Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
December 2015
Next Meeting:
December 16th, 2015
Web Site:
AMA Chartered Club # 139
Field Phone: 650-712-4423
Mike Solaegui
Vice President
Rich Symmons
Dennis Lowry
Field Safety Officer / Webmaster
Flight Proficiency Chairman
Greg Romine
Matt Abrams
Ray Granz
Brian Chan
Looking for it….
Dennis Lowry
Christmas Seasons are upon us,
October 21, 2015
Call to Order: By Mike Solaegui, PCC President.
September Minutes Approved.
Membership Report: Hovering towards 100.
Raffle: P-51brought in by Ray Squires, and a UMX AS3Etra
from J&M Hobbies.
Visitors: Matt Chuck joined the club as a soaring pilot. He
showed a 4 meter sloper. He’s been out at our field but also
flies at Coyote.
EVENTS: Harry’s Hofbrau: Saturday after the January
Meeting, Jan. 23.
Pioneers Meeting is tomorrow, the last one.
Let there be Peace on Earth!
There’s an Old Timers Collecto this Saturday at some church
in Saratoga.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Week from Saturday Holy Saints Church swap meet by
Bayside on Freemont Blvd.
New Members: H.R. Hasselbach became a member. We
have 10 new members. They are part of Unmanned
EVENTS: Harry’s Hoff Brau: The Saturday after the next
meeting, January 23. The tickets are $30.00 each, and there
will be Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes. Ray will make sure
they have extra Prime Rib. So see Ray for your tickets, and be
there or be square.
Treasury Report: The treasury is healthy.
New Business: L.A. is trying to curtail all model flying. This
is related to Drones. Report by Jeff Mate. FAA is trying to
have all drones and UAV’s in US Air Space to be registered.
Portola Valley Night Flight happens occasionally. Come to
the meeting and learn more about night flight.
Old Business:
Weather Station report by Steve: Bruce worked on it a lot
and got it onto Weather Underground. There is an app built
by Weather Underground that is worth getting. It has a full 10
day forecast. There’s more info to come later in this
Treasury Report: The treasury is healthy.
New Business:
Mike would like several northern pilots’ stations, to the north
of the pit entrance. It seems like a good idea that we will
pursue or at least discuss. A work party will be called to
implement the idea, or Mike can move ahead and give it a try.
We need to watch the safety factor and ensure communication
lines are kept open between pilots.
New Business:
While the Turbine Ban has been lifted, it is still too dry to
Solaegui says that this year we need to focus on the Hiller
event and make it part of our agenda.
Hits and Misses:
And, we should do one invitational event every year.
Exchange events with Tom Cats and Sac-Rats. Mike would
lead one of those events if he could get a volunteer for the
other. Ideas were batted around and others suggest that we
reach out to Rancho San Antonio and Bay Lands.
Show and Tell:
Oliver showed a Four Star 120 Red and White.
Ray showed a Kit Bash Deuces Wild with matched K&B
motors. He installed spring air retracts that automatically
deploy if pressure is lost. The kit was originally called a
Duelist, made by Eflight. He’s balanced it just slightly nose
Eric suggests FPV racing. He thinks Matt might be able to
head it up.
Old Business:
Weather Station report by Steve: New Solar Panels are
coming for it soon, probably by the time you read this. Bruce
worked on it a lot and got it onto Weather Underground.
There is an app, Wonder Station, built by Weather
Underground that is worth getting. It has a full 10 day
Matt Chuck showed his 4 meter slope glider, an X-Plorer
He’s using a Spectrum 6 receiver. He’s improved the set up
since he got it. He can now fly with one stick. It weighs 64oz.
total up. He’s taught his 13 years old daughter to fly with it.
He can fly for 2 hours without recharging.
Safety: Be safe. Double check your gear, and make sure your
batteries are charged.
November 18, 2015
Call to Order: By Mike Solagui, PCC President.
Hits and Misses: None.
Visitors: No New Ones.
Show and Tell:
October Minutes were approved.
Greg showed a small Senorita in the bones with no ailerons.
He’s shooting for a 3 pound bird with a 200 w brushless
motor. And he’s going to color it in the traditional red and
black. He talked faster than I can type.
Membership Report: Hovering towards 100.
New Members: None.
Officers 2016 voted in: Jeff Mate as Pres, Mike Solagui as
VP, Greg Romine as Treasurer, Lowry as Secretary. Ray
Squires is one of several Board Members. He takes care of
our Harry’s Dinner, and leads Dream Machines.
Mike showed a BIG Corsair: a Top Flight 1/5 Scale with a
Saito Gas Motor. Proper starting methods must be followed.
He guesses it’s got 40 lbs. of thrust. It’s got air retracts now,
he may go to electric. He says it wants a scale tail wheel.
Raffle: BNF Pole Cat by Park Zone. Thanks to J&M for the
“at cost” raffle prizes, for which we can all enjoy a cup o’ joe
and a donut at the meetings.
Matt showed a Rotmilan Midi Pylon Racing slope sorer. He
didn’t fly it at Coyote last week end in 60 mph wind. It’s a
fast airplane. . . Bank and Crank. . . It has LDS Linear Drive
Dave Santana showed an E-Flight Mystique 2.9 meter
electric glider.
When you receive your 2016 AMA card, mail a copy
of it along with your $125.00 ($100.00 Dues + $25.00
field fee) check made out to “PCC” to:
He got it at the Bayside Swap Meet along with a Husky at 1/3
of the original cost. Then to follow up, he bought a silver
thing with an Enya 25.
PCC Treasurer
1779 Woodland Ave., Ste. #28
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Mike showed another night flyer Bat plane: Blue and red and
Prize taken by:
Or bring your AMA card and a check (or cash!) to
the next PCC meeting. Dues are $100.00+$25.00 if
paid before the New Year, $110.00+$25.00 after
January 1st 2015. It will be $120.00+$25.00 if paid
after February 1st! If you have not paid after March
1st, you are no long member of PCC and required to
Dave Santana took the Banquet ticket.
Eric got the Pole Cat.
Minutes by Lowry.
16 PCC Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Dave Chetcuti Rm, Millbrae
25 Christmas Day, USA!!!
31 New Year's Eve.
Happy New Year.
2015 AMA and PCC membership expire.
20 PCC Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Dave Chetcuti Rm, Millbrae
23 PCC Holiday Party, Harry's Hofbrau, Redwood City.
Ray Squires
17 PCC Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Dave Chetcuti Rm, Millbrae
See for more detailed information.
The PCC Holiday Banquet will be held on
January 23rd 2016 at
If you have a QR code reader on your
phone, you can just scan the image on
the left and it will direct you to the
PCC web site. Beats typing the whole
address in!
1909 El Camino Real,
Redwood City.
The tickets will be same as last year $30.00 per
person, each ticket is also a raffle ticket. The top
raffle prizes will be the Carbon-Z T-28! Don't miss
It is getting to be that time of the year again to renew your
AMA membership, also PCC and other clubs that you are
member of. You need the proof of AMA membership to be
able to renew PCC membership. So get it in early and don't
have to rush it later. Just a little friendly reminder!
AMA membership can be renewed on line at:
No host cocktail starts at 6 PM and dinner starts
at 7 PM. Tickets will be available at the December
and January meetings also at the door.
Contact Ray Squires for tickets, 650-575-4273
From HMB Review:
Brian Chan, Editor
HMB Airport renamed for
By Julia Reis
This December issue of he PCC newsletter will
be the last issue will be available n printed form.
There will not be a printed issue in 2016. Those
who receive the printed issue will have to go to
the PCC website ( to
download the current copy of the PCC
newsletter. Those who has been receiving the
information(email address) to:
Photo courtesy Mike Orange
The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted on
Tuesday to rename the Half Moon Bay Airport in honor of the
late Coastside aerobatics pilot Eddie Andreini, seen here in
the back seat of a Stearman biplane.
Eddie Andreini Sr.’s legacy as a prominent Coastsider and air
show pilot will live on at the place where he first learned to
The AMA Expo will be held on January 8 - 10, at the Ontario
Convention Center in Ontario, CA.
On Tuesday, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
passed a resolution naming the Half Moon Bay Airport
airfield in Andreini’s honor. Daughter-in-law Sandra
Andreini approached Supervisor Don Horsley with the idea a
couple months after Andreini’s death. Andreini perished in a
Bay Area air show crash in May 2014.
Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm
“We were thrilled the county agreed to honor him with this –
(aviation) was a huge part of his life,” Sandra Andreini said
afterward. “He would have loved it. He loved to see his name
in lights.”
Advanced (before January 6th) ticket price*:
1-Day Pass
2-Day Pass
3-Day Pass
$10 AMA & EAA Members
$18 AMA & EAA Members
$24 AMA & EAA Members
Andreini was well known on the Coastside for his aviation
stunts, community involvement and expertise in the
construction world through the Andreini Brothers business he
helped start.
*Life members receives 50% discount.
Ticket price at the door:
1-Day Pass
2-Day Pass
3-Day Pass
$13 AMA & EAA Members
$24 AMA & EAA Members
$33 AMA & EAA Members
Speaking about the recognition, Horsley lauded Andreini’s
construction acumen and aviation skills.
Youth Pass(13-18 years) $5 per person – includes FREE
AMA/EAA Membership
Kids 12 and Under are Free
“He was so well known in the circles of aviation, especially
with people who do stunt flying; he was really an icon with
that group of folks,” Horsley said last week. “It was a tragic
end, but he died doing what he loved.”
Active military with ID, Civil Air Patrol Cadets, Boy Scouts,
Girl Scouts, Sea Cadets etc…enter for free
It will take time for the new signage to go up at the airport, as
the California Coastal Commission has to approve the sign
first. After that, Sandra Andreini says family and friends will
likely hold a small party at the airport to celebrate.
“I wanted to do this for the people here that miss and love
him,” Sandra said of her father-in-law. “It’s not just for Eddie
and us – it’s for the community.”
Jake Chichilitti
Fellow Float Flyers,
There has been a date
change for Decembers float fly. The new date is 12/17 That's
a Thursday.It all depends on the weather and I'll send out an
update a day or two before the event.
If you are interested in checking on the weather at the lake.
Use Weather Underground and go to the town of
Rutherford, CA. That is the closest weather station to the
lake. You can check on the hourly weather that will give you
the wind speed, direction and temperature. It's usually pretty
PCC flight line on a good weather Sunday.
Ray G's auction acquisition, a Freewing Douglas
Dauntless SBD-2.
Same plane showing the split flap deployed.
New member Ken's Fokker Dr.1, powered by 38 c.c.
4-cycle gas engine.
Brian's friend Bruce's flapping bird went into the
bushes, recovery effort under way! Squires photo.
Mike and Bruce approaching....
Success! One bird in hand is better than none! ☺☺☺
Another view of Ken's Fokker Dr.1.
Phil's new found friend, at least this one likes Phil!
A father and daughter stopped by the field to check out
the scene. Reimholz photo.
Jim's Suhkoi SU-26M from Dynam. 47" span.
What is the name of this gizmo?
"Uncle Jim" flying the Suhkoi SU-26M.
Rare sighting of Bruce! He was seen on the weekends!
He was flying a mini-Radian. He does not usually
appear on the weekends.
Great Christmas gift! Read between the lines!
Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 16th, 7:30 p.m.
Still too DRY for the Turbine powered airplanes.
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