Critical Information Summary
Your plan is a bundle which includes:
•a home phone service
•Fast velocity broadband for your internet service.
Your home phone and home broadband services must be
connected at the same physical address and you must pass
our eligibility check.
Minimum term
This plan is available on a 24-month minimum term or casual term.
Home broadband connection and
Home Network Gateway (Wi-Fi modem router)
•For new Telstra home broadband customers a $59 activation fee
applies to get you up and running.
•If you take up a Casual Plan, an additional $120 upfront Casual
Plan Fee will apply.
•A self-install T-Gateway is $144 for new Telstra home
broadband customers.
•If you’re an existing Telstra home broadband customer and would
like a new modem you can take up a T-Gateway package for $216.
Your home broadband allowance
•If you’d like a technician to come out and install your broadband
service, an additional $192 charge will apply.
500GB monthly usage allowance – where 1GB (Gigabyte) = 1,000MB
(Megabytes). Your unused allowance expires each month.
•A $12 delivery fee may apply to self-install Home Network
Gateway kits.
If you exceed 500GB in a monthly billing period, you won’t be
charged extra for use. Your broadband speed will be slowed down
to 256kbps for all usage until your next billing period begins.
•Our Home Network Gateways are configured to work only
with a Telstra broadband service.
Your minimum monthly charge
$113 for your Telstra Broadband 500GB Plan.
Total minimum plan cost
The minimum amount you’ll pay over 24 months is $2,915
including a $59 activation fee and a $144 self-install T-Gateway.
If you take up a casual plan, the total minimum amount you’ll
pay for one month is $436 including a $59 activation fee,
a $120 Casual Plan Fee and a $144 self-install T-Gateway.
A $12 delivery fee may apply to self-install Home Network
Gateway kits.
Speed boost
You can purchase a Super Fast Speed Boost for an additional
$20 per month. Your bill will show an additional charge each
month for your speed upgrade. For information about the speeds
you can achieve with the Super Fast Speed Boost, see ‘Home
Broadband Speeds’.
Home phone call rates and features
The following calls and features are included at no additional
charge in your bundle:
•Family Calls Benefit – voice calls in Australia between up to
four mobile services, plus your home phone, on your Single Bill.
Our Responsible Use Policy applies. Excludes calls from mobiles
on an Ultimate, New Ultimate or Ultimate II plan. Mobiles with a
10-digit account number are not eligible
•Calling Number Display and MessageBank®.
Additional charges apply for other call types. These are the main
charges for calls under your bundle:
•call connection fee – 50¢ per call (for national calls to fixed line
numbers, calls to mobiles and international numbers)
•calls to 13 numbers – 35¢ per call (except for free calls to
13 2200, 13 2000, 13 2203, 13 2999, 13 3933 and 13 7663)
•local calls – 50¢ per call
•national calls to fixed line numbers – 50¢ per minute
•calls to standard Australian mobiles – 50¢ per minute
•calls to international numbers – international call rates vary
depending on which country you’re calling.
Different rates apply to calls to international mobile numbers.
Calls are charged per minute block. International Saver is included
in your bundle which gives you discounted call rates to fixed lines
and mobiles to over 70 countries. For all international call rates,
Some of these call types listed above exclude some usage. For
example, national calls to fixed line numbers doesn’t include calls
to premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers), 1234 and 12456 numbers.
Calls to satellite numbers are charged differently to standard
mobile call rates. Charges for these calls can be found at
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Home phone connection
Transferring to the National Broadband Network (NBN)
The following connection charges apply to your home phone service:
Your 24 month contract could overlap with the rollout of the NBN.
If you wish to transfer to the NBN with Telstra, please contact us.
If you don’t wish to transfer to the NBN we’ll continue to provide your
service up until the date on which we’re required to disconnect it as
part of the migration to the NBN, when we’ll cancel your service and
your access to existing networks. No ETC will be charged in these
a) Standard Connection
The $59 standard home phone connection fee for new
Telstra customers is waived. If a technician is required
additional charges apply:
•telephone line with a technician visit – $125
•new telephone line connection or cabling work – $299.
A temporary connection charge will also apply if your service
is connected for three months or less.
b) Temporary Connection
If your service is connected for three months or less, the connection
charge is as above plus an additional $100.
Separate charges apply for each additional connection point and
for more complex connections.
Moving Home
If you are moving home, find out about the service installation options
and pricing available to you at
Hardware Repayment Option
If you’ve chosen a T-Box on a Hardware Repayment Option (HRO) with
your bundle, your bill will show separate charges for your bundle and
for the T-Box.
Your bill is issued on the same date each month. Each bill includes
usage charges, plus the Minimum Monthly Charge in advance.
On your first bill, you’ll also be charged for the days left until your next
billing cycle begins. You may also be charged for individual services
until all those in your bundle are connected. This means your first few
bills may be higher or lower than expected.
A Hardware Repayment Option allows you to get new hardware
and make monthly interest free payments. If you cancel your plan
or your Hardware Repayment Option early, you’ll need to pay any
remaining hardware payments.
This bundle requires paperless billing and electronic payment. A $2
fee will be applied a month in arrears if you receive a paper bill and/or
make a bill payment in person or via mail. Some exemptions apply.
To set up Email Bill, visit To set up Direct Debit or
for information on other bill payment options, visit
Early termination and other charges
Changing bundles
If you take up a 24 month plan and your bundle, or one of the
services within your bundle is cancelled early or moved to another
service provider, your bundle will be cancelled. If your bundle is
cancelled early (and not due to our fault) and you do not agree
with us otherwise:
If you have taken up this bundle on a 24-month minimum term, you
can change to another Telstra Broadband Range plan once a month
during your minimum term. You’ll need to restart your 24 month term
and pay a $50 Early Recontracting Fee if you move to another Bundle
Range before the end of your minimum term.
•you’ll be charged an Early Termination Charge (ETC) of up to $360.
The ETC decreases by equal instalments each month you stay on
your bundle.
Call and data usage information
If you take up either a 24 month plan or a casual plan and your
bundle, or one of the services within your bundle is cancelled early
or moved to another service provider:
If you want to check your usage, you can register and login to
My Account at
We’re here to help
•your other bundle benefits will be removed and any remaining
home phone service that has not been cancelled will be placed
on a month to month plan with the lowest monthly charge of our
generally available plans
If you have any questions about your offer, technical support,
service or connection please log onto which
includes 24/7 live chat support. Alternatively, please call us
on 13 2200 or 1800 808 981 (TTY).
•any remaining home broadband service that has not been cancelled
will be placed on a month to month 5GB plan, or if that plan is no
longer available to new customers, a month to month plan with the
lowest amount of included data that is available to new customers
Complaints or disputes
If you have a problem or complaint about your service, go to where you’ll find full contact details
and information about how to resolve it.
•you may need to pay any outstanding balance for your T-Box®
Hardware Repayment Option (if you have one).
Further investigation
If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you
can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by
phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact information go online
If one of our suppliers raises its prices in the future, this may result in
the cost of your service increasing. We’ll let you know before this happens.
Home broadband speeds
Fast velocity broadband can provide download speeds up to a
maximum of 30Mbps when downloading from capable sites or
across multiple sites but average speeds will be lower.
This is a summary only – the full legal terms for this plan are
available at
If you have taken up a Super Fast Speed Boost, it can provide
download speeds up to a maximum of 100Mbps into the home for
sharing across multiple users in a household. Existing customers
may need to purchase a compatible Home Network Gateway to
access these speeds.
Actual speeds vary due to a number of factors such as your location,
your plan, internet traffic, your equipment/software and the way data
is transmitted. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower
speeds than those connected by ethernet cable.
™ are trade marks and ® are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556.
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