic PID microprocessor
control assures safe, secure
operation with alarm and monitoring
for all functions, plus system
programming for individual protocol
or preference
■ A spacious 6.9 cu.ft./195 liter interior
chamber (net useable volume), fieldreversible doors and stackable
design assure efficient use of
available laboratory space with easy
installation and relocation when
Active Background Contamination Control
At the base of the plenum, an isolated beam
of high intensity, ozone-free UV light destroys
contaminants in the air and in the water
reservoir, away from cell cultures, not simply
collected in a HEPA filter.
Contaminants contained within the distilled
water in the humidity pan are destroyed by UV.
Following door openings, trace contaminants which attach to walls, shelves and
plenum components are destroyed by the
germicidal properties of the inCuSaFe™
copper-enriched stainless steel surfaces,
and airborne contaminants are eliminated
by an automatic 5 minute UV cycle
(programmable 0 - 30 minutes).
Sterile, humidified air is released from the
lower plenum for vertical convection
through and around the perforated shelves.
Other design factors which help mitigate
contamination include condensation control,
inner door gasket design and triple 0.3 micron
filters for vent air and CO2 sensor sampling.
Interior air motion stops when the door is
opened, minimizing movement of room air
into the chamber.
Plenum components isolate UV light to
protect cell cultures, while the UV process
continues in the background as
programmed without downtime.
Humidifying Water Comparison
No exposure to UV
Five-minute exposure to SafeCell™ UV
Test results after three months
confirm the efficacy of SANYO SafeCell™ UV protection on
humidifying water after three months.
Contamination control in the
MCO-20AIC is managed by
a combination of three basic
performance techniques:
The SafeCell™ UV
system gently circulates
incubator air through a plenum for decontamination and humidification.
UV Lamp Program Options
■ A programmable ultra-violet lamp to
sterilize air and humidity pan water
without affecting cell cultures
■ Copper-enriched polished stainless
After Door
UV lamp automatically ON for five minutes after
door is closed. Time factory set, user programmable from 0-30 minutes.
If UV protection is not desired
Useful for overnight decontamination prior to first
use or following total chamber wipe-out after
maintenance or service
steel interior walls, shelves and plenum
■ A gentle, fan-assisted air circulation
system which stops when the door is
Although the contamination control
system is factory set for normal use,
operation of the UV lamp can be
programmed as desired. Program
parameters are set through the microprocessor control panel
Unlike typical germicidal lamps, the longlife SafeCell™ UV lamp is designed to
deliver straight-line performance at
approximately 257.9 nm for maximum
germicidal efficiency and long life.
Function creates form
Direct Heat, Air Jacket (DHA) Heating
The Direct Heat, Air Jacket (DHA) heating
system eliminates the need for a
conventional water jacket, while achieving
temperature stability, uniformity and fast
recovery following door openings.
The SafeCell™ UV air flow plenum promotes
temperature uniformity through the chamber,
shaped by natural and mechanical convection
through and around the perforated shelves
with gentle circulation through the plenum for
UV sterilization and warm water humidification.
Air motion stops when door is opened.
The microprocessor controller directs
proportional distribution of electrical
power to a series of independent heating
sources in the incubator.
Arranged in three zones, these sources
include the side, top and rear walls, the
chamber base and the outer door.
Together, the heating sources maintain
accurate temperature control over a range
from 5ºC above ambient to +50ºC, with
setpoint accuracy to 0.1ºC and uniformity
better than 0.25ºC throughout the
Each zone is controlled according to the
demands of the microprocessor, which
manages continuous feedback from the
incubator via a PID (proportional, integral
and derivative) algorithm.
Elevated Humidity, Low Water Level
To avoid cell culture desiccation, the
MCO-20AIC maintains 95% RH at 37ºC
through a combined forced air and
natural evaporation method, which is
enhanced by the DHA base heater and
protected by an optical water level
indicator to warn of low water in the
removable humidity pan.
■ A unique optical water level sensor
automatically inserts into the humidity
pan when filled and replaced.
■ If the water level drops below one liter
(nominal), an indicator on the main
control panel will flash.
■ Because the DHA base heater helps
maintain higher RH levels than in
conventional incubators without direct
RH control, media desiccation is
minimized and condensation is
■ The humidity pan removes easily with
one hand; the optical sensor releases
automatically and no tools are
■ When filled with distilled water, the pan
slides into place and the optical sensor
returns to position automatically.
■ Once returned to position, the
SafeCell™ UV lamp destroys any
contaminants introduced during the
IR Infrared CO2 Control
The SANYO MCO-20AIC uses a unique
ceramic-based infrared
sensor system to maintain precise CO2
control regardless of temperature and
relative humidity changes within the
incubator chamber. Sensor
stability is especially useful following door
openings while temperature and humidity
return to equilibrium.
The sensor is virtually
maintenance free with no
moving parts and
eliminates filament bulbs
or electro-mechanical
“chopping” devices.
■ The CO2 sensor automatically
calibrates every four hours.
■ The system allows CO2 control over a
range from 0-20% in 0.1% setpoint
■ Actual CO2 is displayed on the main
control panel.
■ A CO2 sample port mounted on the
incubator front permits convenient
confirmation of chamber CO2 density.
■ An optional automatic CO2 switchover
system is available.
See Accessories.
■ A two-stage regulator from the supply
cylinder to the incubator is required.
See Accessories.
Microprocessor Control
Energizes any, all or a combination of
heating elements as required
Side, top and
rear walls
Outer door
An air jacket with five independent heating elements
arranged in three zones surrounds the interior chamber.
The microprocessor control system apportions energy to
heaters in response to chamber demand and ambient
■ Side, top and rear walls form the dominant radiant
heat source.
■ The base heater elevates the humidity reservoir
water temperature to achieve 95% RH at 37 oC .
■ The outer door heater warms the inner glass in
response to ambient conditions to eliminate condensation on the glass and around the opening, and to
assure interior uniformity.
Microprocessor Control System
SANYO expertise in electronic innovations
applies to the SANYO MCO-20AIC
microprocessor control system. All incubator
functions are managed by a fully integrated
controller which acquires and processes
information from data entry, setpoints and alarm
■ Proportional, integral and derivative controls
supervise temperature, CO2 and other
features for accurate, repeatable
■ A range of setpoint, alarm and
programmable inputs are established
through the use of function keys.
■ Standard parameters are factory-set for
quick start-up, and all parameters may be
changed as required.
■ A remote alarm terminal mounted at the
rear of the cabinet can be connected to an
external alarm system.
Data Communications (Optional)
The MCO-20AIC microprocessor control
system automatically exports performance
values to the optional RS232 or RS485 data
port for transfer to computer or other data
logging systems.
■ Data points include temperature, CO2
density, low water level and door ajar signal.
■ When installed, ports are located at the rear
of the cabinet.
Cabinet Design
The MCO-20AIC represents a continuing
evolution in incubator development pioneered
by SANYO applications in inCuSaFe™ copper
alloy stainless steel, unitized interior radii and
flexible door configurations for universal
Integrated contamination control techniques
are based on the MCO-20AIC cabinet design,
with particular emphasis on relational subcomponents such as gaskets, hardware and
utility management.
InCuSaFe™ Interior Chamber
When exposed to humidity and
CO2, the copper-enriched,
polished stainless steel interior
expresses a natural germicidal
attribute to inhibit the growth of molds, fungi,
mycoplasma and bacteria.
■ All interior components, including the air
management plenum, shelf supports,
humidity pan and fan are easily removable
without tools if required.
■ When components are removed, all interior
surfaces are exposed for conventional wipedown.
■ Large curve corners and electropolished
surfaces are easy to clean.
■ An access port accommodates probes or
instrumentation leads as required for specia-
The MCO-20AIC control panel is center mounted in the outer door for easy access, even when incubators are stacked. Microprocessor based controls
manage all incubator functions including setpoints, alarm parameters, UV lamp periods, programming, calibration and diagnostics. Extra-large digital
displays are easy to read. Tactile feedback touchpad data shift and entry keys simplify operation. When stacked, door mounted controls remain easily
accessible in comparison to conventional dual incubators.
CO2 Inject Lamp
Indicates CO2 flow to
Digital Temperature Display
Multi-function display reads
actual temperature in
normal mode
Heat ON Lamp
Indicates when Direct Heat, Air
Jacket elements are powered
Calibration Function Key
Accesses calibration
functions and UV lamp
UV Lamp
Indicates ultraviolet
lamp ON
Audible Alarm
Silence Key
Silences alarm buzzer
Door Open Lamp
Warns of inner or outer
door ajar
Gas Cylinder Supply
Indicator (Optional)
Indicates gas supply source
Low Water Lamp
Warns of low water level in
humidity pan
Overtemperature Setpoint
For manual adjustment of
high temperature limit
Digital CO2 Display
Multi-function display reads
actual CO2 density in
normal mode
Gas Cylinder Switch Key
(Optional) Allows manual
switchover from primary to
secondary gas cylinder
Set Function Key
Accesses setpoint
Overtemperature Warning Lamp
Indicates high temperature limit
has been reached
in normal mode
Digital Shift/Lock Key
Adjusts position in digital
Numeric Shift Key
Adjusts digits in digital
Enter Key
Writes value to the
Function creates form
lized cell culture protocols. The port is
positioned in the interior chamber, rear
wall, upper left, with dual rubber
stoppers inside and outside the cabinet
for added protection.
Inner Door and Gasket
The inner door gasket is comprised of a
dual durometer extrusion from closed-cell
silicone to inhibit contamination. A
feather-edge outside surface allows the
inner glass door to close gently against
the chamber opening for a tight
peripheral seal.
■ The inside gasket body forms an
effective thermal transition between
the ambient air and warm, humidified
incubator atmosphere, minimizing
condensation and eliminating moisture
traps which can harbor contaminants.
■ The entire inner door gasket is
removable for cleaning and/or
replacement if required.
■ The inner door features an adjustable
cam-action latch which pulls the glass
against the gasket for a gas-tight seal.
■ Radiant heat from the outer door,
controlled by the DHA heat system,
automatically warms the glass in
proportion to total heat demand and
condensation control.
Exterior Cabinet
Universal design offers a distinct
advantage in model selection. With
reversible inner and outer doors and a
cabinet reinforced for stacking, a single
SANYO MCO-20AIC offers the industry's
most flexible installation option without
added cost.
■ Stacking hardware is included.
■ Low density cabinet insulation
promotes energy efficiency and
protects the air jacket from ambient
temperature fluctuations, while
allowing the cabinet to operate at
setpoint temperatures as low as 5ºC
above ambient.
■ The outer door latches and door
heater cable are easily switched if a
reverse opening is required. Cabinet
knock-outs are pre-punched to
eliminate drilling.
■ The outer door closes against the
cabinet opening with a soft, easy-toclean magnetic gasket designed to
eliminate ambient air motion across
the inner glass door.
■ A door ajar alarm provides an audible
and visual warning if the outer door is
left open.
Shelves are easily arranged in 1.1"/29mm
Five shelves are supplied with the MCO20AIC. Total incubator capacity is fifteen
Shelves and Inventory
Inventory management
components including shelves,
brackets and shelf supports are
formed from copper-enriched polished
stainless steel to inhibit contamination.
All components are removable without
tools for cleaning or autoclaving if
■ Incubator shelves are perforated to
With a reversible door and structural stability
designed for stacking, the MCO-20AIC permits
an unlimited combination of installation choices
now and in the future. An optional roller base
adds mobility where required. See Accessories.
permit natural vertical air convection
through and around samples.
■ Shelves are easily accessible and
can be removed with one hand for
transfer to a bench or biological
safety cabinet.
■ Shelf brackets slip easily into
vertical supports that attach to
interior chamber walls with
The cabinet exterior is constructed of
scratch resistant coated steel for easy
cleaning. Adjustable leveling feet permit
proper installation on uneven surfaces.
Recessed stops on the exterior top are
matched to leveling feet to simplify
stacking. A lightweight door with universal
door handle permits one-hand opening
from either side.
clearance sufficient to permit air
circulation against all interior
■ Additional shelves include two
See Accessories.
Automatic CO2 Cylinder Switchover
Automatically changes from primary to
secondary gas cylinder when first cylinder is
depleted. Audible alarm and flashing
indicator on main control panel notifies user when switch has
occurred. Field installed by authorized service personnel only.
Number MCO-21GC
CO2 Cylinder Regulator
Two-stage gas regulator monitors cylinder supply and meters
gas to incubator input. CGA Fitting 320.
Number MCO-100L
Roller Base
For use in single or stacked installations. Solid steel base includes
positioning plates for incubator
levelers. High-impact casters permit easy location. Adjustable
front mounting pins extend to floor to prevent movement
when installation is complete. Pins retract if roller base must
be moved.
Number MCO-20RB
Independent Inner Door Kit
High impact, clear plastic doors attach to
interior inventory system behind glass inner
door. Customer installed; directions included.
Number MCO-20ID
InCuSaFe™ Shelf and Brackets
The MCO-20AIC Incubator holds
up to fifteen shelves. Five shelves
are included with each incubator.
Additional shelves may be
ordered. Each shelf includes two
shelf brackets which insert without tools.
Number MCO-58ST
Communications Port
Located at rear of chamber, RS232/RS485 data port acquires
information from microprocessor controller including temperature, CO2, door ajar status and humidity pan water level.
Connector, cable and software not supplied.
Number MTR-480
Data Acquisition Software
Available for monitoring and/or controlling microprocessor
system. Windows® based, for installation on PC. LAN
compatible, configurable, SMTP server to internet for user
PC or mobile phone delivery.
Number MTR-2000
KEY in.(nominal)
KEY in.(nominal)
Heating System
Combined Heating Elements
Temperature Controller
Temperature Display
Direct Heat, Air Jacket (DHA) with positive air flow
395 W distributed proportionally
Microprocessor PID
Digital, resolution to 0.1 C
Temperature Range
Temperature Uniformity
5 C above ambient to +50 C, ±0.1 C
±0.25 C top to bottom
CO2 System
CO2 Range
CO2 Variation
CO2 Setpoint and Display
CO2 Inlet Connection
CO2 Inlet Pressure
Ceramic based infrared CO2 sensor with ON/OFF inject
0 to 20%, ±0.1%
Digital, control panel, resolution to 0.1%
Requires 4 to 6mm ID tubing
5 PSIG • 0.03MPaG • 0.3kgf/cm2G • 294millibarG
Humidification Method
Relative Humidity
Water Level Sensor
Gentle air flow through duct, natural evaporation from
humidity pan over base heater
95%@37 C, ±5%
Optical, with visual low water alarm
Net Interior Volume
Gross Interior Volume
Interior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Shelf Dimensions
Maximum Load Each Shelf
6.9 cu.ft./195 liters, nominal
7.6 cu.ft./215 liters, nominal
24.4"W x 20.6"F-B x 26.2"H (620 x 523 x 665mm)
30.3"W x 27.9"F-B x 35.5"H (770 x 708 x 900mm)
22.8"W x 17.7"F-B x 0.5" lip (580 x 450 x 12mm)
11 lbs (5 kg) nominal, 5 shelves standard, 15 shelves maximum
Access Port
Exterior Finish
Inner Door
Outer Door
Cabinet Insulation
Decontamination, Programmable
UV Lamp
Microbiological Filters
Interior Surface
Alarm System
Remote Alarm Contacts
Maximum Current
Maximum Heat Emission
Noise Emission
Net Weight
1.18" diameter (30mm) with inner and outer rubber stoppers
Polyester finished, baked-on zinc galvanized steel
Tempered glass
PMMA/PVC with integrated door heater
Rigid polyurethane, foamed-in-place, CFC-free
Continuous UV sterilization of air and humidity source
4 W, 253.7 nanometer, ozone-free emission
Three, 0.3 micron, 99.97% efficient
Copper alloy polished stainless steel for germicidal protection
Overtemperature, CO2 deviation, low water, door ajar
30V, DC, 2 amps allowable
RS232/RS485 data port (optional)
Switchable, 110-120V, 60Hz, AC or 220-240V, 50Hz, AC
110-120V, 3.8 amps; 220-240V, 1.9 amps
1299 BTU/Hr (1370 kJ/Hr)
30 dB (A scale)
234 lbs (106 kg)
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