Mod Agent Scooter Owners Manual

Mod Agent Scooter Owners Manual
Scooter Parts:
Mod Agent Scooter Owners Manual
Safety warning:
For your safety we recommend that you read the entire manual before assembling or using this scooter. Mod
Scooters also recommends periodically reviewing all the information in this manual with any younger rider who may
use this scooter.
Handle Grips
Handle Bars
Flex Fender Brake
It is also good practice to teach younger riders to inspect their scooter before and after use with supervision.
Before you ride:
It is good practice to check your scooter before you ride. Younger riders may need assistance. (see maintenance
and assembly section)
 Replace all worn parts on your scooter immediately. Riding with worn parts can be hazardous for both the
rider and scooter.
 Mod Scooters have been designed to a high standard. Only replace worn parts with genuine Mod Scooter
spares and accessories. Customising your scooter with other non Mod accessories will invalidate any
 Always wear proper protective equipment such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, making sure they are
adjusted to fit securely. Some skateparks will require appropriate safety equipment to be worn for entry
to be granted so it is good practice to wear it at all times.
 Always wear appropriate foot wear. Never try riding without shoes or in loose footwear.
Never wear sandals and always keep shoe laces secure and away from moving parts.
 Bolts etc can work lose and parts can wear over time, so check your scooter every time you ride.
Scootering can be dangerous, so use this scooter at your own risk and above all use with common
Safe riding:
 Always look up when riding and keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.
 Before riding make sure the scooter fork is facing forward.
 Only ride on smooth flat surfaces away from roads and motor vehicles, avoiding drainage grates and
sudden surface changers. Failure to do this may result in the scooter stopping suddenly.
 Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for pedestrians, animals, bikes and other riders etc.
 Avoid surfaces with water, wet leaves, sand, ice and lose stones or grit on them.
 Never use your scooter on grass or in the mud.
 Never ride with a motorised device.
 Always leave enough room to slow or stop. Be aware that different conditions and surfaces will alter your
stopping distance.
 Excessive use of the brake will flat spot wheels, so avoid braking excessively for long periods of time. The
brake can also become hot after use so do not touch this with your bare hands.
 Remember to be aware of other riders when out riding. It is also polite to practice "scooter etiquette" when
at skate parks to avoid any collisions with other riders. Take it in turns and don't rush into dropping in,
as it is dangerous and not polite!
 Trick riding will damage the scooter faster as no one ever lands his or her first trick without binning it a few
times. Advanced riders will wear more parts than most - fact!
 This scooter is designed to the highest manufacturing standards and is extremely durable, however parts in
time will wear and are not impervious to damage. Regular maintenance will prolong the scooters life.
No matter the circumstance NEVER use your scooter in the wet. Wheel and headset bearings will seize, the
grip tape will start to peel or fall off and the scooter may rust. No part however new that has been used in
wet or damp conditions is applicable to any warranty or replacement.
Assembling your scooter:
Step 1: Firstly make sure the bolts on the quad clamp are loose and slide the bars over the fork.
Step 2: Line up the front wheel with your bars and tighten the clamp. Do each bolt a small amount at a time so that
the clamp tightens easily. You are ready to ride now.
View 3: If you need to, tighten your HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) with the provided allen key in the top of the
fork when the bars are off.
View 4: The parts of the HIC system are shown apart incase you need to take apart and reassemble.
Changing your wheels or Bearings:
1. Remove the wheels from your scooter using the
provided allen keys. (ref image 1)
2. Press one of the bearings into your wheel.
3. Insert the wheel spacer, ensuring it remains in an
upright position.
4. Press in your second bearing and reassemble.
General Maintenance:
It is important to check your scooter each time you ride and carry out the required maintenance.
Wheels - Check for play/ movement in the wheels by moving the wheel side to side. There shouldn't be any play/
movement. If there is play/movement check the axel bolt is tight but able to spin freely.
Place an allen key either side of the wheel in each bolt. Twist until tight. If the wheel fails to spin then you've
tightened the axel bolt too much, so loose the axel a turn again using the Allen keys.
Flat spots - Flat spots on wheels are caused by excessive braking and aren't classed as a warrantable item. To
avoid flat spots, use your brake less aggressively and never in the wet.
The bearings in your scooter will require replacing from time to time. Improper use of your scooter in the wet for
example will damage your bearings causing them to seize. Sand and grit will also damage your bearings so avoid
these types of surface. Each rider is different so there will be no set time to how long they will last. Oil your
bearings with 3 in 1 bike oil or appropriate bearing lubricant. Never use degreasers such as WD40 as this strips the
Always remove damaged bearings from your wheels as riders could seriously injure themselves or damage the
Headset bearings:
Mod Scooters recommends oiling your headset once a month with 3 in 1 bike oil to prolong its life. Again never use
a degreaser such as WD40 as this will strip the headset of the oils causing a seizer destroying your headset. Using
your scooter in the wet will also decrease the lifespan of your headset as the water will rust the headset and grit
and grime off the road will erode the balls inside. The headset is not covered by the Mod Scooter warranty as it's
classed as a wearable part.
Handle bars:
The bars on your scooter shouldn't bend or brake under normal use, however abuse and overloading your bars or
attempting advanced tricks may cause your bars to bend in extreme cases. If you abuse your scooter or attempt
advance tricks by overloading your bars then you are accepting the consequences and are doing so at your own
risk. Bent bars are not covered under the Mod Scooters warranty.
Handle Grips:
The grips are classed as a wearable part on the scooter and will last a long time under normal use. However abuse
such as dropping your scooter or landing tricks wrong where you drop the scooter could result in damaging the
ends to both your grips and bars, so are not covered in the Mod Scooters warranty.
The Mod Scooters deck has been designed and built to the highest standard. While every care has been made to
ensure your product is the toughest it can be, tricks such as grinds or slides can heavenly wear the underside of
the deck. If you wish to carry out tricks such as these then you're accepting that the deck will wear quicker than
under normal use. The Mod Scooter warranty will not cover wear from grinds etc.
Grip Tape:
Mod Scooters recommends always riding using grip tape on the deck to avoid injury. If you remove the grip then
Mod Scooters advises you to replace the grip before use.
The grip tape is classed as a wearable part to the scooter and is therefore not covered by the Mod Scooter
warranty. There is no guarantee on how long your grip tape will last as each rider is different, but using your
scooter in the wet or with damp/muddy footwear will decrease the life of your grip and may mean that it could start
to peel or fall off
The clamp:
The clamp is designed to keep the front wheel aligned, so it's important to keep this tight. Always tighten each bolt
a little until fully tighten for best results. Never used cheap or worn allen keys as this could round the bolts off. Care
must always be taken when tightening or loosening these bolts again to prevent them from rounding off. Over time
these bolts may become worn and may require a dab of lock tight on each bolt to hold them in place. Lock tight
should only be used if bolts are frequently becoming lose. The lock tight should be used sparingly. The bolts are
classed as a wearable part and are not covered by Mod Scooters in their warranty.
The fork is threadless and is held together to the scooter with HIC. To adjust the HIC remove the bars from the
scooter and adjust using an allen key. Using your scooter in the wet will rust the fork and problems may arise in the
separation of the axel bolts or bars from the fork.
Every now and again it is important to make sure your HIC is tight. Doing this means you will get the most from
your scooter. If you begin to get any wobble on the bars or headset check the compression is tight enough.
Cleaning your scooter.
When required wipe your scooter with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Never use chemicals to clean the
frame or bearings. Always dry after with a clean cloth. Using your scooter in the wet or in the mud will impair
braking and wheel traction making it dangerous for the rider and could damage your scooter.
Mod Scooters Warranty:
Mod Scooters offers a 90 day warranty on all main components, however the headset, grip tape, brake, wheels,
bearings and the bar grips are classed as a wearable parts and are therefore not covered under this warranty.
This warranty does not cover:
 Improper assembly of the scooter or accessories
 Inappropriate modifications
 Normal wear and tear
 Misuse or abuse
 Deliberate damage
 Damage due to poor maintenance
 Damage incurred from tricks which require impact from such obstacles as rails, boxes and curbs etc.
 Certain advance trick use. EgBri Flips, Tailwhips etc.
 Excessive forced applied to the scooter, as extreme riding will shorten the life span dramatically of the
scooter and it's components.
 Renting or hiring of the scooter
Using your scooter in the wet will automatically invalidate your scooters warranty, as will fitting non Mod Scooter
Mod Scooters does not offer an extended warranty. If you purchase such warranty, it must be honoured by the
store in which it was purchased.
Please keep your original receipt with this manual in a safe place for future reference.
Mod Scooters Ltd
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