DR-110 – DIN-Sync In – Modification

DR-110 – DIN-Sync In – Modification
DR-110 – DIN-Sync In – Modification
Take care, when you drill the hole. Start with drilling a small hole, and
finish with a drill bit similar to the following picture.
Use the Pin 1, Pin 2 and Pin 3.
Pin 4 and Pin 5 are unused.
The board and the ribbon cables must be isolated with a tape, and
should be located as shown on the picture!
If no sync-clock (Roland) is present (no cable connected), the internal
clock defines the tempo! This is the normal not synchronised mode.
As soon as a sync-clock is present, the board switches from the internal
clock-generator to the clock-signal, that is divided (1:2) from the syncclock signal.
To get back in the not synchronised mode, disconnect the sync-cable,
switch off and switch on the DR-110, then it is controlled from its internal
clock again.
The start/stop of your sync-master is used to start and stop the DR-110.
The start/stop bottoms can still be used, and are `oring` with the
start/stop of your sync-master.
Have fun
… the hihats, the clap, so small and battery powered - Sync it !
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